ES Leavers’ Assembly – Join us!

Dear Elementary Families,

This coming Tuesday, June 12th, our entire Elementary School from Discovery – Grade 5 will gather in the Sports Centre to close out the school year. We will use this time to farewell students and faculty members who are leaving our UNIS Hanoi community.

The assembly starts at 1.15pm and will run for approximately 30 minutes – there will be seats in the back for parents and visitors.

You are warmly welcome to join us.

Warm regards,

Megan Brazil
Elementary School Principal

ES Coffee Morning: Supporting Students in Transition

Dear Parents,

We look forward to welcoming you to our final Elementary School Coffee Morning of the year on supporting students in transition, tomorrow, May 25th.

Transitions happen at the end of every year.  We are all somewhere in the cycle of arriving, leaving or being left behind. Our Elementary Counselors will help you to understand more about the transition cycle and how best to support your child, regardless of what stage of the cycle they are in.

This session is relevant for parents of all elementary school students – those who are arriving, leaving, or being left behind.  We look forward to seeing you in the Community Room, B7, at 8.30am.

Warm regards,

Megan Brazil
Elementary School Principal

Saying Farewell to our ES Teachers

Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.
~ Loris Malaguzzi

This is the time of year when our entire community is in transition.  Members of our school community are either leaving, entering a new place, or being left behind. Transition impacts us all.  As a school, our teachers and counselors engage our students in conversations about managing transitions with resilience and positivity.

Many of our teachers are also in transition.  We are grateful to the following educators who have put their hearts and souls into creating meaningful learning experiences for our students, while contributing actively to our school values of Learning, Community and Responsibility.  We know that they have touched the lives of many students and their families during their time at UNIS Hanoi.


Aaron Davis (2 years of service) – Moving to Jordan
Andrea Marrinson (3 years of service) – Moving to Tunisia
Andrea Snyder (2 years of service) – Moving to USA
Anissa Zotos (4 years of service) – Moving to Cyprus
Angela Meikle (2 years of service) – Moving within Vietnam
Bart Maas (3 years of service) – Moving to Thailand
Cam McHale (7 years of service) – Moving to Sri Lanka
Jeff Reynolds (2 years of service) – Moving to Hong Kong
Julie Conroy (8 years of service) – Moving to Kenya
Sally Oxenberry (9 years of service) – Moving to Australia
Sharon Henderson (6 years of service) – Moving to USA
Stefan Hendry (4 years of service) – Moving to Morocco

These teachers have all helped our students to ‘climb their own mountains’ and for that, we are incredibly grateful.  Please join me in wishing them well for their new adventures ahead as they continue to make a difference in the lives of children in other parts of the world.


Megan Brazil
Elementary Principal

Transitions resources

Dear Parents,

Please find the below links which support the current Grade 5 Who We Are Unit of Inquiry.

Symbaloo page:   UoI related resources; UNIS Hanoi Library databases  (password and username required) and websites.

UNIS Hanoi Library home page: linking to the complete selection of Library subscription databases (password and username required) and to the Destiny Library catalog.

Username and passwords can be found on the UNIS Library Home page under the ES Online Resources page.

Ms. Conroy

ES Snack Sale

Snack Sale Wednesday May 16!

The contributing classes are:

  • K1C , K1B, Homeroom 2D and Grade 4 Homerooms

How does the Snack Sale Work?

There are four snack sales per academic year. All Elementary School classes are divided into four groups of contributing classes, so that each class will contribute to one snack sale. In order for your child to participate in each snack saleplease send him/her to school with money on all four snack sale days (Cost: 10,000VND per snack/ Limit 2 snacks per child).

What to bring if you are in a contributing class?

As a Nut and Allergy Aware campus we require all snacks to include a list of ingredients.When it is your turn to be a contributing class, we encourage that each family supports the ES Snack Sale by providing:

  • 10 individually wrapped homemade snacks (the value of each treat should be at least 10,000VND)
  • A labeled container/dish with your child’s class and name
  • On the morning of the snack sale, please deliver the snacks BEFORE 8.10am to the designated tables in the ECC or ES Courtyard

Healthy Snacks are Important Everyday!

Need Healthy Snack Ideas? Check out these yummy websites:

Jamie Oliver – Healthy Snacks
Lolly Jane – Healthy Fun Kids Snacks – 32 Healthy Kids Snacks
Super Healthy Kids
BBC Good Food – Kids Snacks

Please note, we will not sell any Choco-pies, chips, candies, pre-packaged cookies or chocolate bars.

