Grade 4 Market Day and Blue-bots

Here are some pictures of K2B at the Grade 4 Market Day on Thursday. Thank you very much for sending money to school with your child to support the Grade 4s.

We have been learning about programming using Blue-bots with Ms. Michelle. Today the children worked in small groups to build a maze and have Blue-bot move through it. Each group had a programmer, a maze creator and a manager.

Mystery Reader

Thank you to the parents who have already signed up for Mystery Reader. Here is the link again. Please sign up!

Upcoming Events:

Donkey Bakery Field Trip Pictures and Mystery Reader Sign Up

Thank you so much to Abel’s mum, Suchada and Evie’s mum, Anna for coming with us on the field trip!

Mystery Reader

Thank you to the parents who have already signed up for Mystery Reader. Here is the link again. Please sign up!

Upcoming Events:

  • 30th Birthday Spring Fair: 25 March
  • ES Fun Sports Morning: 30 March. K2 will start at 8:20 and finish at 10:30.


Our Week in K2B and Mystery Reader

On Friday our Grade 4 buddies came over to teach us about wants and needs. At home, ask your child to give you examples of wants vs. needs.

As part of our unit of inquiry, we visited the UNIS shop on Tuesday. We talked about goods vs. services. The UNIS shop sells a lot of recycled goods. Some of these are made by Donkey Bakery. As a follow up we will be visiting Donkey Bakery next week.

In Math, we have been focusing on solving story problems and explaining our thinking using different strategies like rekenraks, using our fingers, drawing pictures, etc.


  • No school on Monday, 12 March – Faculty Professional Development
  • Donkey Bakery field trip: Tuesday, 13 March
  • Open classrooms: Thursday, 15 March and Friday, 16 March

Open Classrooms

Mystery Reader

Please follow the link to sign up for a slot. We would love to have a member of each child’s family come at least one time before June.

Introducing Our New Unit

This week we started our new unit, How we organise ourselves. The central idea is ‘People organise themselves through a process to create goods and services for the community.’ As a provocation, we set up some tables with cash registers in the shared space between K2A and K2B. We observed as students decided how to use it best and what shops to create. They were then asked to think about what they would add to this space to make it better. This lead to them making their own money as well as setting up a bank from which they could get more money. They have now also started a cafe outside our classroom and opened up an art gallery.

We also visited the canteen. Chef Adam showed us what the process is in preparing our school lunches.

Home Reading Books

Have you seen a home reader in your child’s backpack? We have started sending guided reading books home this week. Please read this book with your child and send it back to school every day. We have very flexible reading groups and the books will be changed once a week. Also, please feel free to write a comment to me or a compliment to your child in the ‘parent comments’ box.


Our Week in K2B

We have had a busy week with lots of learning and fun!


Mr. David the Gardener, came to talk to us about composting. He showed us what we can do with our food scraps. We have now started composting our leftover food in class. At home, you might want to ask your child to tell you about the composting process.

100 Days of School

On Tuesday, we had a small celebration in honour of the 100th Day of School. All four K2 classes came together for counting aerobics.

Our class also thought of 100 ways to play. The children drew their ideas on stickers and made a chart in preparation for Global School Play Day.

Global School Play Day

Unstructured play! Need I say more….We had LOADS of fun!!


To celebrate the upcoming Tet holiday, we will be wearing Vietnamese Ao Dai to school on Wednesday, February 14. An extra set of clothes may be sent to school with your child in case he/she would like to change into more comfortable clothes later in the day. There will also be a special Tet Assembly in the morning.

Sharing the Planet Experiments

We have continued to work in our unit of inquiry, ‘Sharing the Planet’. We have talked about personal choices and responsibilities to care for the environment. This week, we made experiments to find out more about what happens when we put waste in soil. We experimented putting an orange peel, a banana peel, wooden stick, paper, cardboard and more. Children made their own predictions to find out more if that material will decompose or not. They will be making observations to record their findings.


