September 28th – K1C

Dear parents,

This has been such an exciting week as we prepared for the moon festival. The children made lanterns and put together a fruit and mooncake tray. They have been role playing the moon festival with these materials while listening to traditional Vietnamese music.

The children also made some amazing dragons which incorporated math and fine motor skills. They made patterns with their loops, carefully counted their loops and compared the size of their dragons using mathematical language.

We enjoyed a special moon festival assembly in the theater followed by a special fruit and young sticky rice snack. Vietnamese mask painting was a highlight as well.

The children also participated in a fun group counting activity and then we moved on to graphing. They compared their ao dai’s and then lined up according to the color of their pants and then their tops. They practiced using the terms more, less and the same. Please enjoy the pictures of this very special day!

Moon Festival

We were visited earlier in the week by our counselor Ms. Anissa. She introduced herself and all of her stuffed animal friends to the children and talked about her role here in the ECC. The children love visitor’s so this was special.

As we continued to talk about peace, the children brainstormed some ideas about what peace means to them. Please take a peek at the list they came up with which I have included in the link below. The children also made the peace sign with their bodies on the ECC gym floor which was super fun. Enjoy!

K1C pictures

REMINDER: Next Tuesday, there is no school due to Parent Teacher Conversations. Please leave your child at home during this important event. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu




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