31 August, 2017

Unit of Inquiry Provocation

Something crazy happened at school on Tuesday! When we got to school all of the Grade 1 classrooms were very messy and disorganized! It was such a mystery who could have made such a mess in our space! After we explored the messy classroom, we had a wonderful discussion about what happened. We used the See, Think, Wonder Visual Thinking Routine to discuss our ideas.

What do you see?

  • The chairs were upside down, the legos are on the sofa, the easel was in the Lego’s area. (Jevindu)
  • The table was upside down. (Amanda)
  • The beanbags were on the table and the chairs and tables were upside down (Lina)
  • The table went upside down, also the chairs and the books. The lego box was on Ms Kristin’s chair. (Alana)
  • It was so messy. The table was upside down, the chairs fell down. (Keita)

What do you think happened to our classroom?

  • Storm was really strong so it pushed things upside down (Yago)
  • Hook /Captain Hook turned the whole class upside down(Quang)
  • Table is on the carpet because it’s raining so hard (Matthew)
  • Teachers had a party in here (Zofia)
  • The cleaners messed it up (Yoenjae)
  • Teachers did it in the middle of the night (Zofia)
  • People came in, they ate and left the marks on the floor (William)
  • People practiced in here and they didn’t tidy up (Matthew)
  • Our classroom is ruined (Amanda)

What do you wonder? How do you feel about our classroom? How does it make you feel to see our classroom like this?

  • Freak out (Julia)
  • What on Earth just happened? This is weird! (William)
  • Strange (Yago)
  • Cuckoo cuckoo (Ashley)
  • Confused (Ms. Anissa)
  • Cray cray (William)
  • Wow! There are things on the ground (Kai)
  • I felt interested to know what happened (Zofia)
  • I was shocked! (Amanda)
  • I felt surprised (Harutaka)

What should we do? Does anybody have an idea of what to do now?

  • This is what happened when we don’t take care of the classroom (Yeonjae)
  • Tidy up (Yewon)
  • To make it fancy again (Yago)

Why should we clean up? Why can’t we leave it the way it is?

  • It was too messy. We can’t do our work when it is too messy. (Yewon)
  • How about we tidy up together? (Julia)
  • How can we work and learn if it is messy (Ashley)
  • This is our classroom (Ethan)
  • We need to have things in the right place (William)
  • Be organized (Yeonjae)

It turned out that the teachers had played a trick on the students! We were trying to help you to understand how important it is to have an organized space. How we can’t learn well when our space is all messy! This is linked to our new Unit of Inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves.

Math Activities

This week the students were able to engage in many different math stations. They are learning about counting both forward and backward, subitising numbers and estimating objects. The students are enjoying all of the new math concepts that are being introduced in Grade 1.


  • If your child auditioned for the musical, your child will be in the chorus. The first practice is September 8th from 3:30-4:30pm.
  • Please bring in a small, soft toy for your child to use for his/her first reading buddy. This toy will be kept at school for a few months, so please make sure it is not the toy that he/she needs to regularly sleep with. Thank you. 
  • No School on Monday in honor or Vietnamese National Day or Independence Day
  • Please save, and send in, your recyclables for us to reuse in our maker space! Thank you!
  • ASAs  will be starting on Tuesday
  • Back to School Night-Thursday, September 7th, 6:00-7:30pm
    • 6:00-6:30pm Presentation #1 in our classroom (B9, G32)
    • 6:35-7:05pm Presentation #2 in our classroom (B9, G32)
    • 6:00-7:30pm Specialist Presentations in Center for the Arts (B10)
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