Week of October 23

Next week Friday, November 3rd is UN Day, the biggest celebration at UNIS! It takes a village and a tremendous team effort for such an event to be successful. Please click
UN Day Lunch G5 Food Sign-Up Sheet to specify the type of food you will be contributing. What an exciting day to look forward to!

It would be great to see you tomorrow at our Grade 5 Migration Living Wax Museum! Your take away will be a good understanding of the effect of human migration on cultures, communities, and individuals.

Going deeper…

5D students are applying a protocol for data analytics. This has been allowing them to transform, model, and come with implications for action for data collected. As they are discovering useful information, they are beginning to gain a better understanding of the meaningfulness of their Inquiry Circle groups’ interpretation and use of the outcome of their surveys.

Watch here to see a million in action.
Making a Million

English/Home Learning
As you know, the Grade 5s are implementing a guided reading group program to enable students to make progress in a much efficient way. Thus, your child should have been bringing home a book that her/his reading group or literature circle is reading and/or reading assignments to complete. To foster independence and continue to develop one of our core values, responsibility, students decide together (with teacher guidance) on how many pages or chapters to read for the next time. Lessons are planned with the aim to Please help reinforce the message of responsibility to complete any assigned home learning task.

Dress Up Day Oct 31 – appropriate dress-up encouraged
UN Day Nov 3 – cultural dress and food
Walk-a-Thon Nov 8 – sponsor sheets to be coming soon.
Headphones – Please ensure that your child has a set of headphones for school

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