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Exciting Weeks!

It’s been an incredible short, fast-paced couple of weeks in 4D!  We have completed our MAPS testing, begun our personal inquiries in I-Time, continued to set standards and routines in class and have built a strong, classroom community.

Please follow our Twitter Feed (to the right) for frequent updates and photos from our classroom. Today I posted a video of Sonya, Lily, Olivia and Penny’s adaptation of a ghost story they read! They made the script and organized the costumes on their own in their own time. It was awesome!

I look forward to meeting you all on Back To School Night next Tuesday. Have a wonderful long weekend!


Great Beginnings


What a wonderful first week of school we’ve had! I am thrilled to report that the classroom ‘chemistry’ is excellent and we have a room full of keen, and kind, learners. We have spend the first week of school setting up classroom routines and expectations, as well as developing a strong community. Creating a positive and safe learning environment is our number one priority to ensure that children feel ready to learn. We will continue to work on this, as it is important to take the time at the beginning of the year to lay the foundation for continued excellence.

Where to find Information:

News and upcoming events- Grade 4 blog or  Tin Tuc

Bi-weekly updates on what is happening in class- 4D Class Blog

Portfolio of student work- Student blogs (to be updated soon with current students)

Real time photos and updates of what is happening in class-Twitter #4D


Upcoming Dates:

August 30-Sep 1: MAPS testing

Sep. 2: No School

Sep. 6 @ 18:00 Back to School Information Sessions

Sep. 9 @ 15:30: Grade 3-5 Class Social

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