October 26

Show and Tell

We haven’t been successful with students remembering to bring in their show and tell. Your child has show and tell every week. We will let you know every Thursday about the following weeks show and tell item to bring in.

SHOW AND TELL FOCUS: Next week, please send in an object that represents your country or culture.

Tuesday: Alden, Bao Yen, Ellie, Celine

Wednesday: Nikhil, Hanming, Thomas, Katie

Thursday: Eimear, Simon, Freddy, Inbar

Friday: Flynn, Johanna, Luna, Sophia

Being a Scientist and using our senses

We are continuing with our unit of inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme how the world works with the central idea: Water is a natural resource that can be explored. This week we have been focusing on the line of inquiry: using our skills as scientists to explore. The children are using their 5 senses to observe, listen, smell, touch and taste like scientists.

UN Day

Next Friday is UN Day. I look forward to seeing you all at the community lunch following the UN Day Assembly. If you will not be attending UN Day lunch, please email me.

Reading in K1A

Leading up to UN Day, I would love for parents to come and read in their mother tongue or share something about their culture. Please email me if you are interested and we can set up a time. If you would like to join us more than once that is great too!

Brent International School Playdate with K1!

As you know, last week UNIS hosted the boys APAC volleyball tournament. K1 supported Brent International School of the Philippines. On Friday of last week, we attended a game to cheer the team on and asked if they would be interested in visiting our classrooms and playing with our kids. They said yes! The coaches brought the entire team down for the last period of the day. It was absolutely amazing how well the team did with our kids. They talked, they played, they laughed and had so much fun! It was yet another learning moment about what “community” truly means.

Here are the photos from the week.

Have a great weekend,
Kristi and Hang



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