May 17th – K1C

Dear parents,

This week was marked by a whirlwind of activity. The children had their first swimming lessons for PE. There were no tears or fear, only smiles and laughter. They are so confident that they got to go in the big pool yesterday.

Market Day was a big hit. There were many activities to take part in such as face painting, manicures, massages and pokemon games. There were lots of unique crafts for sale and some yummy cookies, juices and popsicles. The children had a blast.

Tuesday was the UN International Day of Families. To celebrate, the children drew and painted pictures of their families and described what they like to do with their families and how their families make them feel. I will post them on individual blogs soon.

We visited our grade 3 buddies today. The children were super engaged in patterning activities, drawing and reading.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is outdoor play day! Hats, water bottles and changes of clothes are a must!

Pictures of all the fun

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu

May 10th – K1C

Dear parents,

Last week I sent you an email that said I would include details and pictures of Book Week on this weeks blog so I could capture the entire three days. As you know, every day had a different theme and we had Mystery Readers throughout the week. Wear a Word Day, Character Parade Day, and Pajama Day were all a big hit! We were also joined by many mystery readers which included both parents and staff.

Book Week

Now that the children have bugs on the brain, they have been collecting and observing, or just observing, everything from the smallest spiders, the most colorful beetles and the biggest toads. It has made them much more aware of our outdoor environment and how we share it responsibly with all of these animals.

The children have also created some awesome big bugs for our classroom. They made a gigantic paper mache dragonfly and practiced their weaving skills while making a big buzzing bee.

We were also lucky enough to have Nikhil’s Dad share some photos of bugs he found in the jungle of India. The kids were so excited to count and compare all of the different characteristics..

The children have been working hard to copy, create and extend patterns. They do this every day in our environment, but this week have been working on some very special bracelets, headbands and backpack decorations to practice this skill.

Pics of the week


International Outdoor Classroom Day

On Friday May 18th Discovery, K1, K2 and Grade 1 will participate in international Outdoor Classroom Day.  Weather permitting, the students will be outside from 8:25-10:05.  To help make this day successful, please make sure that your child:

-wears sunscreen to school
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle
-has a change of clothes in a labelled bag

Market Day

The K2 children have been learning about goods and services as part of their How We Organize Ourselves unit of inquiry.  As a culminating project, they will be hosting an ECC Market on Tuesday, 15 May.  Children will be selling goods they have made themselves, including crafts, books and beverages.

Please send 20,000 VND to school with your child on Tuesday so s/he can enjoy shopping at the K2 market.

All of the money earned will be donated to LifeStraw, an organization that helps provide access to clean water.  Along with donations from other ES classes, we are hoping to be able to purchase a community water filter for a local school.  This would reduce the number of plastic bottles that community consumes while also providing clean drinking water.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu





April 26th – K1C

Dear parents,

Unit of Inquiry

As the children are becoming more interested in the animals in our environment, they have started to collect them to observe their characteristics and inquire further into their life cycles. So far they have collected caterpillars, snails and flies. This is helping us to better understand our lines of inquiry.

Today we read a book titled “The Insect Detective” and then tomorrow we will go on an investigative walk. We will document our findings and compare them to the living things list the children thought they would find.


We celebrated another two of our friends turning five this week. Happy Birthday Julian and Marha!

Speech Lessons

On Friday’s Ms. Joan, our speech and language therapist, has been visiting all of K1 for short lessons on voice, sounds and articulation. The children have really been enjoying this time with her.

Community Building with Grade 5

Two grade five students came over this week to share some community building exercises with K1. We all had fun participating in these activities.

Books, Books, Books!

We need books! As you know, the last day for book collection for the book sale is tomorrow April 27th. So far, K1C has only had 4 books donated. This is the perfect time to go through your bookshelves and clean out books you have read or ones you no longer need and bring them in tomorrow. Thank you from K1C!


Next week is Book Week. Please refer to the many school emails for details.

Wednesday: wear a word day

Thursday: character day

Friday: pajama & stuffed animal day

More pictures from the week

Have a lovely long weekend,

Deborah & Thu


August 19th – K1C

Dear parents,

Thank you so much for attending student led conferences with your child yesterday. It’s wonderful to have yet another opportunity for them to share their learning and to spend valuable time with you in the classroom. Please enjoy these pictures.

This week the children finished their drawings of animals they may find in our environment and then added watercolor. They are currently working on the next step which is describing this animal and then adding print to their descriptions. Very soon we will be going on some investigative walks and documenting our findings.

As you know, Book Week is May 2nd-4th. This is after the four day weekend. I am looking for mystery readers for this week. If you are interested, please let me know and we can set up a time. The kids would love it! If you need more information about Book Week, please refer to Julie Conroy’s email with information.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu


April 12th – K1C

Dear parents,

Welcome back from the well deserved holiday! We have heard many stories of all of the fun that was had.

This week we kicked off our new unit under the transdisciplinary theme Sharing the Planet.

Our Central Idea is: Understanding living things helps us share our environment and resources.

As we tune in to the new unit, the children are observing animals closely in books, on the light table, on the overhead projector and using magnifying glasses and manipulatives. Today we put on our ‘thinking caps’ and answered the question, “What animals will we find at UNIS?” I was very impressed with the wide variety of answers. Here is what the children said.

Each child then drew a detailed picture of what the animal they contributed looks like. Tomorrow we will be going on an animal hunt and documenting what we find.

We celebrated another one of our friends turning 5 on Tuesday. Happy Birthday Maddison!

And today all of K1 visited Dr. Barder’s office to sing him Happy Birthday and present him with a card signed by all of the children.

