The Fun Continues in K1C!

Dear parents,

We have had some really exciting things happen over the past couple of weeks. Firstly, the Water Puppet Theater Field Trip was a great success! The children loved going on such a fun bus ride down to the theater and watching the show. We were joined by both the Discovery classes and all of Grade 1. We booked the entire theater, so the show was just for us. Afterwards we were lucky enough to eat our snack at a lovely restaurant across the street (owned by a Grade 1 parent) and were even provided juice and cookies. Once we returned, the children drew a picture and reflected on their favorite part. Thank you again to the parent volunteers!

We have had a couple more parent storytellers join us. Toby’s Mom read us an Australian classic titled ‘Possum Magic’ and Maeve’s Mom read us a Robert Munsch story titled ‘Zoom’.

I am still looking for parent storytellers, so pretty please with a cherry on top, send me an email if you are interested.

For many weeks now, a Grade 3 student has been reading to small groups in our classroom two times per week. He finally decided to take a bigger risk and read to the whole class. This led to a great discussion about celebrating the success of others and the importance of perseverance.

Last week, we had a guest speaker share a story with all of the K1 classes. Dr. Ashley Stroupe, sister of a teacher at UNIS, came to talk to the children about her work at NASA. She is the ‘driver’ of the Mars Rover. The children asked amazing questions and were extremely engaged in what she had to say. Her talk has inspired many students to draw, create and learn more about space and the mars rover missions.

Here is a short Biography:

Dr. Stroupe has been a Staff Engineer at JPL since December 2003. She works in flight operations for the Mars Exploration Rovers, building sequences for rover driving and operating the robotic arm as well as doing long-term planning for rover traverse. She is also working on the development of the flight mission Mars Science Laboratory, evaluating terrain near potential landing sites. Her research focuses on multi-robot teams in complex environments and behavior-based control, with applications to exploration and mapping, dynamic target observation, and cooperative manipulation. In addition to the research listed here, Dr. Stroupe participates broadly in community activities such as outreach and education and has published multiple conference papers, book chapters, and journal articles in robotics. She recently appeared on “Five Years on Mars” on the National Geographic Channel.

Thank you all for participating with your child in the Art Exhibition. What a fantastic time! I was so impressed with the quality of the artwork and delighted to see how proud the children were to lead you around and show you their creations. And it was such a delight to watch you create artwork along with them.

Here are some other cool things that have been happening in the classroom.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu

Happy March!

Dear parents,

Wow! The year seems to have flown by! We have been having a ton of fun in our K1 classroom. First of all, I would like to welcome our new friends, Maeve and Jasper, who joined us just before the Tet holiday.

The children have really been enjoying our new Unit of Inquiry which is all about storytelling in different ways. As part of this unit, many of you joined us for our first K1 Mother Tongue Morning. It was a great success! Thank you to all who participated.

We are still looking for parents to come in and tell stories. This can be reading a book, telling an oral story, singing, telling a story with puppets or digital pictures, or even dressing up and dancing! It’s your choice! Please understand, there is nothing to be nervous about. It’s very low key. Trust me, the children enjoy all visitors and they will be proud of you for being a risk taker. 🙂 Please just send me an email if you are interested.

We had our first parent storyteller join us today. Lana’s Dad read us ‘The Lorax’.

We have begun to explore and be inspired by loose parts. Loose parts are materials such as rocks, pinecones, sticks, leaves,  glass beads, yarn pieces, nuts, bolts, washers,  blocks, or popsicle sticks just to name a few. Using these loose parts allows for creativity and exciting play opportunities. While manipulating and playing with these parts, the children are using math, language and literacy, fine motor and social skills. It provides excellent learning opportunities and the children are loving it.

Here are some of the other things we have been up to.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu

Open Classrooms & Silk Village

Dear parents,

As usual it has been a very busy two weeks! First of all, I would like to thank you all again so much for joining us during open classrooms. The children were so excited to have you here to share and value their learning.

