A Special Goodbye to Finley and all of Discovery!

Yesterday we had a special goodbye for Finley. We have been talking about all of our Discovery friends having new classrooms next school year and Finley having a new school and new home. Finley and her family are moving back to the USA and we wish her well during their transition time. We will miss seeing Finley next year, but we know that she is Always a Phoenix!!!

Thank you to all of the parents that attended our end of the year party. We love our new notebooks and our special gifts. Thank you for a wonderful year. It has been our pleasure and honor to teach your child. We hope that everyone has a fantastic summer and see you in August!

~Ms Kristin, Ms Hien, Ms Mai and Ms Tra

Can You Find the Letters in Your Name?

At the beginning of the school year, the students started learning the first letter of their first name. Now, they are able to find all the letters and have started to name all of the letters in their name. Each student has many opportunities to explore with letters on a daily basis in our rich literacy environment. We are so proud of their accomplishments.




Our Final Buddy Experience

When we were on our way to meet our buddies, we were greeted in full fashion. The Grade 2 students made a bridge that we got to walk under. It was really special!

Our final buddy time with our Grade 2 buddies was a huge success. We made home made ice cream (see the easy recipe below). The students had to work with his/her buddy to shake the ingredients to make the special treat. We had a wonderful celebration of our year long partnership. We will miss our Grade 2 buddies and want to thank Ms Christy and Mr Josh for a spectacular year.

Finley: I liked putting the milk in and eating the ice cream.

Rafa: I liked to play with my buddy and eat the ice cream.

Alden: I liked dancing with my buddy and eating ice cream.

Celine: I liked dancing with my buddy and eating ice cream too.

Flynn: I ate chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Jenna: We put sugar, salt, vanilla and chocolate and then we shaked it and then it was ice. And eat it.

Nikhil: I liked eating the ice cream.

Sebastian: I liked shaking the ice.

Yuji: I liked when we were far away to make ice cream and add chocolate.

Julian: I liked the chocolate and making the ice cream is so cold.

Ellie: I like to shake the ice cream.

Maddi: I like dancing, singing and shaking the ice cream. It was so fun.

Ella: I liked to shake the ice cream. The sugar, milk, vanilla and chocolate. I like to eat it and shake it.

Basti: I make chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I made it with sugar, milk, vanilla, salt ice. That is all.

Chun An: I used some ice and some chocolate and milk and vanilla. It was yummy.

Moving Up Morning

On Friday, our students had Moving Up Morning. Each of them were able to meet their new teacher and new classroom. The students had a wonderful time learning about all of the wonderful opportunities that they will have in K1. They each decorated a frame to take home with their new class photo. There are three classrooms and the teachers are Ms Kristi, Ms Deborah and Ms Charla (who is a new teacher to UNIS and is moving here from Singapore). When we reflected on the experience with our full day students and they had so many things to say.

Maddi-My teacher is Ms Deborah. I liked making my frame and playing with the toys and making designs.

Julian-I liked to play with the cars and the fire truck.

Ella-My teacher’s name is Ms Deborah. I liked to play and climbing and liked to draw.

Luna-Ms Kristi. I love Ms Kristi. I loved making a picture.

Ellie-I liked to play with the new toys. My teacher’s name is Ms Kristi,

Yuji-I liked making pictures and putting butterflies on the light table. My new teacher is Ms Charla.

Basti-I liked making my frame with he picture. My teacher is Ms Charla.

Nikhil-My new teacher is Ms Kristi. I liked the loft and went up it.

Chun An-I liked to climb up the ladder.

Jenna-My teacher is Ms Charla. I played in the kitchen.

Sebastian-I liked playing putting the cars on the blocks and going up the ladder. My teacher is Ms Deborah.


Our Final Mystery Readers

On Friday, we had our last two Mystery Readers come to our class. Alden’s dad, Mr Brian, came and read us an awesome story called The Kissed That Missed by David Melling. We loved hearing all about how the kiss went on an adventure until the knight found the kiss and brought it back to the prince. We learned that Mr Brian speaks English and a little Vietnamese. Mr Brian, thank you for coming and being our Mystery Reader. We loved having you.

At the end of the day, we had Sebastian’s dad, Mr Paul, come and read to us Daddy Stories. We learned that Mr Paul speaks English, Arabic, Korean and a little VietnameseWe learned that dads and moms do so many things for families and we are so appreciative of how much they do. Thank you, Mr Paul, for coming and spending some time with us.

