December 7th – K1C

Dear parents,

Welcome to December! The time seems to have flown by and it’s almost the holiday!

Thank you so much to all of you who attended ‘Open Classrooms’ last week. The children continue to talk about how special it was to share their learning with you. Pictures from Friday are included in the photo link.

We have had fun continuing to explore water in the sunlight. We have been looking closely at water reflections and designs the water makes on the ground when the sun shines through. The children are also using spray bottles outside when the sun shines realizing they can create rainbows.

We spent some time this week developing theories about where the water at our school comes from. The children took clipboards outside as they explored and drew their ideas. Some of their theories include:

  • the sky
  • a box
  • the pond
  • a bucket
  • rain
  • the ocean
  • pipes
  • clouds

The children were introduced to a new math game called ‘Treasure Hunt’. This game includes counting, recognizing dot patterns and colors. It’s also a game that facilitates rich math language.

This week the children participated in an interesting listening activity. I flew to Singapore with my family to participate in a special event. During the event, I caught something on video that sounded like rain, but was something VERY different. We listened to the video two times in class and then the children contributed their ideas about what they thought they heard. Then we watched the video for the big reveal. I was running in the Singapore marathon and caught the sound of running shoes hitting the pavement. It sounded like rain which connects to our unit! It was interesting talking about what it’s like when you are only relying on one sense for information. Here are the ideas they came up with. Please also take a look at the video in the google photo link.

‘Maker Day’: Tomorrow is Maker Day! Every day in K1 is Maker Day, but tomorrow the whole Elementary School is celebrating. We will be making boats that float, experimenting with magic floating ink and creating a collaborative piece of artwork with water and food dye.

Pictures and video of the week

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu



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