Joining the Digital Global Community

2B is participating in the 2017 Global Read-Aloud, which is a wonderful opportunity to connect with our digital global community around books that we love.  We will be reading books by Mem Fox with 2A and other new friends around the world.  This week, we listened to Koala Lou, then tweeted our thoughts.  We enjoyed reading other tweets about the Global Read Aloud, as well as tweets by other teachers and staff from UNIS.  Using the skills we are building in our Response writing unit, we shared our thoughts about the story with our friends next door in 2A.  Finally, we created our own digital communities by reflecting on friends, family, and other people we connect with online.

Digital Citizenship – An inquiry into “How We Organize Ourselves”.
The concepts below will be taught in class, however, it would be of great
assistance to help your child become familiar with the main unit components and
vocabulary in order to maximize their learning experiences and make
connections in class.

This is especially important for non mother-tongue English speaking students.
Please translate the following into your child’s mother tongue in order to develop
their linguistic abilities and foster their conceptual development.

Any extra reading, websites, DVD’s or learning experiences you may give your
child in their mother tongue to compliment this unit, would be extremely valuable.

Central​ ​Idea:
Choices that digital citizens make impact the global community.
Inquiry​ ​into:
● What is a digital citizen?
● What are the purposes and forms of technology?
● How do we use digital technology safely?
● What are our responsibilities as digital citizens?
citizen, computer virus, digital, digital citizen, digital footprint, download, email,
internet, media, message, offline, online, private, technology, URL, website, World
Wide Web (WWW)
Thank you,
The Grade 2 Team

In Math, our focus is numberless word problems and sharing problem-solving strategies as mathematicians.  Just like selecting a just-right book, students are beginning to identify what are broccoli, dinner, and dessert numbers for them.  As we add activities to our math workshop routines, students will have choice in selecting numbers that are at a just-right level for them to grow as mathematicians.

It was wonderful to meet you all on Parent-Teacher conference day.  Our home-school partnership is essential in supporting our students’ growth as learners.  Thank you for your time and I look our partnership this school year.

Reminders and important information.

  • No School October Break – 7th October to 15th October
  • Photo orders have gone home today. The deadline for submitting photo orders is Friday October 20.
  • Friday 3rd October – UNIS United Nations Day Celebrations
  • End of Unit Digital Citizenship Learning Celebration – early notice of  a parent  invite.
  • Digital Citizenship Fair – 16th November 2017 8.45am -9.30 am – Parents are welcome to attend.
  • We still do not have a class parent, please email Nathalia Grun at if you are able to fill this role for our 2B community.
  • UNIS Hanoi Elementary Recommended Booklist – Please click here for ideas to read.

Here’s a glimpse of what your students enjoy when the rain keeps us indoors for recess:



Unifix Cubes

Conducting surveys

Building with triangles

Have a wonderful October break!

Moon Festival

Dear Parents,

We have been open-minded this week in listening to the legends, stories and celebrating the Moon Festival of Vietnam.  Giang, Khoa, Nam, Abi, and Miley were both risk-takers and communicators as they performed during the incredible assembly.

In Math, we worked on understanding how the structure of 2,5,10, etc can help in identifying numbers quickly. We created questions to learn more about our friends, then gathered and organized data in tally charts and bar graphs.  Finally in probability we used our math vocabulary of likely, unlikely, certain and impossible to make predictions about a spinner, then test our predictions by recording outcomes of an investigation.

In English, we continued our discovery of the writing process by focusing on editing, revising, and publishing our poems about peace.  We started to develop our knowledge of word study (spelling) by correcting spelling errors from our own writing. In reading we focused on the strategy of clarifying our understanding of both tricky words and confusing ideas by pausing to reread and think about our reading closely.

In Digital Citizenship, we explored the physical (playground) and digital (iPad apps) world to discover how we can be responsible, respectful, and safe in both places.  We also investigated different types of technology, and how they have changed over time.  During community time, as we enjoyed our recipe share, we wondered how we could share our recipes with each other.  From that discussion, we began making digital versions of recipes.  Stay tuned to see how your students decide to share these digital delicacies!

Home Reading – Students continue to change books before school after they have read and reread their book.  Setting weekly SMART (specific, measurable, action-based, realistic, and timely) goals about our home reading is an important part of developing independence as a reader.  Once again home reading can be parents reading to a child, individual reading of a book from school, library or home and re-reading books to develop fluency and comprehension. Students should be building stamina to be able to read at least 20 minutes four times per week.

Thank you for your support.


  • No school or ASA for Elementary Tuesday 3rd October it is Parent – Teacher Conferences. Please sign up through Veracross.
  • Our library day has changed again; we will visit the library on Wednesdays.

Digital Citizenship

We launched our new Unit of Inquiry “choices that digital citizens make impact the global community” this week.  With our friends in 2A, we discussed how and why we use digital technology.  Thinking about what a digital citizen is, we began to design a superhero who could help keep us safe, responsible, and respectful.  In Math, we gathered, graphed, and analyzed data about our devices.

In Reading, students focused on making deep (vs. surface) predictions using clues from the text. Ask your student to make a prediction before they start their home reading, then read to find out if their prediction was correct.

In Writing, students began a new text type called Response, where they will respond to a visual, written, or performed work.

In Math, students are developing self-management skills as they work through different math stations in small groups.


  • We are still looking for a class parent.  Please email me if you are interested so I can pass your information to the SCO.
  • Our library borrowing day will be Monday this year.
  • We nearly all have headphones!
  • Next week during community time, we will be sharing our favorite recipes.  Please help your student select and make a copy of a recipe your family loves.

Respectfully, Ms. Keri

p.s. Happy 30th Birthday, UNIS!

