October 5th- Important information.

Dear Parents,

Thank you for Tuesday. It is always a pleasure to share about your child’s progress.

Sand, Sand and MORE Sand

What do you do when new, white, soft sand appears in the sandbox??? HAVE FUN!!!

Co-constructing our Calendar

We are working together to create a calendar. Every morning, we reflect on one activity from the day before. We talk about what we see and what we are learning about. At the end of everyday, we sit together and think of an event or something special that happened and a child draws a picture to help build our calendar. Come and see. I am sure your child would LOVE to share!!

Descriptive language

This week we have been working on writing descriptions of our friends. The children used a colour sentence, a doing sentence, a number sentence and a size sentence to describe their friend.


Buddies: “What did you learn from your buddy?” The link is a reflection from the children after todays buddy session. Enjoy the short movie!

Peace Day 

Here is a link to our Peace Day Video.

Show and Tell

After the break, we will begin Show and Tell. The schedule is below:

Tuesday: Alden, Bao Yen, Ellie, Celine

Wednesday: Nikhil, Hanming, Thomas, Katie

Thursday: Eimear, Simon, Freddy, Inbar

Friday: Flynn, Johanna, Luna, Sophia

The children will be asked to use descriptive language to explain their Show and Tell. We will be working on giving a colour sentence, doing sentence, number sentence and size sentence.

For week 1, I ask that you email me a photo, bring in a souvenir, or something special from your holiday for your child to talk about.

New Unit

After the break we will be starting a new unit. This unit will be messy and fun. If possible, I ask that you send in 2 extra sets of clothes and any other water gear (poncho, rubber boots and swim suit) in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name.


Have a great break,

Kristi and Hang

September 28

Our K1 counsellor came to introduce herself to us on Tuesday. Ms. Anissa shared her puppet friends and talked about our community and how she can help, if the children need someone to talk to.


Last week was International Peace Day. We read books, watched videos and talked about “What is peace?” The children made the connection to our line of inquiry, ‘what we do makes a difference.’


Today we celebrated the Moon Festival. We wore our Ao Dai. We painted masks. We had a special Moon Festival snack. We made dragon blowers. We watched an assembly.

We can discuss and interpret data through simple discussions. We sorted ourselves by the colour of our Ao Dai. We looked at our top colour and our bottom colour. Asking questions like: How many people have a blue ao dai? How many people have a pink ao dai? How many more people have a pink pants? How many have gold pants? etc…

We can count a set of objects to 5 and use the term more. The children made their own dragon. The dragon craft was used to teach number to 5 and to focus on fine motor. The children cut 5 body parts. While they were making the dragon we would ask : How many do you have? How many more do you need? Can you show me that number on your fingers? Can you show me another way to show me (number) with your fingers?  Similar questions would be asked about eyes, teeth and feathers.

REMINDER: There is no school for children on Tuesday. I kindly ask that you do not bring your child with you to the conference. Thank you!

Here are photos from the week.

Kristi and Hang

September 21

Dear Parents,

We celebrated UNIS’s 30th birthday on Tuesday. The children took part in a whole school assembly, a special photo shoot and a had a delicious cupcake.

We had 2 special community members come to read to us this week, Mr.Jeff (4th grade teacher) and Kristian (Flynn’s dad). If you would like to read or share a celebration, please send me an email or talk to me to arrange a time. I would love for the children to be able to explore and experience different cultural celebrations.


What does math look like in K1?

This week, the students were working with dot patterns to 6. The children were exposed to regular and irregular dot patterns.

We also set out loose parts for the children to create with. We asked the children: What did you create? How many do you have? Do you have more ____ or ____?  The children are learning to count objects and to give a value to a set.

We also set out a collection of unifix cubes with letters on them. The children have been grouping, sorting and arranging the unifix cubes. Some students have decided to spell their names. The children are counting the letters in their name and comparing their names with their friends. The children are sorting the cubes by the letters written on them. The children are sorting the letters by upper and lowercase. The possibilities are endless, but the questioning by the teacher to understand the thinking is most important! The simplest arrangement of resources can allow students to explore, understand, inquire and learn.



This week Bao Yen celebrated her 5th birthday. Happy 5th Birthday to Bao Yen!


Here is the link to some photos.

September 14th, 2017

Dear Parents,

The children have created a K1A web (light blue) and have understood the idea that we are all part of our K1A community. Yesterday, the children began to understand our UNIS community. The children added others to our web (purple). These people included: Mr. Jeff, brothers/sisters, fixers, cleaners, Dr, Barder, specialist teachers, the list goes on.  One of the students made a connection to last year and special readers going to their class. The children decided to make a list of readers they want to have come from our community to read. The children decided to call, write letters, visit and email to ask for them to come and read.

