November 30th – K1C

Dear parents,

We are so happy that some of you joined us today for ‘Open Classrooms’ and we are looking forward to more of you joining us tomorrow at 8:20! The children are absolutely thrilled to share our K1C classroom with you. There are never enough opportunities for this, so please know you are always welcome.

The children have gained the understanding that when water freezes, it turns to ice. And then when water warms up, it it melts back into water. Because of this, we surprised them with an enormous ice block and large cubes of ice to investigate. They were fascinated to watch the ice melt and at what speed. As the larger block lasted longer, they realized they could break it into smaller pieces and then even dared to use their sense of taste. This is the only sense we have not yet used in this unit, so it was exciting!

The children are also learning about how snowflakes are formed and are very busy cutting and decorating their own to decorate the classroom. This is a fantastic fine motor and math activity as they are carefully cutting and then comparing the shape of their snowflakes to others. No two snowflakes are the same!

We had buddies this morning as well, but were so short on time, that we brought our snack over to G3 and they read to the children while they ate. It worked out perfect.

We also were lucky enough to see the trailer for “How to Eat Like a Child” in the theatre. Hopefully you have bought your tickets for this weekend. It’s going to be a great show.

Pictures of our week

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu



November 23rd – K1C

Dear parents,

Our friend Flynn has finally joined us! Flynn is a returning student from last year in Discovery. He has been in the UK welcoming his new sister into the world and we are so happy to have him back!

We continue to unpack our Central Idea: Water is a shared resource for living things that can be explored. We had a fantastic day last Friday with water, sunlight, spray bottles, paintbrushes and buckets and various containers for measuring. The children wrote, drew, painted, sprayed, cleaned and splashed with water. They noticed rainbows, compared capacity in the water table and measured who could fling water the farthest. More to be posted on individual blogs later, but please enjoy pictures of all the fun!

Some other exciting things you will see in the pictures from this week include:

  • a fine motor/math activity with popsicle sticks and clothespins. The children were free to create anything but many chose buildings and letters.
  • children choosing various types of seating for group time (stools, wicker chairs, bumpy seats, pillows and a step-stool)
  • Ms. Anissa visited again and shared a story along with her whistle collection

Pictures of the week

We are looking forward to you joining us for ‘Open Classrooms’ next week. Here is the schedule.


Music: 9:10-9:50

Homeroom (K1C): 10:10-10:50


Homeroom (K1C): 8:20-9:00

Art: 12:30-1:10

Library: 1:15-1:55

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu

November 16th – K1C

Dear parents,

It has been a short week for your children, but while they were away, teachers participated in four days of professional development. UNIS values lifelong learning, so high value is placed on professional growth and reflection. Last weekend, we attended a  workshop led by Fiona Zinn titled ‘Listening to Learning in the Early Years.’ This was followed up with a two day workshop led by Fran Prolman where we discussed how to effectively build up students’ agency, self advocacy and their ability to take responsibility for their own learning. So much information to process and ideas to implement!


  • Next week the PE department begins their athletics unit. Please send your child in athletic shoes on PE days as they will be outside.
  • Make sure your child has a hat EVERY DAY so they can utilize the entire outdoor playground.
  • Extra clothes! Extra clothes! Extra clothes!
  • Next Wednesday is the snack sale.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu



November 9th – K1C

Dear parents,

We kicked off the week by taking the children down to the pool to use our 5 senses to explore this natural resource. The children talked about what they noticed. We sorted all the comments into what they saw, felt, heard and smelled and they each drew a picture to explain their thinking.

We were finally able to take a walk in the rain! We have been waiting for this moment! The children demonstrated great thinking and questioning skills during the walk. More detailed documentation to be posted in their individual blogs soon.

Thanks to all of you who volunteered for the Blue Dragon Walk-A-Thon yesterday! It was a great success, was so much fun for the kids and a fantastic fundraiser.



  • No school Monday and Tuesday of next week.
  • Please remember to carefully check your children’s hair for lice on a regular basis. It is important to use a special shampoo, available at Raffles medical, if live lice are seen. It’s also important to pick out all the nits regularly. Long hair should be worn up. Thank you for your help with this!
  • We are getting wet! Make sure your child has plenty of extra clothes at school.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu

November 2nd – K1C

Dear parents,

So many fun things happening this week! We have been talking a lot about what it means to be a UN school as we gear up for UN Day. The children were very excited to paint their country flag(s) and attach a fun picture to the back created through a special app installed on our teacher ipads.

Dr. Barder visited us to talk about UN Day and what makes our school special. He read a story, sang some songs and showed us a magic book. The students were very engaged and happy to see this important member of our community.

We also had two parents volunteer to read a story in their home language. Sebastian’s Mom Lumi read a story in Romanian and Julian’s Dad read us a story in German.  The children are gaining the understanding that even though we are from different countries of the world, we come together in our school and successfully develop relationships and community which leads to successful learning.

Mr. V, the middle school principal, invited us over for a talk about science and a Piggie & Gerald story. It was so much fun! The children had a lot to tell him about being scientists and their water exploration so far.

The children graphed their names this week. They counted the letters in their own names and their friends’ names and did some comparing using mathematical language such as short, long, shorter, longer, more, less and the same.

As the weather continues to amaze us, we have begun to explore water in our outdoor area behind our classroom. We moved our science and water tables outside for further exploration and the children painted with water. They are really having fun working as scientists and noticing how water behaves. Please read the important info below about Monday and our next steps with water. We are going to visit the swimming pool!

We also had the opportunity to visit our G3 buddies in their own classroom this week. They are really getting to know each other.


TODAY: A Blue Dragon Walkathon form went home in your child’s backpack today. Please read.

FRIDAY: This is a very special day for you to experience with your child. We are so looking forward to your attendance at the UN assembly and then sharing in the lunch with your child. Please pick your child up from the classroom after the assembly rather than from the assembly. This ensures all students are accounted for.

MONDAY: Please send in swimming gear for your child on this day. This will include a swimsuit, goggles, towel and a swim cap for long hair. No flotation devices are necessary. We will have a safety lesson with Martin, our aquatics coordinator, and then inquire into the movement of our bodies in water. If you have any further questions, please email me and I am happy to answer them.

Please enjoy these pictures of the week!

Have a lovely weekend and I hope to see you all tomorrow!

Deborah & Thu