Maths Evening for Parents, Thurs. 19th Oct

Ms. Beth Murray will be hosting a Mathematics Evening for Parents on Thursday 19th October, 7-8pm, in the Community Room for parents of G2-5: “What does Math look like at UNIS and How can I Support my Student.”

A similar session will be run on October 27th for Lower ES parents (G1 and down), at 8.30am in the Community Room.

2-5 October

It has been a busy week! Most of 3D’s time has been spent preparing for their ‘Sharing the Planet’ presentations today. However, this morning they took a break to meet and play with their K2 Buddies:

Follow this link to see a video from Ms. Kristy about our Buddy time with K2:

By lunchtime today G3’s excitement about their presentations this afternoon was at fever pitch. The children have worked very hard researching, collating and synthesising information about an endangered animal. Having an audience to share with, gave them a truly authentic experience, and reason, for their inquiry into, “The struggle to share the environment impacts living things.” We hope you enjoyed their efforts!

Parents often ask about appropriate books for their children. There is now a UNIS list, including teacher recommended books.There is a new tab labelled resources on the blog where you can access this or click this link Here. Hopefully books in other languages will soon be added.

Finally, it was lovely to meet everyone at Parent Teacher Conferences on Tuesday and to learn more about the children in my class. Thank you for your support and openness in your conversations with me. I wish everyone a safe and relaxing Fall Break next week.


Moon Festival and Guest Speakers

This week we have been very lucky to have had 2 guest speakers, connected to our current unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet come to share their knowledge. Dr. Ben Rawson spoke about “Endangered Primates”, particularly those in Asia, and Ms. Alison Davis talked with us about “Plastic in our Oceans”. Tomorrow Mr. Scott Roberton will present on the work of conservationists in Cuc Phuong National Park. Many thanks to these experts in finding the time to help us deepen our understanding of how, “the struggle to share the environment impacts living things”.

This morning we attended the Moon Festival assembly. There was a special Moon Festival snack at morning recess time and this afternoon G3 students got to paint traditional bamboo masks. They were tasked with trying to create a symmetrical design that showed an emotion. Here are some photos of the Moon Festival celebrations today.

Next week:
Sharing students are Hai Yen and Kelei.
Tuesday is Parent Teacher Conference Day – no classes for students.
Thursday afternoon, parents are invited to come and see their child’s Sharing the Planet project.

While I was away on Friday 22nd, 3D held elections for their Student Council Representatives. All of the candidates are to be congratulated on their risk-taking and effort. It is no easy task to stand for election and have to present in front of your peers. The successful candidates were Isabelle and Kelei.

This last week Mr. Dylan came in to talk about our classroom environment, sharing how and why classrooms have changed over time.




After school on Friday Mr. Dylan and myself re-modelled the room. We are excited to see the children’s reactions on Monday morning. Here are some “before” photos:

As part of continued community building within the class, the children were tasked with creating a half-portrait of a classmate. The halves were then put together. The children loved the results.

This coming week 25-29 Sept.:
Library book exchange will be Tuesday 26th.
Sharing students are: Helena, Maisie, Kippei and Ole.
Thursday 28th – Moon Festival Celebrations
Friday 29th – 3D Gymnastics Performance for parents (see PE Blog)


Back to School Night Presentation

Thank you to those who were able to attend the Back to School Night last week. The presentation is below for anyone who would like to access it.

Our Morning Meeting time usually starts with some kind of greeting, that is passed around the class. Often we are using some of the GoNoodle “Handshakes”  videos, but today Ivan and J.P. designed one for us:

In our TIG time this week, Ms. Conroy has been talking to us about plagiarism and the importance of giving credit to someone by using a citation. For the uoi projects, students will be expected to give simple citations.

Yesterday, as it was Quiet Day we started with a mindfulness exercise. Then we had fun either inventing a new sweet for Willy Wonka or creating a new Roald Dahl character for Roald Dahl Day. There were also opportunities to read an RD book or listen to an excerpt from one online.

Today was Dot Day (see Peter Reynold’s book The Dot) and we joined the rest of the ES to decorate a part of the construction fence with dots! We also tried a 3 Act Maths Task using a photo of Mr. Daniel in his dotty shirt………….we’re still working on this!

Reminders and Information:
Sharing students next week are: Bao Nam (18th), Thien Y (19th), Jesse (20th) and Blake (22nd) – see blog post on August 24th for details.
Tuesday 19th September is the 30th anniversary of the first day of school for UNIS. Everyone is encouraged to wear blue.
Next Wednesday (Sept 20) is the ES Snack Sale from 8.10 – 9.45am.
Contributing classes:
ECC – K2A, K2B
ES – G2A and ALL Grade 5 Homerooms
For all details about the Snack Sale – check out the webpage HERE with all the info you need to know including the contributing class list for the year!

4 – 7 Sept.

