Maths games and more!

It was lovely to meet so many parents this week for Parent Teacher Conferences and find out more about the children in my care. I look forward to continuing to work with you to support and guide your child’s learning this school year.

This morning saw a number of 3D parents attend the Grade 3 Maths Coffee Morning – and have FUN! Here are some of the maths games 3D have been playing in class. Each can be adapted to make the game easier or harder.

  • Salute  Need: 3 people & pack of cards (no picture cards needed). 2 players pick up a card each without looking. “Captain” calls “SALUTE” and players place card on forehead so others can see. “Captain” calls total amount. First player to say value of own card wins BOTH cards. Overall winner = player at end with most cards (or highest value of cards)
  • Number Battle   Need: 2 people & pack of cards. Picture cards=12. Shuffle pack. Decide if highest or lowest value wins. Each player takes 2 cards: “1,2,3 SHOW!” Players turn over cards and add (or subtract) their own. Overall winner = player at end with most or least cards (or highest/lowest value of all cards)
  • Target Number: Group of 2, 3 or 4 players. Decide on TARGET number (12, 18, 24). Take turns rolling four 1 to 10 dice or flipping over 4 cards from a pack. All players try to make the TARGET number from results of the four dice or cards. First person to make it shouts TARGET! Then must explain their calculation.

In literacy time 3D have continued working on writing a procedure and also had a go at collectively dictating one. Check out the videos here.

Another maker challenge this week was to create a pulley.
For the end of this unit, students will be working in groups to design and create something using at least 2 simple machines. They will need to explain the forces involved and their design process. Most started today with some designing and testing of possible materials.

If you need some inspiration of what to do with your child over Fall break check out THISAnd please send me a video if you do one yourselves. Have fun!

Catapult Creations

This week lots of time has again been spent in the Design Cycle: Thinking, Making, Fixing and Improving, over and over again. Check out photos and videos of 3D in action here making catapults that can launch a marshmallow .

In literacy time 3D have begun to look at Procedural Text – its structure and key language features. There was much hilarity when we watched a Sesame Street video of the Cookie Monster being shown “How To Make a Sandwich“. The step by step instructions had been forgotten!

Today was a Maths Measurement Day with students finding out about angles, length, weight, capacity and volume. Check out lots of photos here.


Monday 1st October – Parent Teacher Conferences (no school for ES students)
Friday 5th October – Grade 3 Parents’ Maths Coffee Morning 8:30-9:30am




From P.E.

Last week in the G3 PE Blog: Grade 3 students have been working on creating and perfecting their gymnastic routines in PE, and the time is approaching where they would like to invite all the parents to share what they have created with you. Performances will take place during PE lessons on Thursday 27th September. 3C & 3D will be starting at 1.45pm, whilst 3A & 3B will start at 2.30 in the sports centre. We look forward to seeing you there!

Nude Food Day – Friday 28th September

Global Goals Week
Next week is global goals week at UNIS.  During this week we put the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and centre in our thinking and our learning. As part of Global Goals week we will be having a Nude Food Day on Friday 28 September.  Put simply, nude food day means sending your child to school with a snack that contains no disposable packaging. For more information click here

Designing and Making

At the start of the week 3D were back in the Maker Space being introduced to a Design Cycle of Think, Make & Improve by fixing and/or making better. Take a look at their work:

Later in the week, 3D were again challenged to use the Design Cycle to create a wheel and axle from a straw, a wooden skewer and 2 cardboard circles with holes in them. Each “make” needed to be tested to see if it the wheels would turn and if a “seat” placed on top could be moved. Unsuccessful “makes” meant materials needed to be dismantled and reassembled.

It was SO COOL to watch and listen to how students thought, made, rethought, remade, fixed and improved. Here are some of their “thoughts”:

and some videos of their process Making a wheel and axle.

In one of our literacy times we revisited “editing” with Mr. David. We tried to write incorrect sentences and then edit a friend’s.

We had fun on Thursday at Moon Festival. Ms. Thuy and Ms. An shared lots of information with us about the origin of the Moon Festival, why certain toys are popular and memories of their own childhood Moon Festivals. We learned lots!

We tried to apply some of the mask designs we had seen to our own masks.

And here are the Moon Festival Masks we decorated – can you guess who we are?

Happy Moon Festival Everyone!

In English this week, Mr. David (EAL) helped to co-teach about “editing”, introducing terminology for punctuation. Everyone had a go at editing a piece of text. We will be doing lots more of this during the year. We started the lesson with a fun game called Alphabet or Word Tennis. You could have a go at playing this at home.

Thursday we did an activity with our K1 Buddies as part of the Dot Day Celebrations (Dot Day is Saturday 15th Sept). For more information on Dot Day, please follow the link and “next week in art, all students from Discovery to G5, will make clay dots will become a part of an awesome art installation”. Watch out for the art installation!

