Moon Festival and More!

Dear parents,

This week was very exciting as we celebrated the Moon Festival. The children looked fantastic in their Ao Dai’s and enjoyed taking part in the festivities. We attended an assembly put on by ES students in the theatre, shared in traditional moon festival food and took part in a puppet making craft. Ms. Thu also taught a lesson about the Moon Festival and we made a celebratory animal fruit tray.

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A new group of Grade 3 buddies visited last week which gave the children another chance to engage with older children and share their learning.

sept-11 sept-12 sept-15 sept-16

We have also begun using our K1C outdoor space which gives the children extra independence and an additional area to be responsible for.


The children are continuing to cooperate through play in the classroom. They are also learning to care for, respect and listen to others. Please enjoy these pictures of some other things we have been up to over the last two weeks.

sept-6 sept-8 sept-9 sept-10 sept-20 sept-21 sept-25sept-23

A few reminders:

  • Please help your child to pick out a Show & Tell on their special day. This is an important part of our day and curriculum.
  • Please do not help your child to unpack their bag when you arrive in the morning even if you are late for drop off. Their bag goes in their cubby and they play until the bell. After the bell, the children are responsible for taking care of their own belongings.
  • At pick up time, please allow your child to pack their own bag, put on their own shoes and carry their own bag out of school. This helps them develop necessary independence and responsibility. (Please pass this message on to Nannies as well).

Thank you and have a lovely rest of your weekend!




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