Conferences and the Beginner Class Today

Thank you to all of you for sharing your thoughts about your children and their learning of English at the conferences on Monday. The information you gave is very useful to me as we continue on this learning journey together.

Below you can see some photos of what we were learning in the EAL class today.

After playing a game of sight-word bingo, three of the students then wrote a procedural text about how to play the game. It’s always important to have concrete, shared experiences to write about and, having played the game first, this was ideal. By playing first key language can be introduced and rehearsed and the structural pattern of the procedure can be repeated, too.

Other students worked on building sentences using cloze sentences and words on cards. They did a great job of working together to produce some very good quality sentences.

Have an enjoyable holiday!

The Week in EAL

This past week we have been working on Word Inquiry and comparing two words – learn and play – and investigating how suffixes can be added to them to create new words (for example: player, learner, playing, learning).

You could maybe help your child understand suffixes by thinking about how you might use them in your own language.

We have also started looking at  vocabulary from the Unit of Inquiry (How The World Works). We have started to think about these words: pulley, wheel and axle, screw, lever, inclined plane and wedge. It will be a great help if you could help your child understand these words by talking about them in your home language.

Finally, we have been checking the names of individual letters of the English alphabet. There was some confusion about this – especially letters like j and or i and e – and so this is something you can also follow up with at home.

Have a great weekend and I hope the coming storm (Mangkhut) doesn’t cause us any problems!

Welcome to Grade 3 EAL!

Thank you for finding us here. We hope you will enjoy our blog.

During the year, I will be posting photos of student work and activities in the classroom, suggestions for supporting your child’s language acquisition and general information about EAL.

My name is Mr. David and I am the EAL teacher for Grade 3.

So far this year I have been getting to know all of the students in Grade 3 and I have also started taking the Beginner groups for their pull-out English lessons.

If you are new to UNIS here is a short summary about the EAL programme.

There are three levels of EAL: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each student is in the best level to suit his or her language learning needs.

I will be working mainly with the Beginner and Intermediate students, both in the EAL classroom and in each of the homerooms (this is called ‘in-class support’ or sometimes ‘push-in’). All Beginner EAL students will spend time with me each week working on language structures and vocabulary in pull-out classes to help them gain confidence and improve their ability in all the main skill areas of reading, speaking, listening and writing. EAL Intermediate and Advanced students will be working with their respective homeroom teachers but I will work with them when homeroom teachers and I co-teach lessons.

Next week we will be starting the DRA reading assessments. Once we have these completed we will be grouping students according to ability and then starting on our guided reading programme. In the Beginner EAL class we will be working on basic sentence structures, vocabulary and building confidence with oral expression.

I look forward to working together with you, your children, and the UNIS teachers to help EAL students gain access to the curriculum to the best of their ability while improving their command of English. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss anything about your child’s learning of English. My email address is