September 14th – K1C

Dear Parents,

Ducks, ducks and more ducks!!

The middle school science department hatched five baby ducklings and invited us over for a visit. In preparation for this, the children learned about the life cycle of a duck and we have been reading duck stories that they have had lots of fun retelling. And of course our ‘Five Little Ducks’ song is a favorite. Finally the day arrived where we took a walk over to observe the ducklings using our senses. We looked closely at their features, especially their beaks and webbed feet. We listened closely to their peeping. Finally, the children were able to touch the soft feathers on the ducklings. This was all very exciting and the children want to inquire further. We will see where this goes.

Unit of Inquiry

This week we continued our inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme Who we are with the central idea: personal choices affect ourselves and the community.  We have been talking about what makes us a community and that we all belong and are welcome. The children are beginning to understand that we have a responsibility as an active member of our community and the choices we make affects others.

Outdoor Play Space

It cooled down enough this week that we were able to utilize our K1C outdoor space. The kids took advantage of the sand pit, the water table, picnic benches, balance beam and chalk board. Lots of fun!

International Day of Peace

Next Friday, is the UN International Day of Peace. We have begun reading books about peace to help define the meaning and will be doing some activities leading up to this special day.

During dinnertime this week, It would be helpful if you could discuss what peace and community mean to you. Please email the word peace and community in your home language.

Moon Festival

We are making a connection to our host nation culture by preparing for the Tet Trung Thu . We are making paper lanterns, moon cakes with playdough and we are working together to make a dragon. On Thursday, your child is encouraged to wear an AO DAI to school for the celebration.


Yesterday we celebrated International Dot Day with our buddies. We read the story titled ‘The Dot’ written by Peter H. Reynolds with our buddies and then each group participated in a collaborative dot art piece. This story has a special message about believing in yourself. They all worked really well together. This provided an opportunity to practice caring and kindness. This story can be found on Youtube if you don’t already own a copy.

Monday Sept 17: Snack Sale – Please send in 20,000VND for your child to purchase snacks.

Thursday Sept 20: Moon Festival

Here are some photos from the week.

Have a relaxing weekend,

Deborah & Thu



Ducks, ducks, ducks! picture of books, life cycle, visit to middle school

Grade 3 buddies and International Dot Day



September 7th – K1C

Dear parents,

Thanks to all of you who joined us last night for Back to School Night. It’s so nice to connect with parents inside the classroom. Here is the link to the presentation in case you couldn’t make it. K1C Presentation

Unit of Inquiry: We started our pre-assessment this week. The children were asked to create a drawing to show themselves and the people in their community.  This is a big word for 4-5 year olds so we will continue unpacking the meaning over the coming weeks. They were also asked some specific questions about community and relationships. Their drawings and answers will be posted to Seesaw soon.

Ms. Kris, our ECC counselor, visited us for the first time this week to teach a guidance lesson. The children were read a story about feelings, sang a new song and met “Clive the Koala” who gives hugs or high fives at the end of each lesson. Kris will be joining us every other week.

We attended our first ECC assembly in the theater this morning. It was very exciting having the assembly in this new venue with plenty of space where everyone can see.

Pictures of the week

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu


August 31st – K1C

Dear parents,

This week the children have been tuning in to our new Unit of Inquiry with the Transdisciplinary Theme of Who We Are. We are beginning to have conversations about what responsibility looks like, sounds like and feels like. This is helping the children to begin to understand our Central Idea: Personal choices affect ourselves and the community. The children were very excited this week to take on the responsibility of setting the table, serving themselves their own lunch and then not only scraping their plate but washing it too! This is a great opportunity to extend their learning at home by having them help you during meals.

In K1C, we strive to build a strong, safe, supportive and happy community within our classroom. In the coming weeks we will spend time learning what community actually means and who plays a role in it at home and at school. Next week the children will do a pre-assessment to inform us of their prior knowledge.

Yesterday was our first meeting with our 3C buddies. Each child has two buddies and will remain with them the entire year. We will meet with them every two weeks. It is amazing watching these relationships develop. They will learn from each other and share many fun activities together.

Pictures of the week


  • No school on Monday in celebration of National Day
  • Back to School Night is next Thursday Sept. 6th at 6pm

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu


August 24th – K1C

Dear parents,

As the children continue to settle into the classroom, it’s been so interesting observing their likes, dislikes, personalties and joy. We have been learning to sit together as a large group and browse books and then listen and respond to shared read alouds.

The children drew their first self-portrait this week. They looked in a mirror and drew all of the detail they saw. We will be doing this a couple more times throughout the year. It’s fun watching the progression of detail in their drawings due to the increased observational skills they obtain throughout the year.

All of the K1 classes took part in their first ‘Open Classrooms’ on Wednesday. This is a time where the children are aloud to move freely between the classrooms engaging in the various learning experiences in each and socializing with their peers across the grade level.

Yesterday the entire school took part in the first all school evacuation drill. We had prepped the children prior and they did an amazing job! One of the most important things is to remain absolutely silent while exiting and waiting for the ‘all clear’. The entire ECC was complimented on their silence and behavior during this important drill. We are so proud of our students!

We ended the week with cooking today. The children made delicious scones this morning and enjoyed eating them this afternoon with strawberry jam. Yum!

Lastly, the children eat a fruit snack every morning provided by the school. Their afternoon snack is the one provided by home. Please make sure this is a HEALTHY snack. Do not send in any chocolate, sweet cookies, chocolate milk or sweetened milk or yogurt. Thank you for your understanding. And please enjoy the photo link below with you child.

Pictures of the week


  • FAMILY PHOTO: If you have not emailed a photo to me yet, please do so  we can put together our Family Book
  • PHOTO DAY: Thursday August 30th

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu

August 17th – K1C

Dear parents,

We have had an excellent start to the week! The children are learning classroom routines, how to tidy up the after play and how to manage the many transitions that happen throughout the day. They have proved to be quick learners!

Today the children attended their first specialist lessons. They had Art with Ms. Emma and Vietnamese with Ms. Dung. Please refer to the schedule sent home yesterday so your child is prepared for PE and Library next week.

Please enjoy these photos of the week.

NEEDED: A family photo for our “Family Book”. Please email a copy as soon as possible to This will help kickoff of our first Unit of Inquiry “Who We Are”. More information on that to come next week.

Lastly, because of our school’s commitment to the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN) and a sustainable future, we will no longer provide plastic bags for soiled clothing. Please pack reusable bags in your child’s backpack for these clothes to return home for cleaning. This is a decision of our K1 team. We have also committed to other practices to help save our environment. Please ask if you are interested, but you will probably hear more about this in future blog posts. Thank you for your support!

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu



About Ms. Deborah & Ms. Thu

Dear parents,

Welcome to our K1C family! We are so excited to be your child’s teachers this school year. It’s going to be a fantastic year full of new friends, new adventures and new discoveries. This is my fifth year teaching at UNIS as a K1 homeroom teacher. Prior to this I taught in China and the US. I have two boys, Charlie and Oskar, in the middle school and my husband works as the middle school principle here at UNIS. I have a passion for reading, running, exploring and spending time with my family.

Ms. Thu, our K1C Teaching Assistant, has worked at UNIS for 18 years. She has a passion for arts and crafts, traveling and spending quality time with friends and family.

In our classroom, your child will be supported and respected. Their thoughts, ideas and experiences will be deeply listened and responded to and their natural curiosity will be nurtured. We value your child as a capable learner and are looking forward to them sharing their knowledge with us and building on it in our K1C environment.

Parent partnerships are very important, so if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out via email to

We look forward to an amazing year!

Ms. Deborah & Ms. Thu