,img_9747 img_9750 img_9753 img_9755 img_9757 img_9762 img_9765 img_9769 img_9772 img_9792 img_9782 img_9795 img_9796 img_9801 img_9806

Here is a glimpse of our new Unit of Inquiry.


We have been doing lots of thinking and brainstorming as a group. Here are some of the things the children have come up with.

fullsizerender-7 fullsizerender-8

This led us to deconstructing fabric trying to figure out how it might be made and then a fantastic trip to the Silk Village. The bus ride was an adventure in itself!

img_9829 img_9835 img_9841 img_9843 img_9845

Once we arrived at the Silk Village, we were graciously welcomed and the processes we would see were explained to us. Silk worm cocoons were also passed around for us to look at and even take back to the classroom to observe more closely. We then got to see the process of the silk being removed from the cocoons as well as the actual silk worms inside.

img_9850 img_9867 img_9870 img_9874

We were then shown some of the very complicated machines that weave the silk. The children also had a chance to sit down to use the silk wheels and also got to make their own bracelets.

img_9878 img_9880 img_9885 img_9892 img_9894 img_9897 img_9900 img_9901 img_9904 img_9907 img_9913 img_9914 img_9917 img_9921 img_9923

It was a great opportunity and a wonderful experience for us all! Here are some of the children’s favorite parts.


Have a lovely week!

Deborah & Thu

Check out what’s going on in K1C!

Dear parents,

Thank you so much for making Teacher Appreciation Day so special! The treats were wonderful and the children’s cards and crafts were the best!

UN Day was fantastic this year. The children were very proud to wear their National Dress and to participate in the activities. We are focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4, which is Quality education. We made a class book which talks about the many reasons some children cannot attend school and what we love about our school. We also made a collaborative piece of art which connects all of our home countries together. You can take a peek at both of these when you visit during open classrooms this week. And of course, the assembly and shared lunch was lovely.

img_1335 img_1437 img_9497 img_9529 img_9537 img_9542

In Math, we are beginning to inquire into shapes and patterns. The children have been quite creative in their thinking. They were also introduced to a new game called Treasure Hunt and have been cooperatively playing with a partner.

img_9442 img_9459 img_9571 img_9572 img_9632 img_9661

Phonics has really taken off in our classroom. The children are constantly coming up with words to add to our Alphabet Book. You can peek at this during your visit next week :). You may even be hearing some letter sounds from your children at home. The letter crafts are also a big hit and incorporates fine motor skills as well. Book making is also a favorite at our writing table. This is a student initiated activity and is gaining popularity. Last week there were computers being made too!

img_9585 img_9589 img_9650

img_9651 img_9658

We were lucky enough to leave the ECC twice last week to attend two fun events. Grades 2-5 had a Sports Day and we were able to walk over to the fields and cheer them on. Then on Thursday, we met our Grade 3 Buddies who showed us the new playground and how to safely play on the equipment.

img_9620 img_9624

img_1441 img_1445 img_1447 img_1450 img_1463 img_1482

Lastly, we have just begun our new UOI and are planning some fun field trips as part of the unit. Stay tuned for more information.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Deborah & Thu

More fun in K1C!

Dear parents,

What a busy week we have had! First of all, the Walk-a Thon was a huge success. Please take a peek at my previous blog post for some great pics. If you have not yet sent your form back in for the Blue Dragon donation, please do so. and thank you!

