Welcome back!

Welcome back and Happy New Year 2018!

Our class is enjoying been back at school and playing with their friends. During their writing, everyone has shared about their holiday break and the places they got to visit. This week we have started off the year with a new unit of inquiry on” Sharing the Planet”.

Our central idea is: Our personal choices can impact the environment. This coming week we will be looking into the concept of responsibility.

In Math, we have continue working with shapes. We read the book: “The Greedy Triangle”. Our class had fun thinking of a shape they would like to be and where we can find this shape in the environment.

Have a lovely rest of the week!

Mystery reader will continue in the month of February. I will be send a link to sign up soon.

Headphones: We have continued with listening to reading so please make sure your child has return their headphones back to school. thank you




Makers Day!

Last Friday morning our class was engaged in Makers Day. We spent the morning planning and building a wide variety of structures. Children were given the challenge to mix with other friends in K2 to build a structure that they would like to have in the ECC playground and that would be standing over the weekend. Children were given the time to plan and sketch their structures before start building. Everyone had a great time collaborating with each other to build their structures. This week we have been reflecting on these structures as we conclude our unit of inquiry.

Enjoy the photos:






 .    .     

Below find a letter sent by Ms. Nitasha to all parents this week regarding Ms. Corlia’s return to K2B.

December 2017

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to welcome back Ms. Corlia to UNIS and Hanoi in January 2018. As you know Ms.Corlia has been away on maternity leave this semester. She will be returning to Hanoi early in January 2018 and will return to work on the 22nd of January. Ms. Corlia has been a part of the faculty at UNIS for five years and is excited to get to know all her students and all of the families in K2B. She is an integral part of our team and faculty and students alike are excited to  welcome her back.

We have been extremely fortunate to have had Ms. Melissa cover for Ms. Corlia’s in her absence. Ms Melissa brought her many years of teaching experience and also her recent training in Reggio Emilia to create a warm and caring community in K2B. She been integral in ensuring every one of our kindergartners in K2B has had a very successful first semester. The children have thrived in her care and have learned, grown and had lots of fun. We cannot thank Ms Melissa enough for all that she has done.

Ms. Melissa will overlap with Ms. Corlia for one week from the 22-26th of January 2018 to ensure a smooth transition.

I know you will join me in wishing Ms. Melissa all the very best and in welcoming Ms Corlia back to school.

Have a wonderful holiday season.




Mystery readers sign up will go home a week after we return from the break.

Thursday December 15- last day of school before the holidays

January 8th- Students return to school

Have a wonderful and restful holiday!




Learning in K2B

So much learning has happened in K2B the last weeks. A big thank you to all the parents who were able to visit our K2B class during Open classrooms! We have continued to work on writing stamina. Children are growing as writers! We have also started listening to stories online. In our unit of inquiry, we continue to work on structures and understanding the different designs and purposes. This week, children worked in teams to build a bridge that has a specific design and purpose. Here are some photos:


A big thank you to Justin (Jasper’s dad) and Lara (Abigail’s mom) for coming to read to our class.

This week, we also had Mr. Carl visiting our class to talk about the structures that are under construction at our school. Children had lots of questions and they were able to make interesting connections to their learning in class.



Friday December 15th is the last day of school before the holiday.

January 8th- Students return to school


Structures around us…

Today our class met with their grade 4 reading buddies to learn more about structures. The grade 4 buddies shared the structures they have built for their unit of inquiry. Our class carefully observed and asked questions. Then, together children took a walk  to look at the different structures around the school. Our class enjoyed their time  together with their buddies and learning more about structures. Enjoy the photos!




Open classroom tomorrow Friday Dec 1st. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v7T4OSpBY_y5xRYjH54e29omQIQGbWO4NTN3dErV_BQ/edit

Bring headphones for listening to reading next week.

Enjoy the weekend!

Exploring bridges!

This past week our class had the opportunity to visit two different sites here in Hanoi in order to explore structures. Students really enjoyed making observations, sketching and reflecting on how these structures were built. In our classroom, we took the time to look at our sketches of the different structures and wondered about the design, the purpose and materials used.

Here is a pic collage with some photos from the trip:


Open classrooms November 30th and December 1st. Please click on the link for more information on what times to visit. Let me know if you have any questions.



Marshmallow Challenge

To start off our new unit of inquiry “Where we are in place and time, our class had a marshmallow challenge to complete. The challenge was to build the tallest free standing structure made of spaghetti with a marshmallow on the top. Children had lots of fun working in their teams and thinking about how to make the tallest structure. They had limited resources and time! Afterwards, we talked about what makes a structure stand, what kind of materials to use and how we worked as a team.

