October 26th K1C

Dear parents,

We are learning to… be a scientist! This is our learning statement of the week. We reflect on a new picture every day showing the children exploring water using their senses. We are gaining the understanding that scientists observe things closely and record what they see, think and wonder.

This week the children did three observational drawings. White carnation flowers were placed in test tubes with plain water for the first day’s drawing. For the second day, food coloring was added to the water in the test tubes for children to draw/record what they saw and then they were asked what they think happened and what they wonder. On the third day, the white flowers changed to the same color as the colored water and on the fourth day, we recorded our experimental findings.

Next week for Show & Tell, please have your child bring in something to share that represents their home country/culture. This will help make connections to our UN celebration next Friday.

K1C is looking for volunteers! We would love for parents to come in to our classroom to share a story in their mother tongue. The children love visitors and stories, so it’s the perfect combination. Please email me if you are interested and we can set up a time. If you would like to join us more than once that is great too!

As you know, last week UNIS hosted the boys APAC volleyball tournament. K1 supported Brent International School of the Philippines. On Friday of last week, we attended a game to cheer the team on and asked if they would be interested in visiting our classrooms and playing with our kids. They said yes! The coaches brought the entire team down for the last period of the day. It was absolutely amazing how well the team did with our kids. They talked, they played, they laughed and had so much fun! It was yet another learning moment about what “community” truly means.

Lastly, Sebastian turned five this week! We shared a cake for his special day.

Please enjoy these pictures of our week.

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms. Deborah & Ms. Thu

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2 thoughts on “October 26th K1C

  1. That was a lot of fun! That was why Lily was talking about water almost everyday! It was great to hear what she was doing at school.

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