Today with our buddies we celebrated international dot day. The children created a collaborative piece of art on the construction fence.

Every week the children cook with Ms. Hang. Why do we cook? Cooking is full of math. Measuring. Weighing. Counting. Dividing. Multiplying. Cooking is a social experience. Taking turns. Cooperating towards a common goal. Eating together and valuing the time together.

Here is the link to some photos.


Friday September 15th: Wear dots to celebrate International Dot Day.

Tuesday September 19th: We will celebrate UNIS’s 30th birthday at school. We ask the children wear blue.


September 7th

We have been busy working with our hands this week and developing our fine motor skills. The children have engaged in a variety of different activities to develop the small muscles in their hands. We have begun working on pencil grips and learning to write our names using capital and lowercase letters.

 .    .    

Yesterday, the children began to decorate the tree outside the classroom. They used beads and ribbon to add colour to the tree. Come and have a look. Each child has placed at least one ribbon and one string of beads.


Today, we got to watch gumboot dancers.

We continue to talk about our K1A community and to unpack what ‘community’ means. We will move towards the children understanding that they have a responsibility in our community.

Here is a link to our Back to School Night presentation.

Here are the photos from the last few days.

Have a great week,

Kristi and Hang

August 31st

Another week of K1 complete.

The children are developing our classroom essential agreements. This week we thought about what our classroom should “sound like, look like and feel like.” We will use our discussion to create our class agreements. I will share them when they are complete.

After assembly, last Thursday, I asked the children “What would you like to learn this year in K1?” I have posted their answers here. This question was asked by Ms. Nitasha at assembly and the children were keen to share. Enjoy! Their replies are in the link at the end.

Today the children got to meet their grade 3 buddy. Our buddies will be working with us on opposite weeks to assembly. The children were very excited to meet their new ‘big’ friends.


What is a community? We continue to learn about our community. The children have been talking about their family community and we are discussing our school community. The children will be asked to draw a picture of a classmate (Next week,  we will discuss how their friend helps our community- by referring to our K1A: See, Hear, Feel poster).

Together, we read the book ‘My Friend’ by Taro Gomi. We had a great discussion about how our friends can teach us new things. We also read ‘Lacey Walker the Non-stop Talker’  by Christine Jones. This linked to one of our K1A Community wishes ‘listen when others are talking.’


To support our unit: I need your help with translating ‘community’ and ‘friend’ into your home language. Could you please email me with a translation? I would like to use it in a lesson.

We have a lovely outdoor space in K1 and we have begun using the space. The children have danced, played instruments, played in water, built in the sand, had a picnic, listened to the rain with the doors open, found frogs…but, how could we make it better? As a group, we started to brainstorm ideas for our outdoor space. The children thought we needed flowers, shade, trees, toys and ‘more fun things.’ As a grade, the K1 students will begin to develop our outdoor space. This is a very exciting time and I can’t wait to see how the project will end.

Monday September 4th- NO SCHOOL

Thursday September 7th- Back to School Night. You are invited to come to the class to learn about our K1 program. I will be able to answer questions and share about our year. There will be a session from 6:00-6:30 and 6:35-7:05 in our class room (B11-G18). The specialists will be set up in the Center for the Arts foyer (B9)

Here is the link to our photos and videos.

Welcome to K1A!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the K1A blog.

A warm welcome to our new families and welcome back to our returning families.

This will be the main way for me to communicate with you throughout the year. I will share photos and share learning that is happening in the classroom. Please take the time to check the blog. Sharing the photos with your child is a great way for them to share their week with you. I love receiving feedback and would love for you to comment when you can.

The children continue to enjoy the new canteen food. The children are learning to be independent by setting the table, serving their own food and clearing their plates after they are finished. We are learning to sit at the table and to talk to our friends. Our new family style lunches are a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn about each other.

This week we began our new Unit of Inquiry.


Central Idea: Personal choices affect ourselves and the community

The children drew pictures of the people who were important to them (their community). The pictures will be displayed in the classroom, if you would like to see them.

We began to brainstorm about our K1A community and how we would like our community to be.

The children have learnt to play 3 new cooperative games…and possibly 3 of my favourite games: The Orchard, Snail Race and Stack Up! The children need to cooperate and work together.

We have have a fabulous start to our school year and the children are engaging in their new space, making new friends and learning the routines.

FAMILY PHOTOS- We will be creating a class book about our families. Please email me a family photo.

ROOM PARENT– K1A is looking for a room parent. If you would be interest, please send me an email.

Here is the link to this weeks photos.

Kristi and Hang