Our first unit of inquiry (uoi) “Sharing the Planet” started last week. The Central Idea is: The struggle to share the environment impacts living things. Students will be inquiring into:

  • How living things uniquely adapt for survival (change)

  • The impact of changing environments (causation)

  • Human perspectives on conservation and the effect on living things (perspective)

This week all of the students chose an endangered animal and were then grouped across the Grade level based on the environment in which their chosen animal is usually found i.e. polar, rainforest, savannah or ocean. Each group is currently researching more about their particular environment.
Any parent who might be able to help share information, or present to students, about any of these environments and /or endangered animals, please contact one of the class teachers. We would LOVE to have some guest experts in to talk to the children.

An activity in maths this week has been to look at graphing and create one of our own. Students were challenged to work with care, accuracy and cooperation with a given partner. Lots of discussion, negotiation and turn taking was needed.

Next week:
Library book change is Thursday 14th Sept.
Sharing students are: Isabelle, JunMyeong, Lai Bao & Zoe.
Ms. Julia is out to a Board Retreat on Friday 15th. Please email Ms. Thuy or the ES Secretary if needed.


Our day today started with Ms. Megan visiting to share a little about herself.
Next week Nina, Jan Tengis and Sammy are invited to talk about themselves at sharing time by bringing to school 3 things (hidden in a bag). The items must connect to them personally in some way and tell something about either their life, or them as a person (e.g. a photograph, item of clothing, object). Please help your child by talking to them about what they would like to bring to share. As well as learning more about each other, this will be an opportunity to practise presentation skills.
Tuesday 5th Sept. – Nina
Wed. 6th – Jan Tengis
Fri. 8th – Sammy
A couple of recent classroom maths activities from the Youcubed site, have been sharing how we see patterns growing:

and sharing how maths can be seen in many different and creative ways. 3D “saw” a dot arrangement of 6 in 14 different ways!







Our first i-Time was much enjoyed last week with students trying out a variety of different games.

Today we had our first “Buddies” session. Our buddies this year are K1A.

Do you get a really short answer from your child when you ask them about their day? Here are some suggestions of 50 Questions to Ask Your Kids instead of “How was your Day?”  Like:

  1. What made you smile today?
  2. Did you help anyone today?
  3. Did you tell anyone “thank you?”
  4. Was there an example of unkindness? How did you respond?
  5. Does everyone have a friend at recess?
  6. What was the book about that your teacher read??
  7. What did you do that was creative?
  8. What was the best thing that happened today?
  9. Who did you sit with at lunch?
  10. If you could change one thing about your day, what would it be?

Reminders: Tomorrow (afternoon), Friday 1st September is our Class Photo Day.
Next Thursday, 7th Sept., is Back to School Night. There are two sessions – 6:00 to 6:30 and 6:35 to 7:05. Our classroom 3D is located in building 9 room number 106. I look forward to seeing you if you can make it. An information presentation will be on this blog after the event.
Please send in headphones for your child to use with iPads/Chromebooks.
Library time next week –  Tues. 5th Sept.


The First Week of 3D 2017-18

Welcome to the start of the 3D Class Blog for 2017-18.
Our class is almost complete. Riko will join us from next Friday and we look forward to Connie returning to UNIS in October.
Since the start of the school year we have been working on a variety of “getting to know you” activities and team/community building, both as a class and with our Grade Level. We have shared information about ourselves through paper t-shirt designs and some Q(uestion) & A(nswer) games.


We have had a couple of great team/community building sessions with all of G3 doing some fun games such as a “Rock, Paper, Scissor” battle and “No Hands!” passing of soft toys around a circle.

We have also been working through some of the activities from Youcubed‘s “Week of Inspirational Math” led by Dr. Jo Baoler, Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University. These have included some major challenges such as using Four 4’s to make the numbers 1 to 20 and some fun investigations like exploring Pascal’s Triangle.
This afternoon Ms. Beth came in to discuss with us what maths is and taught us a cool maths dance called “8 for 8”. It was great!

In English Language time, amongst other things, we have learned a rap to help us choose “just right” books and have begun building our reading stamina: staying in one spot, getting started right away and reading for a sustained period of time. We’ve made it to 5 minutes so far!

Our days start with a class meeting consisting of a greeting, sharing, a group activity and a morning message. Challenge us to show you the activity, “Double This, Double That”.

At the end of the day, we reflect on how the day has gone and consider our goals for the next one. We finish with a story. We are currently reading the first book in the Magic Tree House series.

Starting next Tuesday, each student, in turn, will be invited to talk about themselves at sharing time by bringing to school 3 things (hidden in a bag). The items must connect to them personally in some way and tell something about either their life, or them as a person (e.g. a photograph, item of clothing, object). Please help your child by talking to them about what they would like to bring to share. As well as learning more about each other, this will be an opportunity to practise presentation skills.
Tuesday 29th – Ivan,
Wed. 30th – JP,
Fri. 1st Sept. – Nina.

FYI: Our Library time each week “floats”. Next week it will be Thursday 31st August.