This Week in Grade 1B, September 28


This week, we learned more about healthy choices. We learned that there are four main groups of food: Body Protectors (fruits and vegetables), Body Builders (protein), Energy Givers (carbohydrates) and Treats (ice cream, candy and things that have a lot of sugar and/or salt). We sorted food into different groups with 1A and learned a lot about these food groups.

Today we had Nude Snack with our K2 friends. We were looking at the SDG #12 Responsible Consumption and Sustainability. The students looked at their snacks and did such a great job of bringing healthy for their bodies and environment. Here are a few photos from our time together.

Mystery Reader

This week we were joined by Uha’s mom. We learned that Uha’s mom speaks Korean, English and a little bit of Vietnamese. She read us a story about two men. One was nice and one was not nice. The kind man had good fortune given to him, but the unkind man did not. Thank you for coming and sharing this wonderful story with us. We loved hearing your home language, Korean.


This week, we also had our buddies come and talk to us about games. Mr David told us some funny stories about some animal games (thank you Haydon for being his prop). Some of us made up our own game, some of us played games that we have in our class and some used many different materials to make up a new game. What a fun experience to learn and grow with our Grade 4 buddies.

Moon Festival

Last week during our Moon Festival, we made masks as part of our celebration. We finished our masks this week. Can you find your child?

Sharing our learning via Seesaw

This week we have been experimenting with our new e-portfolio platform, Seesaw, to share some learning experiences with you. Thank you to everyone who responded to the invitation to view your child’s e-portfolio. If you require further assistance please get in touch.

We encourage you to get involved in the process be sharing feedback with your child. In class, we try to give feedback that is kind, specific and helpful and hope that can you can do so too! Please see the image below for some ideas and feedback sentence starters that you can use when commenting to your child…


October 1st-Parent/Teacher Conferences on Monday. This is a PARENT ONLY event.

October 31st-Math Coffee Morning for Grade 1

This Week in 1B, Friday, September 21

UOI-Who We Are: Here is our new unit overview.


Since we are learning about making healthy choices, we had Chengcheng and Su Hyun from UNIS Grade 10 Health class come and join us to talk to us about making healthy drink choices. We learned that some drinks like soda, Milo, some bottled fruit juices have more sugar than candy. We learned that if you eat too much sugar, you could get cavities in your teeth and your heart could hurt. We also learned how to make banana and milk smoothies. Please ask your child about how you can make this nutritious drink at home. What a great connection that we were able to make with older UNIS students.


Mystery Reader

This week we had our first Mystery Reader come and join us. Minh Huyen’s mom Ms Min Cen came and read us a book in Chinese, her mother tongue. We also learned that Ms Min Cen speaks Vietnamese. Thank you for being our first Mystery Reader. We are looking forward to our next one next week. Please remember, do NOT tell your child that you are coming. We want it to be a surprise.

Moon Festival

On Thursday, we celebrated the Moon Festival. We learned many things about this very important holiday. Ms Lam led a lesson with all of the Grade 1 students about the special music, food, games, symbols and toys that are a part of the Moon Festival. We then had a fantastic assembly put on by our Vietnamese teachers, Grade 2, 4 and 5 students and local performers. We then had a yummy snack with mooncakes, fruit and special rice. We ended our day eating more moon cakes and painting special masks. We are still adding some detail to our masks, so you won’t see them until next week when we send them home. Thank you for helping your child wear his/her Ao Dai to school. This shows respect to our host country Vietnam. Please enjoy our photos.

Happy Moon Festival from Grade 1…


This week during our Math Problem Friday, we mixed our groups to be with 1A. The teams had to work on the following word problem: Captain Cardio did 7 jumping jacks and Speedy Steve did 6. How many jumping jacks did they do all together? We also did variations of this word problem for different groups. The students have to show their thinking by using pictures, words and numerals. When students use multiple ways to show their thinking, this helps strengthen math skills.

