Water Puppet Mania in K1C!

Dear parents,

In order to further inquire into our central idea, storytelling allows us to share ideas, feelings and experiences, we took a field trip to the Water Puppet Theater. It was an amazing success, that may have already been described to you at home last night. 🙂

All of K1 and Discovery piled onto buses and headed downtown. The bus ride itself was quite the excitement! The children had great conversations, sang many songs (including ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ of course) and described what they were seeing out the windows.

We had the entire theater to ourselves. The children were perched on the edge of their seats for the entirety of the performance often moving to the music and commenting on how the puppets worked. As a special treat, each class went one by one backstage where the staff showed us how the puppets actually worked and described how many people it takes to operate each puppet and what they wear in the water during the show.

As we we reflect on the performance over the next week, we will be focusing on the line of inquiry appreciating storytelling. The children will respond to questions such as such as: What did you think about the show? and What was your favorite part and why? They are also retelling the stories through role play using actual puppets purchased at the theater.

This week, we also celebrated another birthday. Elena turned five! Congratulations!

Please enjoy these photos of your child.

Important Reminders:

  • Please sign up for parent teacher conversations next Thursday. Sign up takes place on Veracross. I look forward to seeing you!
  • Our sunny weather has finally returned. Please remember that your child needs to wear a hat every day during outside play in order to participate in all activities.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu


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