Week of November 27

Open Doors
Thank you to all parents who came to the Open Doors to engage in our learning today! We hope you can also make it tomorrow at 10:10 for a math activity that will end at 11:30. However, you are invited to come in for the first period, if that is most convenient. Remember that you are also welcome to visit your child’s music class, 1:15 pm and/or see him/her at PE, 2:15 pm.
Open Classroom Photos

Mr. Carl – Special Guest
Did you know that UNIS uses 13,000 kilowatts of electricity every day and spend over $10,000 on electricity each month?
Thanks to a visit from our Senior Operations Officer, Carl Strefford, we were able to learn more about our own energy usage and next steps for UNIS.

We have been charging our batteries in 5D! You may wonder what that means. Your child has been successfully following an inquiry cycle to investigate into a personal-interest question on energy and more specifically on electricity. To make our learning visible, students have been contributing their questions and processes to the ‘Charge Your Battery’ display board. Please ask your child to tell you more about her/his findings to the investigation question. As we are preparing for an end-of-unit cumulative event, students have also been investigating into current electrical energy options and ones that might suit a region.
Electricity Investigations Photos

This weeks math has been connecting fractions to real-life situations while using manipulatives to model and make our thinking visible. Quoting an article from the Scientific American that I recently read, “In a recent survey of 2300 white collar, blue collar, and service workers, more than two-thirds indicated that they used fractions in their work.” shows the importance of learning about fraction and making connections to real-life situations.

Your fifth grader has been writing an information report with a purpose to provide the class with information on a self-chosen topic on electricity by providing facts. The challenge in writing a good information report is to provide the audience with plenty of facts and evidence about a topic without providing a personal opinion. Thus, the students have been working on not including their personal opinions and not turning their information texts into a persuasive text.

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