Global Goals Week
Next week is global goals week at UNIS.  During this week we put the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and centre in our thinking and our learning. As part of Global Goals week we will be having a Nude Food Day on Friday 28 September.  Put simply, nude food day means sending your child to school with a snack that contains no disposable packaging. For more information click here.
  • Swimming Starts on Monday-please pack swimsuit, towel, goggles (if needed) and swim cap for long hair for boys and girls. Swimming will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Here is the link for more information.
  • Nude Food Day, Friday 28 September-Please pack a snack without the use of plastic.
  • EAL Coffee Morning, Thursday 27 September
  • Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday 1 October-Parent only event, students no school
  • Math Coffee Morning, Wednesday 31 October

This Week in Grade 1B, September 14th


A few weeks ago we got together with 1A and made a video called ‘What If Everybody Did That?’. We were learning about the systems in our school and why it’s so important to have them. Here’s our video!


How to support at home: We defined as a system as different parts/people working together so something can work properly. Talk with your child in your home language about the different people or parts that help your family/household to work properly (or function).

Play Based Learning

This week it finally got cool enough for us to move into our outdoor play space. The children have enjoyed connecting with friends from other classes, exploring new resources and of course enjoying play! Here’s a few photos for you to talk about with your child.


In our classroom we have been working on learning routines. One of our routines that we practice daily is our Daily 5 Program. Daily 5 helps support our children’s literacy skills. The children have agency in their choices but they must have a balance of the 5 activities over the week. Ask your child to explain the 5 elements of Daily 5 to you.


Mystery Reader

Every Wednesday beginning at 2:05pm we love to have Mystery Readers in our classroom to share a book in their home language.  If you, or one of your family members, would like to sign up, please fill out this form. Please keep it a ‘mystery’ from your child! DO NOT TELL YOUR CHILD. It’s always fun to surprise them! We will email you a few days before to remind you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Reminders this week…

  • Please have your child bring a stuffed animal to school. We will need it for a few months, so please make sure it is not a favorite one to sleep with or play with. Thank you.
  • Snack Sale Monday, September 17th-please send in 20,000 VND for your child to buy a snack from the snack sale.
  • Swimming lessons begin on September 24th. Every PE lesson will be swimming. Please make sure your child brings their swimming costume, a towel, goggles (if needed) and a swim cap for anyone with long hair.
  • Please make sure your child wears their Ao Dai to school on Thursday the 20th for the Moon Festival.
  • Remember to share your child’s Seesaw digital portfolio with family members. Each child can have up to 10 family members. Just send on the original email and I will accept all requests.


This Week in Grade 1B, September 7th

We have had a very busy week in 1B. Please enjoy some of our learning and we welcome you to comment on our class blog (we will read it to the students next we.


We have been learning how to orally write a description about an object. We use our descriptive cards to help us describe something in different ways. Here are a few examples.


Turtle is soft. He is brown. He is large. Turtle has a circle shell.

He is sitting on Jasper’s lap. He is 20 years old. He is in UNIS.

By 1B


Play Based Learning

This week we started to set up our outdoor Play Based Learning Spaces. As part of our ‘How We Organize Ourselves’ unit we asked the children to make themselves familiar with our resources so they could make a shared plan about what we will do with the space. Unfortunately, it got too hot to be outside so we are hoping for some cooler afternoons next week to collaborate with the other G1 classes and put our plan into action.


On Wednesday we had our provocation for our Who We Are unit. Our central idea is ‘Balance in our lives promotes health and wellbeing’. We will look at hygiene, food groups and exercise. We had a family style lunch together where the children were allowed to choose anything they wanted to eat. We hope that by the end of this unit we will see the children making more balanced, knowledgeable choices.

Stayed tuned for our next steps!

Back to School Night

Thank you to those of you who made it out for Back To School Night last night. Here is the presentation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

This Week in Grade 1B, August 31


This week we continued our exploration of our How We Organize Ourselves in our Unit of Inquiry. We talked more about routines and systems. We came to school one day and noticed that the cubbies were taped shut and we could not use them. We had to put the backpacks on top. We then met with 1A and talked as a group about systems within our classes. We went on a system hunt and found so many in our classes. We also started to make an iMovie about our systems. We hope to share it with you next week.


We also meet our new buddies from Grade 4, Mr David’s class! We will meet with our buddies every two weeks and do lots of fun activities. During this week’s session, the students interviewed each other and made a post on Seesaw. Ask your child who their buddy is and what interesting fact they learned about them.


Ms Kris, our guidance counsellor, came to chat with us as well. She will come every two weeks to help us with social and emotional lessons.


Ms Beth came for a math lesson about patterns. Play this song to your child and see if they can remember the marching/counting/whispering pattern. Ms Beth is our UNIS Math Enrichment Coach and she helps both students and teachers learn new and exciting things about math.


  • Back to School night is also on Thursday the 6th from 6-8pm. We hope you can be there to hear about the exciting things your child will learn this year.
  • Remember to sign up for Seesaw, your child’s E-portfolio. An email was sent on Thursday 30th of August with instructions on how to do this.
  • Please do not send money with your child to update/top up their lunch cards. They are too young to use the machines. Please either top up online, ask an older sibling to top up, or do it after school with a grown up.
  • Thank you to those who have brought in headphones. If you haven’t, please send in a pair over the next week.
  • Parent Questionnaires- we still have a few that haven’t made it back to school. It’s very useful information for us. If you need another copy please let me know.

This Week in Grade 1B, August 24

We had a wonderful week in Grade 1B. Here are some of the many things that took place this week in 1B. Enjoy!


This week during math, we learned about math stations. Our focus is exposing our students to math problems that they can explain his/her thinking in multiple ways. The students really enjoyed the mystery bag/ten frame counting and making equations, playing treasure hunt, working together on a puzzle, doing dot to dot, playing with lego and answering some questions through rolling the dice. Working in small groups is one strategy that we use during math.

Unit of Inquiry (UOI)-How We Organize Ourselves

Did you know that a community is a group of people who have something in common? We’ve been continuing to build our 1B and our Grade 1 community. We played some community building games with our whole grade on Monday. The students did such an awesome job of working together as a team and community.

On Wednesday, the students came into class to a messy classroom. Tables were turned over, chairs were tipped over, the materials were in all the wrong places and the ID cards were everywhere. We wondered:

What happened to our classroom?

  • Rozie-Check the cameras to see who did this.
  • Iris-Discovery, K1 and K2 came to our classroom and messed it up because they miss us.
  • Jasper-Someone snuck in last night and messed it up.
  • Marcos-Maybe it was the teachers?
  • Lexie-Maybe someone was looking for something and messed up our room looking for it?
  • Tri Dung-It’s a mystery.
  • Stella-It’s too big to be an accident.
  • Jasper-It’s so messy, a complete disaster and a catastrophe.
  • Kojiro-Messy because I think a teacher made a mess.
  • Hayden-I think that someone came in here at night and messed up all of our stuff. I still don’t know who that name is under the table (it looks like a signature on one of the tables).

We then had a discussion about the importance of tidy classroom and systems in our classroom. We wondered the following;

Why do we need to have a clean classroom?

  • So we don’t get mixed up.
  • So people can find things.
  • Someone might trip if things are all over the classroom.
  • Everything has a place.

After our classroom discussions, we decided that cleaning up was the best option so no one got hurt, and so we could carry on with our learning for the day. It really made us think about how important it is for our classroom to be organized so we can be safe and do our best learning. After we’d cleaned up we asked:

How are you feeling now that our classroom is tidy?

