August 8th – K1C

Dear parents,

This week we read a great story called ‘A Squiggle Story’. Please ask your child about it. It’s essentially about a boy writing a story for the very first time with help from his sister and classmates. Some children have been making books for quite some time now, but this story inspired them to truly see themselves as storytellers, which is one of our lines of inquiry, and to create books that have more meaning.

We celebrated Global Play Day this week with Discovery A. The children loved playing with the toys they brought to share. Unfortunately, we had a very short time together because of our schedules clashing. Therefore, we will be joining Discovery next Tuesday afternoon for some more collaborative fun.

The children have been working collaboratively on a dragon art piece for Tet. Together in small groups, they made the head and tail and are carefully tracing their hands and cutting out the shapes for the body. This is a fantastic fine motor activity and is promoting great conversation and problem solving.

Today, the children were visited by their grade 3 buddies. The energy in the room was fantastic. The children transitioned between activities easily and had so much fun together.

Thank you for sending in a favorite book for your child. If your have not done so already, please send one in. We will be working with these books for a couple of weeks.

Next Wednesday is our special Tet assembly celebration. Please send your child to school in an Ao Dai for this special day.

Please enjoy these pictures of the week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu


Dear parents,

Thank you for attending Parent Teacher Conferences today. It was lovely to see you all and talk about your child’s learning and growth. Due to the conferences today, I will send you an email with some updates soon.

Take care!