Teamwork Challenges

This week in 2B…

Student Council:  We are all very proud of Sarah, Tamelia, Lucy, Sophie, Amelia, Jasper, and Giang for being risk takers and trying out for the Elementary School Council. They gave fantastic speeches and showed enthusiasm, commitment, and independence to prepare their speeches.

Congratulations to Lucy and Jasper who were elected representatives for 2B.

Class Parent:  We are still looking for a class parent!

Library:  Our borrowing day will by Monday for the school year.

Headphones:  Thank you for sending them in, we had our first “Listen to Read” lesson this week.  If you have not yet sent them in, please do so as soon as possible.

UOI:  We completed our first unit of inquiry which inquired into communities, values and the tools we use to be a successful member. This week included group challenges, individual goal-setting using SMART goals (specific, measurable, action-based, realistic, and timely), and finally reflection activities to assess the individual growth of each child.

Our next unit is about becoming a responsible digital citizen.

Math:  Our focus included exploring the months of the year, skip counting forward and backward by 2’s, and continuing to establish the norms for math centers.  Probability language of likely, unlikely, certain and impossible was introduced.  We will continue our focus in these areas next week.

English:  In reading we can now successfully read to ourselves for a longer period, listen to a buddy for extended period, use Raz-Kids and monitor our own home reading by setting goals.  In writing we learned tools for prewriting, planned, and started to write a story about something that we love.  We continue to develop of knowledge of descriptive circles to improve our writing.

Next week we will explicitly start to learn how to write a “response”.

Back to School Night + Easyblog

I look forward to welcoming you to our 2B community.  Following is the slide presentation we will be discussing.

We are working on both our Chromebooks and IPADS; please send in headphones labeled with your child’s name as soon as possible.

UNIS Hanoi Grade 3 is using Easyblog! Our students are currently using Easyblog portfolio to capture and reflect their learning, and we would like you to be able to view your child’s work in real time. Please click this 2B subscription link and follow the instructions to subscribe if you are a new parent at UNIS Hanoi, or if you are a returning parent but have not yet subscribed to your child’s portfolio. Once you subscribe, you will receive an email notification when your child adds a blog post.
If you are a teacher parent at UNIS, please use your personal email to subscribe to your child’s Easyblog account.

Thank you!

Beginning our inquiry into community

This week in grade two, we worked as a community to understand, illustrate, and use the language of our classroom essential agreement:

In Math we continue to develop a positive attitude towards math by playing number games and completing a variety of inquiries from different areas of math.

In English we brainstormed about the learner profile traits, collaborated to define and develop examples of the concepts “causation”, “form”, and “responsibility”, and wrote a story about “What is behind the Door?”.  In reading we continue to focus on developing stamina for reading independently.  We also realized that there are three ways to read a book; ask your student for more detail.

In Social Studies, we used a “see, think, wonder” approach to begin our inquiry into communities and their values.

Helpful Information

  • School pictures are tomorrow.
  • ES Back to School Night for Parents  – Thursday 7th September at 6pm. Learn more about 2B and the Grade 2 Team.  Location will be in 2B homeroom B9 136 and you can meet with the Specialists in the foyer for Centre for the Arts.
  • School will be closed on Monday (September 4th) as we celebrate Vietnam’s National Day.
  • Please send in headphones labeled with your child’s name.
  • This weekend, we ask you to discuss the question  “what do we value as a family?” A sheet to record your values will be sent home tomorrow in  your child’s take home folder. You or your child can record your answer.
  • The take-home folder (including the home reading book and reading log)  should live in your child’s backpack.  Please make sure your child brings it every day.

In appreciation,

Ms. Keri and Ms. Ha


Hopes and Dreams

During our first full week in grade two, students focused on building a strong community of learners and began laying the foundation of solid work habits for our math, reading, and writing workshops.    Students celebrated their unique characteristics and interests by designing a mural titled “Class 2B is a Special Sea”.  Through poetry, students described what they need to know, are excited about, are worried about, and suggestions for second grade. From these thoughts, students created a symbol of their own personal hope and dream for this year.  Students thoughts about what our classroom should look and sound like to enable us all to reach our hopes and dreams this year.  Through discussion, sorting ideas, and skits, we established our 2B Essential Agreement.

We also have set up our individual blogs and posted our first blog. Hope you enjoyed it! Finally the students really enjoyed sharing their personal items in the paper bag activity. What a busy and fun week.

As we begin the year, I look forward to building a strong home-school connection with you. Next week, on Tuesday, August 29th from 3:30-4:30, SCO is hosting a social in our classroom.  Your students and I look forward to this opportunity for families to get to know each other.  SCO will also be looking for a class parent for 2B.  The class parent serves as an essential link between our 2B community and our parents for conveying important information, organizing volunteers for special events (for example, UN Day lunch), etc.

Helpful information

Picking up students after school. Please arrive promptly at 3.20.

Home Reading starts Monday 28th August – Students have been preparing in class. Here are the expectations and students will bring a book from school to read. Any questions will be answered at ES Back to School Night.

Home Reading Journal

  1.    At least 20 minutes a day or 80 minutes a week of reading.
  2.    Choose a book that is just right for you, not too easy and not too hard.
  3.    Write the title of the book you read, and the date on which you read it.

ES Back to School Night for Parents  – Thursday 7th September at 6pm –  Learn more about 2B and the Grade 2 Team.

Library – Will be Friday for the next 2 weeks. Your child had a chance to borrow a book this week. Please check to see what your child chose. The library flexible schedule will be explained at the ES Back to School Night. For now please send your child with a waterproof library bag.

Headphones:  Please send in headphones labeled with your child’s name next week.

In appreciation,

Ms. Keri and Ms. Ha