Please read! October 5th – K1C

Dear parents,

I would like to thank all of you so much for attending Parent Teacher Conversations this week. It was wonderful to spend time talking with you and sharing in your child’s learning. K1C is a fantastic group of kids and I love coming to school greeted by smiling faces ready for the day.

This week, we repaired our K1C community web. The children noticed that if some individuals choose not to be responsible and care for our community, our web weakens. We need to work together to maintain a strong community. We revisited our classroom agreements and our community pictures they drew at the beginning of the Unit. The children have gained the understanding that our community is much larger than they originally thought, so we also added many more people.

Community Web

On Monday, we took a field trip to Ms. Anissa’s office. The children took turns visiting her calming bowl, special relaxing chair and office.

Ms. Anissa’s office

This week the children were introduced to descriptive language. We started by describing our leader of the day. We have a special picture chart which helps the children with the descriptors. We use color, number, size and doing sentences so far. When we described Elena, here is what they said:

“Elena has a blue, white and red shirt.

She has ten toes.

She has long hair.

Elena likes to play in the loft.”

Descriptive language

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The week following the holiday, we will be starting Show & Tell. Below is the schedule so you know what day your child needs to bring something to share. We will also be sending home a hard copy in backpacks today. Also, for the first week of Show & Tell we would like the children to share some pictures from their holiday. Please email these to me along with a description of where you were. Do not worry if you are staying here in Hanoi. Just send in pictures of some fun things you did during the week with your child.

Show & Tell Schedule

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Our next Unit begins shortly after the holiday. It is a new Unit all about water. We will be getting wet and dirty! PLEASE send in several sets of clothes for changing. Also, pay special attention to wet/dirty clothes that come home and then need to be replaced. Let your caregivers know this as well, so they can help to replace.

A UNIS recommended booklist has been added to the blog.  Please find it under the resource tab.

Lastly, please enjoy pictures of other things that your children have been engaged in. Highlights include, writing first and last names, friends’ names, representing dice patterns with dobbers, building tall towers, cooking, playing with our new sand in the sand pit and joining our Grade 3 Buddies in outdoor play.

Pictures of the week

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms. Deborah & Ms. Thu

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