Final Reminders for Last Week

Tuesday 9th June , 9.00 in the Theatre  

Moving Up Ceremony for Grade 5

Starts at 9.00

All parents and family seated by 8.50 please. After the ceremony we will go back to 5DL classroom for cup cakes and photographs.

There is no parent organized lunch in Grade 5, so this is our farewell session.

Later students will have a pizza lunch and then a pool party, so remind them to bring their swimming gear please.

Dress Code

There is no strict dress code but students should dress smartly.


Jacket and tie are not required for the boys (but are fine if students want to wear them), but we would prefer no shorts.

For girls a dress, or skirt and blouse are fine.

Students can change into their clothes when they get here or bring a change of clothes for after graduation.

ES Leavers Assembly, 13.15 Sports Centre

There will be a special assembly to say goodbye to leaving Elementary staff and students. All parents are warmly invited to attend, but especially those of students who are leaving.

Outstanding Library Books

Please make sure all remaining library books are returned on Monday. Students who still have books have received reminders today.

Tablets and Tablet Bags

All students need to have their tablets and bags in school on Monday ready to hand them in over the summer. If your child is leaving before then they must return this equipment before.

  • No homework this week.
  • Reports will be in ISIS Family later this week. 
  • Thursday 11th June 2015 last day of school and early dismissal at 12 noon.



Transition Evening Notice


On May 26 at 19:00 in the B7 Community Room (Admin Block second floor) you will have the opportunity to meet with the MS Counselor, Grade 6 Grade Level Leader, classroom teachers and myself to learn about the MS program.  This meeting will focus specifically on the social-emotional program on offer for grade 6 students.  

Please set time aside to join us on May 26 for a very informative evening.  Among the topics covered will be student orientation, advisory, counseling and our student support structure.  There will be time for a question and answer session so that you have all the information needed to assist your child with a smooth transition to the MS.  This will be an adult only evening.

Grade 5 Moving Up Ceremony 9.oo Tuesday 9th June

ES Leavers Assembly 13.15 Wednesday 10th June


Math Focus – Algebra and Manga High.

English Focus. Poetry – Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, metaphors,  reading our literature circle book and study the novel “Maniac Magee”.

Changes and Choices –  Human Autonomy and The reproductive system Nurse Kelly,

Gender separated question box session.


Next Week

Math Focus – Probability and Algebra

English Focus – Poetry, Writing and identifying different poetry,  reading our literature circle books and studying the novel “Maniac Magee”.

Changes and Choices – Wednesday Personal Hygiene Nurse Kelly,

Monday Gender separated question box session.




Swim Meet and more

Dear All,

We have just completed another busy week in Grade 5DL!

Swim meet, MAP tests and a Food Revolution assembly today.


Math Focus – Cubic metres, symmetry and order of rotational symmetry, translation, reflection, rotation and Manga High.

English Focus – Completing our narrative assessment, introducing poetry and onomatopoeia, reading our literature circle book and studying the novel “Maniac Magee”.

Changes and Choices – Peer pressure and anxiety.

Next week:

Math Focus – Measurement mass, algebra and Manga High.

English Focus. Poetry, metaphors and similes reading our literature circle book and study the novel “Maniac Magee”.

Changes and Choices – Wednesday Human Autonomy Nurse Kelly,

Thursday – Gender separated question box session.

Friday – The reproductive system Nurse Kelly


UMA Choice and Exhibition coming soon

This week

On Monday the 13th April your child will be choosing their instrument for the UMA session which they will have every Thursday in the coming weeks.

A note from the UMA Department

– Students will take home a paper on which they should write down three choices (equally weighted – not first, second and third choice) of instrument they would be interested to learn for 8 weeks.  They should discuss this choice at home – after all, if they bicycle to school a cello is not ideal (though it can be done, I assure you…).  They should avoid making an instrument choice based on friendship groups. 
This paper should be returned to me on Monday 13th
Students will receive their instrument, rental contract and instructions on how the lessons will be run, respect for instruments and teachers etc, on Thursday 16th.  If instrument choices are only returned on Thursday 16th, that is too late and an instrument will already have been allocated to the child based on availability.



Presentation evening for parents will be 6 pm on the 23rd April in the Centre for the Arts.

This week students have created action and presentation plans and are starting to create their final presentation. Each group has also started to develop their Arts component during their I.C.E lessons.

Math: Finishing off and assessing our understanding on 2D polygons in relation to area and perimeter. Sharing our 3D investigations. The investigation next week will move towards volume and measurement.

English: Word Study groups., Literature Circles, Personal Journals, Narratives – Similes, metaphor and introduction to the Assessment task: Step 1  a plot diagram.

Happiness Week

Here are more images from Happiness Day in 5DL and 5TC

Please remember to sign up for the Three Way Conferences on Family ISIS. I look forward to meeting with you and your child as they share parts of their learning and their goals.

This week

Exhibition: Researching key questions, organizing field trips and interviews. If you are an expert in any of the Exhibition Topics we would appreciate your support. Please send me an email and I will let you know how you can help out.

Math: Geometry Angles, Area, Perimeter, Translation

English: Word Study groups., Literature Circles, Personal Journals, Narratives – Great Beginnings and Endings.


Exhibition Week 2

We are now all in our exhibition groups and have spent the week learning the strengths and learning styles of each other. We have also been deciding which direction we will take with the issue we have chosen. This has made us think about what will be our key questions and which PYP Theme we will inquire through. Next week we will complete this task and we will start to find out all the information that will answer our key questions.