It’s been a while, but our Grade 3 Buddies visited us on Thursday and brought along some books to share. It’s amazing to watch and listen to the caring attitude and kinds words heard within the groups.

photo-1-5 photo-2-4 photo-3-5 photo-4-3 photo-5-1 b1 b2 b3

b4 b5 b6 b7 b8


On Friday we were lucky enough to participate in the MRISA fun. Teams from all over Southeast Asia joined us here at UNIS for a basketball tournament. K1 was assigned a specific team to support, the ISPP Falcons, and then the children decorated flags to take over to the pep rally. There was lots of music, dancing and cheering and we loved it! We also attended a couple of the games as well.

photo-1-5 photo-2-4 photo-3-5 photo-4-3

The children are really catching on to phonics in our classroom. We are learning two letters per week and their associated sounds. The children are also enjoying the letter crafts which you have probably seen as they are bringing them home weekly. We also have an alphabet book which includes words beginning with the sounds we have learned so far. Only words the children have come up with themselves are added. Some mornings I can’t write down the words fast enough as the children are so excited to contribute!

Our outdoor area has been an inspiration for the children during this lovely weather we have been having. They have been using natural materials and glass manipulatives in very imaginative ways. They have been counting, comparing and patterning. They also collaboratively work together using the area as a restaurant.

photo-1-5 photo-2-4 photo-3-5 photo-4-3


Looking forward to the week ahead!

Deborah & Thu

Walkathon Fun!

Dear parents,

Last week your children participated in the famous UNIS Walkathon. It’s a fantastic time for the ECC and the ES to come together for some exercise and to raise money for a good cause. The children were counting down the days on the calendar and were great participants once the day finally arrived. Thank you to all of the parent volunteers. You were a huge help in the success of the day! The children of course thought the best part was the ice cream treat afterwards! Please enjoy these pictures and stay tuned for another blog post as to other things we have been up to.

photo-1-5 photo-2-4 photo-3-5 photo-4-3 photo-5-1

w1w3w5 w2 w4 w6 w7 w8 w9 w10photo-23 w11 w12 w13 w14 w15

w16 w17 w18 w19 w20

Have a lovely Sunday!



Moon Festival and More!

Dear parents,

This week was very exciting as we celebrated the Moon Festival. The children looked fantastic in their Ao Dai’s and enjoyed taking part in the festivities. We attended an assembly put on by ES students in the theatre, shared in traditional moon festival food and took part in a puppet making craft. Ms. Thu also taught a lesson about the Moon Festival and we made a celebratory animal fruit tray.

photo-1-5 photo-2-4 photo-3-5 photo-4-3 photo-5-1

A new group of Grade 3 buddies visited last week which gave the children another chance to engage with older children and share their learning.

sept-11 sept-12 sept-15 sept-16

We have also begun using our K1C outdoor space which gives the children extra independence and an additional area to be responsible for.


The children are continuing to cooperate through play in the classroom. They are also learning to care for, respect and listen to others. Please enjoy these pictures of some other things we have been up to over the last two weeks.

sept-6 sept-8 sept-9 sept-10 sept-20 sept-21 sept-25sept-23

A few reminders:

  • Please help your child to pick out a Show & Tell on their special day. This is an important part of our day and curriculum.
  • Please do not help your child to unpack their bag when you arrive in the morning even if you are late for drop off. Their bag goes in their cubby and they play until the bell. After the bell, the children are responsible for taking care of their own belongings.
  • At pick up time, please allow your child to pack their own bag, put on their own shoes and carry their own bag out of school. This helps them develop necessary independence and responsibility. (Please pass this message on to Nannies as well).

Thank you and have a lovely rest of your weekend!




Getting comfortable in K1C!

Dear parents,

The children have done a fantastic job the last two weeks building relationships with each other and learning about our classroom.  We have had many meaningful discussions about responsibility in the classroom and are learning what it means to be principled. Clean-up time is a big area of focus. The children are working together to make sure things are cared for and put back where they belong. They are also making decisions about how to best tidy up messes. Here are some pictures of areas in the classroom that needed our attention. Please look at these pictures with your child. Ask them what responsible choices they could make to better care for our classroom environment.

photo 1 (5) photo 2 (4) photo 3 (5) photo 4 (3)

We met our Grade 3 buddies for the first time and engaged in some fun activities. The children cooperated well and got to know each other. It was amazing to see how meaningful this shared time is for all of the children. We look forward to meeting with grade 3 every other week.