Witness the best part of it all…

The kids faces light up when they see all the snacks available for purchase, but they love it even more when they see their parents at school! So if you’re free for 1.5 hours on the morning of an ES Snack Sale come by, hang around and help sell the snack to the kids and be part of the action!

If you have any questions, please contact the ES Snack Sale Coordinators: Seung Shin Lee, Aya Kuroda and Akiko Nakano at .

Transition/ Moving Resources

Are you moving forward?  Know someone who is moving onto a new school, new country, new position?

UNIS Library has resources to help!

Come have a look at transition and moving resources on display in the Library.  Also available are articles recommended by our Counseling Team as well as books for all ages.

                                                         10 ways to help students say goodbye                                                                  Parent’s guide to moving abroad with kids                                                                  The Culture blend transition



                   Let us know if we can help!

Lost Books – Please help!!!!

Last week the following library books were mistakenly returned to the library drop-off box and sold at the book sale! Now we need your help to rescue the following ‘lost’ books and return them back home to the library:
1. The Top Ten Leaders that Changed the World
2. Barack Obama (Barcode: 109656)
3. The Politics Book
4. Lincoln: A Photobiography
5. Mr. President: A Book of U.S. Presidents
6. How Governments Work: The Inside Guide to the Politics of the World
7. The Jelly Donut Difference: Sharing Kindness with the World
8. The Body Book for Boys
9. Presidents
10. Potty Politics
11. Barack Obama (Barcode: 105116)
12. Barack Obama (Barcode: 101409)
13. What’s Happening to Me?
14. Giang Sinh Dau Tien Cua Chuot Tip/”First Christmas of Tip Mouse”
15. Where are your Manners
16. Germination
If you are the lucky person who selected these library books at the book sale, we kindly ask that you returned them to Ms. Ronke’s classroom (B9/G11) for a full refund.
Thank you!

Class Placement Survey – 2018/19

3rd May 2018

Dear Elementary Parents,

Over the next 6 weeks, teams of teachers will be working on class placements for students for the 2018-2019 school year.

Here at UNIS Hanoi, we mix the children’s groupings every year as they pass from one grade level to the next. In such a transient population, this enables us to continuously ensure each class is a well-balanced group with a mix of gender, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, learning styles and differences. The mixing of class groups also helps establish a grade level identity and community as well as individual homeroom communities. Children are able to develop and maintain a broader range of friendships across the whole age group. It also helps new children integrate more quickly as the class they enter is newly formed rather than being a group that has been together for several years.

Because we value parent input about your child, you are invited to provide information to the school that might help us with the class placement process.

Final decisions about class placement of students are the responsibility of UNIS Hanoi. Changes are not permitted.

Please note that UNIS Hanoi employs only highly qualified and experienced teachers, therefore requests for students to be placed with specific teachers will not considered.

Please complete the survey by clicking HERE.

With kind thanks,

Megan Brazil
Elementary School Principal

Save the date! Transitions coffee morning for G5 parents

Come join the extended G5 team as we share important information relating to the current unit of inquiry, Who we are, relating to transition and changes.

The topics covered in the coffee morning will include:

  • how we discuss and approach teaching puberty in G5
  • the G5 – G6 transition program from Elementary to Middle School
  • social emotional changes and transitions to be expected at this developmental stage
  • how the Counselor, Nurse and ICT specialist work in partnership throughout the unit
  • ways in which you can support at home

Mark your calendars for Friday, May 11th from 8:30-9:30 a.m. in the Community Room, B7. We hope to see you there! 

Grade 5 Instruments

May 4th 2018

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

As we approach the end of this 2017/18 School Year, the time has come for all students to return the instrument that they have been borrowing from UNIS.

We will be doing a check of all instruments before the summer holiday to replace broken or missing strings, accessories and small repairs. These costs will be covered by UNIS. Hopefully, we won’t have any larger breakages or missing instruments which will require your attention. These costs might be extra under the loan agreement form.

This letter is to let you know of the days that students must hand in their instrument and have it checked off by Ms Sally and Ms Mai. Prior to this day, students have a responsibility to thoroughly clean their band instrument at home. We will be watching some you tube links on how to do this. Here is a link to get started.



After this day, all instruments will be kept at school to practice during classes for the last few weeks of this school year.

Thank you for your support at home with your child’s instrumental learning. It is great to hear of their enthusiasm to continue learning an instrument next year in Middle School. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this particular group of young musicians and watching their confidence grow in their learning and performing.

It has been a great year of music making!


Sally Oxenberry

ES Music