We completed a budgeting assessment and have started to inquire into geometry. This week we focused  on the vocabulary of polygons. We will continue this focus next week  as well as finding the area of different polygons and  measuring angles.


Our focus in writing is narratives. We have learned about some elements of narratives through creating plot diagrams and examining characters by creating a Top 10 our our favourite characters. We will look at some of the many different ways we can start and end a narrative next week.

We will also continue our weekly  lessons in literature circles, word study and writing our personal journals.

The Exhibition has begun.

Welcome back to all students and parents.
It was a short week but we achieved a great deal.
UOI. The Exhibition. 
We have been focusing on the concept of perspective and examining lots of issues that we can explore in our exhibition. We have also set up our Exhibition Journals and they are looking great. We have become extremely knowledgeable about the PYP profiles, attitudes and skills. Next we we will examine the issues, make a selection and find out who is in our group. Exciting!
We encourage all parents and students to visit the UNIS Exhibition website at to learn more. This website is updated weekly so everyone can be well-informed about what is happening.   A fun way to explore the website is by doing this Exhibition Website Scavenger Hunt with your child!
Math. We continued to use decimals in relation to money. Next week we will explore decimals in measurement continue to convert, add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals.
Today we started to read our new literature circle books and used the reading strategies of predicting, questioning and connection to interact with the text.
We encourage all parents and students to visit the UNIS Exhibition website at to learn more. This website is updated weekly so everyone can be well-informed about what is happening.   A fun way to explore the website is by doing this Exhibition Website Scavenger Hunt with your child!
Performers needed on the Main Stage at Spring Fair

Did the recent UNIS got Talent inspire you? Do you have a secret talent you want to share with the world? Now is your chance! Perform at the UNIS Spring Fair on Saturday the 21st of March. The times will be from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. We are also looking for performers between 11.15 a.m and 12.00 pm. as well as comperes/announcers . You could be a star!


Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

lauraWe wish you a happy, safe and lucky new year (again!)


  • School resumes on Wednesday 25th February 2015
  • Thursday 26th February 6.00pm.
  • PYP Exhibition Info Night for Grade 5 Parents
  • Followed at 7.00pm by Grade 5 to 6 Transition – Parent Information Night.

This week:

UOI – Completed Persuasion Assessment. In groups the children created wonderful commercials to sell a product to a target audience. Ask your child to share with you.

English – Wrote and delivered persuasive speeches on a personal issue. Some examples were Disney, Branding, Technology and many more.

Completed or a very close to publishing a piece of writing from our own personal journals.

Math – Assessed our knowledge of fractions and started to inquire into decimals.

After the break

The Exhibition, narratives and more decimals.

Have a happy and safe holiday.

Mr. Daniel


All about Persuasion

Thank you to all the parents who attended conferences I will be sharing the student goals and my goals by sending a copy home of our discussions with each student next week.


This week we talked about equivalence in fractions, decimals and percentages. We used our knowledge to compare the value of fractions. In fractions we inquired into problems such as 2/3 of 15 and talked about adding fractions with different denominators. As a challenge activity some members of the class started to try and solve the “Loose Caboose” problems.



We wrote our first sample letter to our Middle School teachers to introduce ourselves and show them our writing style. Next week we will write a persuasive piece of writing for the MS teachers. We continued our weekly word study and literature circle activities. We enjoyed reading chapters of our class novel “Parvana’s Journey” and writing a letter to Parvana to show our understanding.

We continued to learn about writing to persuade by reading texts and identifying strategies used and vocabulary used.


In our persuasion unit we continued to identify strategies that the media use and real world strategies that we have used or have been used to persuade us. One of these we had fun inquiring into was how films use product placement.

We also received a very informative presentation from Adam McDonald the GM of the Intercontinental Hotel, Westlake about branding and persuasion in the hotel industry. Well learned a great deal from this discussion.

This week we will look at stereotypes that the media can create in particular with gender.



Notice for your family if you have a child in the Elementary School Next Year

What Language Will Your Child Study Next Year?
In August 2015, we hope to introduce MANDARIN as an additional World Language at UNIS to students in Grades 1-5.  
Options to take school sponsored FRENCH, VIETNAMESE or a community sponsored HOME LANGUAGE will continue to be offered. 
MANDARIN will only be offered at a BEGINNER level in the first year of implementation.
What will you choose? Please complete this short ES language survey to help us better prepare and explore possibilities. 
Thank you

Tet Bag Appeal and some images from the week.

Dear Parents,

We would greatly appreciate it if you could donate some items to a family in need during Tet this year.

Class:  5DL

                          to the family of :

              Mr. Nguyễn Đăng Được (5 people)


Each class in the ES will be collecting items to go into a basket for a disadvantaged family living on the Red River. Please sign up on your child’s class blog. Then please bring the item(s) in to school by Wednesday, February 4, 2015. The baskets will be assembled and delivered the week before the Tet holiday with a personalized message from your class.

The ASA Tet Bag Appeal Committee, which has devoted a lot of time and effort to organizing this activity, will be in charge of delivering the Tet Bag gifts to the Red River community people on Saturday February 7, 2015.

Thank you for your support,

The Tet Bag Appeal Committee

Sign up here

Enjoy some images from the week.