Buddies1 Buddies2 Buddies3 Buddies4 Buddies5

Here are some pictures of some other things we have been up to in K1C.

blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5blog6 blog7 blog8

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!




Our First Week in K1C!

Dear parents,

Welcome to our K1 blog! This is where you will find out what your children have been up to at school as well as any important messages you will need to know. Please take a peak at the pictures below with your child. It’s a great way to connect about school!

The children have had such a wonderful week making new friends and getting to know our new classroom! There are so many things to explore. We have read many books, learned new songs, and we have done some fun activities. Here is a picture of our very first day together.

photo (21)

On our first day we were lucky enough to attend an all school assembly to kick off the school year. It was very exciting and even included a dragon dance!

photo (22)

On Thursday, we attended our first ECC assembly. This is a special time we get together every two weeks to sing songs and share our learning.

1st assembly 2016

Please take a peek below at some of the things we have been up to these first three days of school. It has been a great success!

blog 1 blog 2 blog 3 blog 4 blog 5 photo 1 (5) photo 1 photo 2 (4) photo 2 photo 3 (5) photo 3 photo 4 (3) photo 4 photo 5 (1)


Please make sure to send water, a snack and your child’s hat EVERY DAY. Also, please ensure that all of these items are labeled, including lunch containers, with your child’s name. This helps us when things get lost or left behind. Please also make sure to replace your child’s spare clothes if needed.

Today we sent home a Show & Tell informational sheet. Please make sure to mark your calendar for your child’s sharing day and help them to pack their special item. This is an important part of our program as it teaches essential speaking and listening skills.

We are also trying something new this year. We have prepared a sheet for parents to sign-in and sign-out on a daily basis. Monday will be the first day to try this out. The clipboard will be on top of the cubbies. It also includes spots for you to check to make sure your child has their hat, snack and water bottle. This ties in well with our first Unit of Inquiry which is all about responsibility. The children are learning that they are responsible for their personal belongings, classroom belongings and their behavior. They will also gain the understanding that others, such as parents, have responsibilities as well.

Lastly, I want to explain morning drop-off. Our playground is supervised starting at 7:55. Your child can put their bag in their cubby, put on their hat and play until 8:07 when the bell rings. At that time, they can unpack their snack and water bottle and join the classroom.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email.

Have a lovely and safe weekend!

Ms. Deborah & Ms. Thu

Books, Books & More Books!

Dear parents,

The children in K1DV have a love for reading and so the read-a-thon and book sale preparation are right up our alley! Rather than have each child take home the tally sheet for minutes read, we are doing this as a whole class. Every morning the children join together on the carpet for a good 10-15 minutes of reading and then get to color in a book. Likewise, every time I read a story to the class, I also tally  a book. We just finished our first page this morning!

IMG_7301[1] IMG_7295[1] IMG_7292[1] IMG_7290[1] IMG_7285[1] IMG_7282[1]

As another part of the read-a-thon, we have “Reading Buddies”. Ms. Claire’s grade 3 class comes over from the ES one time per week to share stories in small groups with the children. K1Dv is a very captive audience!

IMG_7247[1] IMG_7245[1] IMG_7243[1] IMG_7241[1] IMG_7237[1] IMG_7236[1] IMG_7232[1] IMG_7227[1]


We have collected 52 books so far for the book sale. As this is a contest, each student in the winning class will win their own brand new book! Please remember that next week is the last week for book collection.

Thank you for sending in small money for your child today. We had fun walking over to the K2 classrooms to check out all of their carefully created recycled goods and then making some purchases.

IMG_7266[1] IMG_7273[1] IMG_7275[1] IMG_7276[1]

Lastly, It is wet outside! Please make sure you have enough spare clothes for your child. Also, please replace any that go home. It may be a good idea to mention this to your nanny also as they are so good and cleaning out the backpacks before we get to them.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Mai