Changes and Adaptations

This week, the fifth graders experienced a whole day in the Middle School. They had a Grade 6 buddy who they shadowed, attended lessons, ate lunch, played, and most of all get to learn much about a day in sixth grade. Gathering from their end-of-day reflection, they are most excited about lunch freedom, having access to all the food bars in the canteen, and being able to use devices at break times. Most students are still worried about homework, getting good grades and their personal projects for Service Learning. The students are looking forward to knowing who is going to be in their advisory class next year. Please, have your child tell you more about his/her Grade 6 Step-Up experience.

In Unit of Inquiry, students have been independently working on visually representing their identity and some of their transitions. It is interesting to see what they choose and how their personalities are showcased. We will share these with you on June 11.

Tomorrow is our ES House Relay Extravaganza, Grades 4&5 2-3:30 pm! Hope to you there!

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