It has been a great pleasure teaching your child for the last six months! I truly enjoyed getting to know them and learning from each of them. I am sure they will have a wonderful rest of the school year!! Thank you for all your support!

Operation Smile Service Learning group

Today a group of high school students visited our class to talk to the K2B students about donating toys that they don’t need anymore. These toys will be given to children who are part of Operation Smile. This is a great way for our class to connect what we have been learning in our unit of Sharing the Planet to reuse and reduce materials. If your child would like to donate a used toy, please send it to the classroom.

This week’s helpers are:


Please donate any 3D objects you have at home such as: empty boxes, cans, plastic bottles etc. We will use these for our Math unit and UOI unit on Sharing the Planet.

Next week you will be receiving your child’s report cards. Please read them before Parent Teacher Conference on Thursday February 1st from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. I will be joining Ms. Corlia during Parent Teacher Conferences.

Have a great weekend!



Sharing the planet…

This week we talked about the concept of “Responsibility”. To practice this concept, our class has taken several jobs in order to show responsibility in class. Our class is taking care of   washing all the dirty dishes after lunch, drying the dishes, stacking the dishes in the cart, pushing the cart back to the canteen, cleaning the tables, and collecting trash.

Our friends who are taking responsibility for these jobs this week are:

A different group of friends will be responsible for these jobs next week!


Mystery reader sign up will be sent home on February.

Ms. Corlia returns to school on Monday January 22nd

Have a lovely weekend


Welcome back!

Welcome back and Happy New Year 2018!

Our class is enjoying been back at school and playing with their friends. During their writing, everyone has shared about their holiday break and the places they got to visit. This week we have started off the year with a new unit of inquiry on” Sharing the Planet”.

Our central idea is: Our personal choices can impact the environment. This coming week we will be looking into the concept of responsibility.

In Math, we have continue working with shapes. We read the book: “The Greedy Triangle”. Our class had fun thinking of a shape they would like to be and where we can find this shape in the environment.

Have a lovely rest of the week!

Mystery reader will continue in the month of February. I will be send a link to sign up soon.

Headphones: We have continued with listening to reading so please make sure your child has return their headphones back to school. thank you




Makers Day!

Last Friday morning our class was engaged in Makers Day. We spent the morning planning and building a wide variety of structures. Children were given the challenge to mix with other friends in K2 to build a structure that they would like to have in the ECC playground and that would be standing over the weekend. Children were given the time to plan and sketch their structures before start building. Everyone had a great time collaborating with each other to build their structures. This week we have been reflecting on these structures as we conclude our unit of inquiry.

Enjoy the photos:






 .    .     

Below find a letter sent by Ms. Nitasha to all parents this week regarding Ms. Corlia’s return to K2B.

December 2017

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to welcome back Ms. Corlia to UNIS and Hanoi in January 2018. As you know Ms.Corlia has been away on maternity leave this semester. She will be returning to Hanoi early in January 2018 and will return to work on the 22nd of January. Ms. Corlia has been a part of the faculty at UNIS for five years and is excited to get to know all her students and all of the families in K2B. She is an integral part of our team and faculty and students alike are excited to  welcome her back.

We have been extremely fortunate to have had Ms. Melissa cover for Ms. Corlia’s in her absence. Ms Melissa brought her many years of teaching experience and also her recent training in Reggio Emilia to create a warm and caring community in K2B. She been integral in ensuring every one of our kindergartners in K2B has had a very successful first semester. The children have thrived in her care and have learned, grown and had lots of fun. We cannot thank Ms Melissa enough for all that she has done.

Ms. Melissa will overlap with Ms. Corlia for one week from the 22-26th of January 2018 to ensure a smooth transition.

I know you will join me in wishing Ms. Melissa all the very best and in welcoming Ms Corlia back to school.

Have a wonderful holiday season.




Mystery readers sign up will go home a week after we return from the break.

Thursday December 15- last day of school before the holidays

January 8th- Students return to school

Have a wonderful and restful holiday!