Here are some photos of that day:

New unit of inquiry:

How the world works. Central idea is: The design of structures is influenced by environmental factors, resources, and purpose.

We will inquiry into:

  • Materials and available resources

  • How structures are designed and constructed

  • Similarities and differences between the purpose of structures


Mystery reader sign up here

Field Trip: Tomorrow our class along with K2A will visit the Red bridge in Hoan Khiem lake. We will leave promptly at 8:30 a.m. Bring a hat, water bottle and back pack.




Read to someone

Our class has started building on their read to someone stamina. In order to read with a partner children need to think of:

Sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee with a friend

Read the whole

Read the pictures or words

Listen to your partner read

Use quiet voices when reading

Start right away

Our class has reached 10 minutes of reading stamina. Children are very proud of their reading goals and to be able to read to a friend.

Here are some photos:

Abel and Jasper reading together.

Nathan reading to Tri Dung

Chaeun reading his story to Rafael

Aviv reading the pictures to Abigail.

James and Paula reading together.

Amelia and Ian reading together.

Lexie reading to Hong Ha.

Raehyun reading to Kristina.

Iris and Evie reading together.

Some photos from our UN Day:

Rock mandala with messages to make our world a better place.


Field trip: Our class will have a field trip this coming Friday November 17th to visit the Red River Bridge  and Tuesday November 21st to visit the Red Bridge in Hoan Khiem lake. Our trip would be during the morning from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. Normal school day on these days. Please contact Stine, our room mother to sign up to volunteer. A permission slip will go home today for you to sign in.

No school for students on Monday November 13 and Tuesday November 14. These are professional development days for teachers.

Mystery Readers: We are still looking for parents to come read to our class. Here is the link to sign up for a time.



Have a great weekend,




Making connections…


Our class making connections with Grade 3 of what they know about forces and how things move.

Our class had a lot of fun dressing up this week!


ES Walk-a-thon: Please let Stine (class parent) know if you would like to volunteer  on Wednesday 8th of November from 12:45 – 14:30. 

K2B will do a short presentation during the ECC assembly next Thursday November 9th. Parents are welcome to attend. ECC assembly takes place from 8:30- to 9:00 a.m. at the ECC Gym.

UN Day tomorrow Friday November 3rd. Dismissal is at 1:00 p.m. Please let know Ms. Hang or Ms. Melissa before you leave with your child.

Mystery readers: Please click on the link below to sign up to come read to our class.

See you tomorrow!



UN Day reminders

Dear K2 Parents,

We’re all looking forward to UN Day next week.  Because the day will be a very exciting one, we want to make sure that everyone is clear about dismissal plans for the day.  Please read carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

School will end at 13:00 for all students on UN Day.  There will be no ASAs or other after school activities that day.

Parents are welcome to take their children with them after lunch, but it’s very important that you check out at your classroom before you leave with your child.  There will be a sign-out sheet posted outside of each classroom on UN Day.  If you are leaving school with your child, you must check his/her name off the list and sign your name to indicate that you’ve taken your child.  The also applies if you will be taking your child to another area of the school to eat lunch with a sibling in another grade level.  In summary, you MUST sign your child out before you leave the ECC with him/her.

For bus riders:  Please remember to tell your classroom teacher and the transport office if your child will not be riding the bus home after school.

Most importantly, please discuss your dismissal plan with your child on Friday morning.  The change in routine can be unsettling for young children.  Knowing what to expect will reduce stress and make the day more enjoyable for everyone.

Thanks for your support in making sure that the children are safe and happy on UN Day.

The K2 Teachers

K2B in motion

In our unit of inquiry we have continued to learn about forces and how this helps us make sense of the world. We have explored how things move and what makes them move. As part of our unit, we have learned a variety of new words to show different kinds of forces. Together with K2A we practice dancing to show each movement word. It was a lot of fun to see our class dancing to the words of push, pull, slide, up, down, bounce.  Enjoy the photos!

 .          .   

Congratulations to our class for reaching their reading stamina goal. Our class has read for a total of 15 minutes!

Unit of Inquiry show and tell:

As part of our unit, we have asked our students to bring something (an object) they have at home that moves. Thank you to Iris, Rafael and Aviv for showing and telling about how their objects move.


Mystery Readers: please find the following link for more information and to sign up.      https://docs.google.com/document/d/18sQw3OzF9MOZHS1hI381tDy19VZBnk3UGwjpV90b84c/edit?usp=sharing

Have a nice rest of the week!