Week of November 6

Blue Dragon Walk-A-Thon 
Thank you to parent volunteers and especially to our Blue Dragon Ambassadors for making the Walk-A-Thon memorable and reflective of our school’s values, Learning, Community, and Responsibility. From what we learned about children supported by Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, fifth graders partook in an activity, putting themselves in the shoes of a homeless child. Their task was to find a safe and secure place on the school grounds to hide from ‘authority’ because being homeless is illegal in Vietnam. The aim was to further develop empathy, an ability to understand and share how these children might be feeling in order to help break the cycle of poverty.

In addition to finding out the relationships between operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication and division, students read and wrote numbers in decimal notations.
Next, we will:
Represent, model and compare fractions and decimals
Use mental and written strategies for multiplication and division

A review of how well 5D students can write narratives is offering many opportunities for learning more about features of this genre. This week, wordplay came up while learning about the text structure. But because literary devices used in the English language can seem inaccessible, many students approach using these in their writing with anxiety. Thus, our writing lessons lead to seeing how easily literary elements can be applied to bring stories alive. After rereading their narratives, students use a variety of print and online resources to brainstorm basic literary devices.
Next, we will:
Begin to investigate features of information report text type

As students were asked to share their knowledge about electricity/electrical energy, energy flowed as thoughts flickered, bouncing like unruly electrons around the room. This created an electrifying excitement as each student could not wait to share what he/she knows! Our new unit, Electrical Sciences, is one that has a great deal of hands-on, minds-on learning opportunities! Students will gain an understanding of the central idea: The consumption of electrical energy has an impact on the world. While inquiring into Electrical energy that is transferred, transformed, and controlled; Energy consumption choices that affect the environment and our society; and Electrical energy options. It would be great if you can start to have a conversation about your household or home country’s energy consumption.
Next, we will:
Inquire into how electrical energy is transferred, transformed, and controlled

Teacher Professional Development Days: Monday and Tuesday, November 13 and 14. No school for students.
Collecting ‘Blue Dragon Walk-a-Thon’ Money collection deadline is 22nd November. Please ensure your child brings in the money collected along with his/her form.