Pictures of the week

Belated pictures from Sports Day


  • If you find any interesting bugs outside of school please feel free to bring them to share.
  • We look forward to you joining us next Wednesday for Student Led Conferences.
  • Please make sure your child has at least two complete changes of clothes at school and if they are used, please replace.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu


March 29th – K1C

Dear parents,

Tomorrow is Sports Day! You are welcome to join us on the covered courts in front of the Sports Center from 9-10:30. Please remember to send your child with a hat, water bottle, sport shoes and sunscreen (applied). We will be participating in various games with the Discovery classes. Children will be free to choose the games they find most interesting and parents are welcome to participate as well.

We will finish our current unit of inquiry this week. The children are finishing describing their sock puppets using the six perspectives we have been practicing. They have been telling stories with them and sharing with their friends. I will post these on their personal blogs this week.

Please check the blog tomorrow afternoon for pictures which will include Sports Day.

We wish you a safe, relaxing and fun holiday!

Deborah & Thu


March 22nd – K1C

Dear parents,

Thank you all once again for joining us for Open Classrooms. It was so wonderful watching the children share their learning and their classroom with you. Thank you also to our mystery reader, Julian’s Dad, who joined us on that day. Please enjoy this link to the pictures from these very special two days. A post will be made soon on their personal blogs.

Last Friday we attended the MRISA soccer tournament opening ceremony. K1 definitely wins the most school spirit contest. The children put on their Phoenix crowns they made and a piece of blue flair. This included a blue capes, skirts, vests and sparkly mermaid costumes. They looked amazing!

For the last two weeks, we have been focusing on the line of inquiry, storytelling in different ways. The children have created sock puppets and hand puppets and have been telling stories with them in our puppet theater. Stay tuned for a post about this on their personal blogs. They are also telling stories through singing and dancing. A couple of children even made an puppet theater out of blocks which has been set up in the classroom all week.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to attend the grade 3 & 4 music concert dress rehearsal. The children were so excited to watch their grade 3 buddies perform and even some brothers and sisters.

Lastly, next Friday March 30th is the ES Sports morning from 9-10:30 on the covered courts in front of the sports center. You are all invited to join us. Please look for additional information on the ES PE blog post sent out today.

Follow this link for more pictures.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu


Open Classroom Info and More!

Dear parents,

We have been very busy in our classroom these past two weeks as there have been many changes. We have improved our outdoor play area and enhanced our storytelling/theatre/puppet show space indoors. The children are very excited to share this with you next week and so I’m not going to post any pictures that would give it away. Sorry!


Thursday March 15th:

Music~ 9:10-9:50

Homeroom~ 10:10-10:50 

Friday March 16th: 

Homeroom~ 10:10-10:50

Art~ 12:30-1:10

Library~ 1:15-1:55

Please join us during one of these homeroom times and specialists if you wish to do so. We look forward to seeing you!

NO SCHOOL on Monday March 12th. This is a professional development day for UNIS teachers.

UNIS is hosting the MRISA Soccer Tournament on Friday March 16th. We will be attending the all school opening ceremony on this day to support the teams, so please have your child wear blue.


  • Please send in a favorite book that your child is familiar with to school if you haven’t already done so. Next week, the children will begin to describe literary characters and we will be using their stories from home during the process.
  • Hats needed! Your child needs a hat every day in order to utilize the entire playground during outdoor play.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu


Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

Dear parents,

Welcome back from a very well deserved Tet holiday break! There were many fun activities that the children participated in leading up to this holiday, so please don’t forget to check out your child’s individual blog for details.

This week the children drew a story map of their Tet travels and experiences and orally shared their stories in great detail. Their memory and descriptions were amazing and brought immediate smiles from those listening. Their pictures and descriptions will also be posted on their individual blogs so please stay tuned. If you have any questions about these individual blogs, please let me know.

Pictures of the week including buddies, Tet pics and Sarah’s birthday

As you know, we are in the midst of our storytelling unit. The children are beginning to see themselves as writers and storytellers and it has been amazing watching the transformation.

So…you might be asking yourself, “What can we do from home?”

  • Read to your child every night before bed. (I cannot express enough the importance of this step in your bedtime routine.)
  • Very Limited screen time during the week. This includes all electronic devices including ipads, televisions and phones. And definitely not before bedtime.

Lastly, please remember to send in a hat for your child to wear during outside play. This is especially important now that the sun is peeking through. If your child does not come to school with a hat, they will only be able to play directly outside the classroom where it is completely shaded.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu

August 8th – K1C

Dear parents,

This week we read a great story called ‘A Squiggle Story’. Please ask your child about it. It’s essentially about a boy writing a story for the very first time with help from his sister and classmates. Some children have been making books for quite some time now, but this story inspired them to truly see themselves as storytellers, which is one of our lines of inquiry, and to create books that have more meaning.

We celebrated Global Play Day this week with Discovery A. The children loved playing with the toys they brought to share. Unfortunately, we had a very short time together because of our schedules clashing. Therefore, we will be joining Discovery next Tuesday afternoon for some more collaborative fun.

The children have been working collaboratively on a dragon art piece for Tet. Together in small groups, they made the head and tail and are carefully tracing their hands and cutting out the shapes for the body. This is a fantastic fine motor activity and is promoting great conversation and problem solving.

Today, the children were visited by their grade 3 buddies. The energy in the room was fantastic. The children transitioned between activities easily and had so much fun together.

Thank you for sending in a favorite book for your child. If your have not done so already, please send one in. We will be working with these books for a couple of weeks.

Next Wednesday is our special Tet assembly celebration. Please send your child to school in an Ao Dai for this special day.

Please enjoy these pictures of the week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu