September 7th

We have been busy working with our hands this week and developing our fine motor skills. The children have engaged in a variety of different activities to develop the small muscles in their hands. We have begun working on pencil grips and learning to write our names using capital and lowercase letters.

 .    .    

Yesterday, the children began to decorate the tree outside the classroom. They used beads and ribbon to add colour to the tree. Come and have a look. Each child has placed at least one ribbon and one string of beads.


Today, we got to watch gumboot dancers.

We continue to talk about our K1A community and to unpack what ‘community’ means. We will move towards the children understanding that they have a responsibility in our community.

Here is a link to our Back to School Night presentation.

Here are the photos from the last few days.

Have a great week,

Kristi and Hang

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