  • Sammy-I feel happy because I like peace and quiet.
  • Tri Dung-I am sad because we could not find who’s the person who did it.
  • Iris-I feel crazy because when I came in the room is was a disaster, but now I feel happy because the room is clean and tidy.
  • Emma-glad, clean
  • Korbin-Happy because the classroom is all clean and tidied up.
  • Kojiro-Happy because it is clean and if we tidy up we happy also.
  • Reina-Happy because I can make new friends with a clean classroom.
  • Rozie-Happy because it’s nice and tidy.
  • Leo-Happy because we didn’t have much space when it is messy and people would fall over.
  • Minh Huyen-Happy because it’s tidy and we can not slip anymore.
  • Marcos-I feel happy because I like tidy classrooms.
  • JuEun-I am happy because we have many places to play now.
  • Sarah-Great because I don’t like to trip over toys.
  • Tate-Happy because it was tidy and there is more place to play and do stuff.
  • Uha-Good because when it was messy and the table was flipped we can’t use the table. When we cleaned up we can use it to make something at the table and eat snack.

The provocation was a big success and the students are still wondering who would mess up their special spaces. The mystery continues…We will continue to talk and learn more about communities, systems and routines during this unit.


During our literacy time, we talked about the importance of reading to yourself and reading to a friend/parent/stuffed animal/sibling/grandparent/teacher. We learned that partner reading is fun and it helps us improve our vocabulary and makes us better readers.

Photo Day
We will have photo day on Wednesday, August 29th. Please have your child wear a nice outfit in the morning and pack his/her PE uniform in backpacks. The students will change after the photo. Thank you.
Family Photo
Thank you to the parents who have emailed or sent it a family photo. Please pick a recent one and send it to me next week. 
Please pack a big snack for your child (at least 2-3 things). The students will eat fruit at morning snack provided by the school and the home snack in the afternoon.
Library Book Exchange
Each Tuesday, we will have a library time to check out books and return books from the week before. Please send your books back on Tuesdays with a library bag (can be a UNIS bag from the UNIS shop).
Blue Take Home Folder
When needed, your child will bring home a blue take home folder. Please read the contents and send the folder back to school the next day.
Parent Questionnaire

Please send the G1 Parent Questionnaire back to school after you have had a chance to fill it out. All forms due on Friday, August 31st. 

Birthdays in Grade 1B
If you would like your child to celebrate his/her birthday in class, please send a special treat along in the morning. We will find a special time during the day to celebrate your child and his/her classmates. Photos will be posted on the blog.
Please send a set of headphones for your child to use at school. We will keep them all year and send them home at the end of the year. They will be using them during our reading times.

This Week in 1B, August 17th

Welcome to Grade 1B

We have had a wonderful time getting to know each other and learning the routines of Grade 1. Here are a few pictures from our week.

We started the school year with an opening Assembly with our entire school (D-12). We watched the Dragon Dance and cheered for the 2018-2019 School Year.

Front Row: (L to R) Sammy, Lexie, Marcos, Tri Dung, Minh Huyen

Second Row: (L to R) Tate, Korbin, Jasper, Uha, JuEun, Reina, Sarah, Haydon, Kojiro, Emma, Rozie, Stella, Iris

Teachers: Ms Kristin, Ms Lam and EAL Teacher Ms Francesca

Getting to Know You

We made ‘All About Me’ posters and the students shared with a partner first and then were able to present them to the entire class. We learned about families, friends, home country flags and favorites. The students were amazing risk takers and communicators.


We also made some Summer Sunglasses filled with lots of summer memories. The students loved making these too.

We also had an opportunity to tour the school, play with our friends in Grade 1A and hear lots of fun stories. We are so excited about this school year and all of the learning and growing that will take place.

Grade 1B Time Table

This year our timetable looks a little different and lunch is earlier. The school is providing fruit for a morning snack in Discovery to Grade 1. Please send a snack for your child for afternoon snack. Your child will eat their snack from home before the afternoon recess. If they do not like the fruit they are able to pick something from their lunch box. Let us know if you have any questions.


  • Please email me one family photo for us to use this school year
  • Send in a snack and water bottle for your child, daily