During uoi, we are continuing to explore Simple Machines and wondering what they actually are and how they work. You’re child can do some more research at home if you would like, by following this link: Simple Machines    Username= unishanoi    Pwd= unis1234

Today, 3D got to try out the new ES Maker Space – SO EXCITING! We can’t wait to get back in there and CREATE and MAKE.

Starting Monday, 3D will officially welcome a new student – Mohau Machimana. We have met him a couple of times this week and are excited to have him joining our community of learners.


  • 3D is still in need of Class Parent/s! If you are at all interested please contact the School Community Organisation (SCO) at
  • Monday 24th September, 3D are a contributing class for the first Snack Sale of the year. Students can bring up to 10,000VND or 20,000VND to be able to purchase 1 or 2 snacks.
  • every student should have a hat, water bottle and headphones at school each day
  • if school is to be closed on Monday (due to storm Mangkhut) we will announce this through our website homepage with an emergency pop-up message at 6.00am. Please check the website before leaving for school on Monday morning. We will communicate both closure or the decision to remain open.
  • Moon Festival & assembly, Thursday 20th September, everyone is invited to wear Ao Dai to school
  • Friday 21st September is International Day of Peace


In addition to a hat and water bottle each day, G3 students also need headphones. The Back to School Night Presentation (in the previous blog post) has information on what kind of headphones and a place you can purchase them from if you need. If you are wondering about whether to purchase headphones or earbuds this article explains the benefits of headphones, rather than earbuds. Whichever you decide on, a label of some sort to identify them as belonging to your child (symbol using permanent marker, a coloured piece of ribbon, etc), would be helpful. Thank you!

Back to School Night and How the World Works.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend last night’s Back to School Night. I enjoyed meeting you. Please see below for the presentation:

This week we have launched our new Unit of Inquiry (UoI), How the World Works. The Central Idea is: Understanding forces helps humans to create effective machines.

One of the first challenges the students had was to, working in teams, see how quickly they could get a marble from one side of the room to the other. They could use anything in the room to help themselves.

Next, we used the Thinking Routine: Parts, purpose, complexities to begin exploring some simple machines.
Students were put into smaller groups and given a collection of parts to create a “Simple Machine”. After some time for “making”, students were then given a set of instructions to help them. Can you figure out the Simple Machines each group created?

Finally, students were given some sources of information (videos and text) to research about their particular simple machine and asked to make notes on the parts of the machine, how the parts worked together and the purpose of the machine.

Please join me in sending “CONGRATULATIONS!” to our new 3D Student Council Representatives: Amitay and Milly. Well done also to Samuel for standing as a candidate.  3D looks forward to hearing more about the work of the Student Council.

For next week, please ensure that your child has a set of headphones (labelled in some way) at school. There is information re: headphones in the Back to School Night presentation.

Friday 31st August

3D students did a great job this week of brainstorming their thoughts on the use of the Chrome books and iPads to support their learning. Here are the agreements they finally settled on:

In maths time we have been continuing to explore what being a mathematician means and how we want to our maths community to look and feel like. We learnt about the value of mistakes and how a mistake can really “stretch our brains”.

In Literacy we have learnt about some helpful reading strategies: ‘checking for understanding’ and ‘back up and reread’ for comprehension, ‘cross checking’ for accuracy, and ‘tune into interesting words’ to help build vocabulary. We have also begun to work on our writing stamina.

Thank you to all those who were able to help their child bring in an Artifact Bag. We have a few more to finish exploring next week.

The highlight of the week, however, has probably been meeting our Buddy Class, K1B. We had such fun we didn’t want to leave.

Things to remember:
No school Monday 3rd September
Back to School Night for all parents is Thursday 6th September – details in TinTuc.
Student Council presentations need to be ready for Tuesday 4th September.

Have a relaxing 3 day weekend!

We have had a fun week in 3D. We did some community building activities with all of Grade 3 like trying to line-up in height order, but without using our voices:

During iTime, students were allowed to choose either a game to play or use the time for more  reading.

Last week we worked on how to Read to Self. This week we tried out “Read to Someone”. Children take it in turns to read aloud a page or two from a shared book to their partner. The listener must then paraphrase what they have heard and ask clarifying questions if they do not understand.

We have also been working on developing some Classroom Agreements that will guide our behaviour and expectations in our learning environment. Here is what groups have come up with so far:

For Maths we have been following some of the activities on the Youcubed site and working on building our maths community. We learned some surprising research today about how important using your fingers to help you can be! Watch this if you want to find out more.

Need to know:
The 3D schedule has been slightly modified with lesson times changed on Thursdays for Maths and English time. A Library time has also been added for a Monday:

Artifact Bag – due from Monday onwards – please refer to email for details
Student Photo Day – for 3D this will be Wednesday 29th August.
Finally, I will be attending some in-school Professional Development (Cognitive Coaching) on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th August. Ms. Thuy will be covering the class. If there are any changes in your child’s end of day routine or any important information for us, please email Ms. Thuy:

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