Last Day for 2016-17

The last 1D Blog post for 2016-17. We have had a wonderful and energy-filled year! We are sad to say goodbye to Chloe, Andie, Jarvis & Geoffrey, but wish them and their families all the very best in their next home and school.

Finally, Happy Holidays to everyone!
From Ms. Lam and Ms. Julia



Almost there………

We are almost there!  The children were excited to meet with their new classmates and teacher today.

Earlier in the week, the ECC classes hosted a Farewell assembly for the G1 students. Follow the link to see some photos of the G1’s receiving lotus flowers at the end of this last assembly in the ECC Gym:

And here’s a fun farewell from 1D:

If your child is in need of books to read over the summer, StoryOnline is a great free access resource that we have used in class.

Next week:

Tuesday – Grade 1 Celebration Day – Activities for students in the morning, followed by a last get together with parents in classrooms at 11:10am and then a Pot Luck, Shared Lunch with parents in the canteen. The Leavers Assembly will happen in the Sports Centre from 1:15pm.

Wednesday – finally Discovery to Grade 11 Assembly with Dr. Barder and dismissal at 12 noon. There is no lunch at school on this day.


Next week we will be finishing off pieces of work, sorting classroom materials and having some special activities for the students.

On Monday we will be having a “Popcorn” themed day which will involve data collection, procedural writing and some poetry.

On Thursday we will have a “Camping” themed day which will involve creative play, recipes and map making. For this, please can children bring in a blanket/sheet/sleeping bag, small cuddly toy, a small pillow and a torch.

Tuesday 6th June is G4 Market Day – children are encouraged to bring 60,000VND to spend.

Thursday 8th June – ES Garage Sale from 3:30-4:30pm

Friday 9th June – official ES “Moving Up Morning” when students will go to their new class for next year.

Welcomes and Farewells.

In English this week the children have been working in pairs to innovate on the story of Little Red Riding Hood, by changing the characters and the setting. They have been using the app ‘Feltboard’ to create pictures for the beginning, middle and end of the story and insert them into another app, ‘Book Creator’. Next, they will be adding their voices to tell the story.

An exciting event this week was hosting K2D as part of their transition to G1 for next year. There will be another transition session next week for K2.

Yesterday the children worked with their G5 Buddies to create signs and posters to cheer on the G12 Graduating Class in the Grand Walk.

Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Continue to write and explore narrative text

Maths – Review of subjects covered over the year

UoI – The impact of humans on living things and what we can do.

PSEL – Continue practising giving “be” and “do” compliments.

Please return any Library Books as soon as possible.
ES Garage Sale- 3:30-4:30 June 8th





There has been lots of choice in maths this week with the children being allowed to choose from a wide range of games – some old, some new. Ask your child to tell you about the games they chose to play.

The children were excited today to have their G5 Buddies come and check how well they have been doing with Skip Counting in 10s, 5s and 2s. Each G5 Buddy listened to their G1 Buddy skip count in 10s, 5s and 2s. They then recorded their achievement on a certificate and presented this to the G1 student. See your child’s to see how well they did.

G1D also took some community action today, working with 3B to help sort, tidy up and then put away all of the ES Playground Equipment. Mr. Dylan will now make some new labels for each of the boxes so that everyone can see where exactly to put equipment when they are finished playing with it.

Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Innovate on familiar story by changing the characters and/or settings.

Maths – Review of number, fractions, patterning, and problem solving strategies.

UoI – Continue to look at how humans are impacting living things and what we can do to help.

PSEL – Curiosity and Inquirer

Reminder that school finishes at 11:30 on Friday the 26th May for the High School Graduation Ceremony.



Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Continue to explore and discuss narrative text
Maths – Patterning
UoI – Begin to look at how humans are impacting living things
PSEL – Curiosity and Inquirer

Swimming starts next week – see G1 Team Blog for details.

Elementary Art Show – please be aware that the Art show is just the work of Grades 2-5, although you are welcome to visit it.


Book Character Day

Book Character Day was such fun! Great costumes and book connections. Can you guess the characters? Do you know which book they are from?

One of our Mystery Readers in class was Co Huyen who read to us in Vietnamese.

Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – begin to explore and discuss narrative texts.

Maths – Continued number work, following directions

UoI – inquire into the different environments of living things and the external features of living things.

PSEL – Caring

3D Shape Exploration

1D has been exploring 3D shapes: learning to name and describe them using the correct language, as well as see how they fit together and what can be built with them.

The Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Information Report assessment

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, addition and subtraction

UoI – Provocation for the new unit- Sharing the Planet.
Central Idea-Human interactions with the environment have an impact on the survival of plants and animals.

PSEL – Appreciation

Reminder about Book Week: Character dress up day on Thursday the 4th May.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Light & Sound Explorations and Sports Day.

Fun explorations in uoi this week: exploring ways of making sounds (shaking, striking etc), learning from videos about shadows and then making our own shadow puppets with our hands, researching about Light and Sound using our uoi books.

ES Sports Day was FUN! Thanks to all who came a long to cheer on the children:

The Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Information Report writing

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, continued number objectives

UoI – inquiry into what can be done with light and sound

PSEL – Curiosity.

Reminder: Student Led Conferences are on Wednesday the 19th April. No “usual” classes or ASAs.

Maths: sharing and problem solving

Earlier this week, 1D and 1C spent some time teaching each other some maths games.

Today, 1D worked on a 3 Act maths challenge. How many skittles had been placed in a light bulb?
They first made some estimates. Next, they decided they needed to know how many of each colour of skittle had been used. With this information they were then given the task of finding the answer. They could use any strategy they wished to help themselves.
Here are students talking about the process they used initially:

Once they had an answer, they needed to double check and try solving the problem again using a different method. Most students got a different answer on their second attempt and then tried a third way. Here are some of the strategies they used:

Here is a summary of 1D’s thinking:

The answer was 91, but the process was so much more!

The Learning Intentions for 10-14 April are:
English – Information Report writing
Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, continued number objectives
UoI – inquiry into what can be done with light and sound
PSEL – Curiosity.
Reminder: No school next week as it is Spring Break
ES Sports Day may be rescheduled for sometime in the first week back…….