Happy Holidays!

Electricity Shark Tank, Fractions, Informational reports, Holidays – What do all these have in common? They are all on our minds!

Fifth graders have worked really hard this quarter discovering how we use our understanding of scientific principles to impact our world. On Tuesday, we had a glimpse of how well students were developing an understanding when groups of students, who investigated into best energy sources for Europe, presented their findings at our ‘Shark Tank’ event. There is no doubt that all other groups are looking forward to pitching their stance to a panel of judges, the Sharks, tomorrow morning.

As we follow an inquiry-based teaching and learning model at UNIS, grade five students are becoming increasingly familiar with the inquiry cycle, which provides structure to the process of inquiry.

The end of our investigation into the consumption of electrical energy’s impact on our world brings the students in 5D to the part of the process where they are reflecting and asking investigable questions that will lead to action.

Mathematically proficient students can apply the mathematics they know to solve problems presented in everyday life. Students developed recipes of treats for our end-of-year class celebration of learning. They worked in inquiry circle groups to answer these questions and came up with evaluation criteria for a winning recipe:
What is a description of your fraction?
What are examples of mixed numbers used in your recipe?
How do you reduce an improper fraction?
Whenever and wherever you see fractions during your holidays, you may use these questions to further develop the concept and deepen your child’s understanding.

Information Report Text Type
Students continue to identify elements of an information report and apply knowledge gained to compose their own. A fun and engaging activity to do during the holidays could be classifying, describing and giving factual information about people, animals, or things where you are.
You can check to see that these criteria are met:
Begins with a general classification or definition
Lists a sequence of related information about the topic
Ends with a concluding comment
Have fun!

After Dinner time conversation:
A little something to talk about after dinner
This week’s Videos and Photos

Winter Break
The holidays are here! A time to spend quality family and friend time, reinvigorate, reflect, and relax.

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