Open Classrooms & Silk Village

Dear parents,

As usual it has been a very busy two weeks! First of all, I would like to thank you all again so much for joining us during open classrooms. The children were so excited to have you here to share and value their learning.

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Here is a glimpse of our new Unit of Inquiry.


We have been doing lots of thinking and brainstorming as a group. Here are some of the things the children have come up with.

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This led us to deconstructing fabric trying to figure out how it might be made and then a fantastic trip to the Silk Village. The bus ride was an adventure in itself!

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Once we arrived at the Silk Village, we were graciously welcomed and the processes we would see were explained to us. Silk worm cocoons were also passed around for us to look at and even take back to the classroom to observe more closely. We then got to see the process of the silk being removed from the cocoons as well as the actual silk worms inside.

img_9850 img_9867 img_9870 img_9874

We were then shown some of the very complicated machines that weave the silk. The children also had a chance to sit down to use the silk wheels and also got to make their own bracelets.

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It was a great opportunity and a wonderful experience for us all! Here are some of the children’s favorite parts.


Have a lovely week!

Deborah & Thu

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  1. I enjoyed viewing this post so much! So much learning going on in K1C. Thanks for all your creativity, care and hard work Mrs. Deborah and Mrs. Thu!

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