Thank you to all of our Mystery Readers this year. It is so wonderful to listen to stories in so many different languages from all around the world. We are so glad that you all were able to come and read to our students. We enjoyed every single one of you coming and sharing your time with us. Thank you for making a big difference!

Happy Birthday, Flynn!

Today we celebrated Flynn’s 4th Birthday. We started our celebration with our birthday book, Birthday in a Bathtub by Marcia Leonard. Then Flynn gave each friend a glow stick. We continued our tradition of giving 4 hugs to Flynn on his special day. We ended our celebration with Firefighter cupcakes. Yummy. Thank you to Flynn’s mom and dad for coming in and helping us celebrate on this special day.

Discovery Class Swim Party

Dear Parents,

Come help us celebrate the end of a wonderful school year!!! You are welcome to come to our Discovery Class Party on June 12 beginning at 10:20am. Please see the flyer for more details. The shared lunch sign up is on the outside of our door. Please let me know if you have any questions.

~Ms Kristin

Appreciation Time in Discovery

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to begin our thank you’s to the many people that make our Discovery class so special. This week, we invited our cleaning staff in to thank them for all of the cleaning that they do all day long in our Discovery classroom (they clean our room at least 4 times a day). We had the cleaners come to our circle area and we shared with them how much they mean to us and gave them hugs and cards. The woman were so touched that one of them informed us that no one had ever thanked her like this before. She started crying and then we had more hugs. We then invited them to come for a special snack to eat with us. As a class, we baked banana bread and Ms Hien made homemade spring rolls.

The students LOVED being so caring, appreciative, reflective and loving to the woman that make our classroom shine each day. We are so fortunate to have such caring individuals at our school. After the special snack, the students reflected on the experience and even became more concise of cleaning up after themselves. This experience is a living example of the PYP Learner Profile. Our students taking action with people that are very important to them. It was such a special experience for all of us!

Mystery Reader and Special Guest

On Friday, we had Ellie’s mom come and be our Mystery Reader. Not only was she our Mystery Reader, but Ellie’s dad and new baby sister, Evolet, came too. Ellie introduced us to Evolet and we all had the chance to look at her, touch her fingers and toes and see her beautiful hair that sticks straight up in the air. We loved meeting her and Ellie was so happy that her parents and new baby sister came to school. Ellie’s mom, Ms Mai, read a book to us in her mother tongue of Vietnamese. We enjoyed learning about the birds and how we can be take turns and share our toys with each other. What a special Mystery Reader and Special Guests. Thank you for coming and sharing your new baby with us.

Art Exploration with our Buddies

Ms Nora, UNIS HS Visual Arts Teacher, Ms Christy, UNIS Grade 2 teacher (one of our buddy classes) and I were talking one day about how our students experience art in our classrooms. We wondered about the following questions:

  • We wondered if our different set of students experience art in the same way?
  • We wondered how some of the older students could lose their sense of play and exploration and how some of the younger students were tentative about getting their hands dirty.
  • Could we make art together?
  • What would happen with all three sets of students?
  • Would they inspire each other to create art in a new and different way?
  • How would they learn from each other?

With great intention, we decided to have the students explore with the non-traditional painting materials and see what happens. The students were presented with materials like rocks, long sticks with sponges on the end, huge rollers, marbles, paper towel tubes, toilet brush cleaners, leaves and their own bodies. We did not have any rules for this exploration.

Our students LOVED having a full body experiences with the materials and paint. They were paired with their Grade 2 buddy and their Grade 10 buddy and started to paint on different long pieces of paper.  We put some music on and the students were fully engaged with the activity. At first, the Grade 2 and Grade 10 students took on a parental role with our students, but shortly they all became engaged in creating amazing art pieces.  After the exploration, each group reflected on our time together.  We are framing some of our masterpieces and they will be displayed soon.

Working with another age group encourages our students to be inquirers and be more courageous, become more knowledgeable about the world around them and be more open-minded on how others do things, allows our students to get out of their comfort zone and makes their world bigger by becoming familiar with different teachers and students. These are all part of the IB Learner Profile. Please enjoy just some of the photos that we have from this amazing experience.  As teachers, we must continue to embody the Learner Profile just as much as we expect this from our students.  We ask our students to be courageous and learn from one another. As educators, we can do that too.