Week One in 04B

Week one in 04B

It has been wonderful getting to know all the boys and girls in 04B this week. We have spent a considerable amount of time establishing a sense of class community.

On the first day of school we shared holiday stories, interviewed other members of the class and completed a number of Math challenges working in pairs. It was wonderful to see the students working together in such an open minded manner. The returning students made the new class members, including myself, instantly feel a part of the UNIS community.

On Thursday we completed a PMI (pluses, minuses and interesting things chart) to record our feelings about Day 1. We then worked in teams to complete a number of word and maths problems. In Math we discussed the importance of having a growth mindset. We listed statements such as ” I can’t do multiplication” and the importance of changing this statement to “I can’t do multiplication, YET!!” This simple change in wording can have a dramatic influence on how children see themselves as learners.

We also created a personal “shield” to represent our individual characteristics.  It was great fun leaning about each other in this visual form.

Today we were excited to participate in our first PE lesson Mr Matt. We also enjoyed our two specialist lessons in World Languages and Music. In the morning session, Grade 4 had fun working together during a Scavenger Hunt using iPads to locate various places around the school

Here are some photographs of our learning experiences this week.