Our Last Day

This week K2C wrote letters to their next year’s teacher. When I compare what they could (not) do in August with what they can do now, I feel so proud!

It was wonderful to see so many parents at the pool yesterday.

Lots of mixed emotions on our last day of school.

Sadly, the time has come to say goodbye to K2C. Thank you for a wonderful year. Hopefully you have been able to read your child’s report. (If you have any comments questions, feel free to contact me). I wish you and your family a very safe and happy vacation. I will be ‘home’ for Australian winter with my partner John on the north coast of NSW. Next school year, Ms Mi and I will be teaching ‘K2C’ again,  in the same classroom, so you will know where to find us!

Finally, a very special farewell to our friends who are leaving UNIS. Lana and her family are moving to Colombo Sri Lanka, and Toby and his family are moving to Manila.

Please click here to see lots of photos from our last week in K2C. 

7 June

K2C continue to enjoy learning about ‘The Arts’. How do you express your ideas and emotions through The Arts best? This week, we had 17 very creative budding musicians, sculptors, cartoonists and dancers!

Each child cooperated with a friend and used the Toontastic app to create a cartoon about Ms Cathie! 

We are sculptors! In this video   you will see how we used our Math Minds to build 3D sculptures.

K2 have become more confident communicators. They speak clearly and can describe objects from different perspectives. Please click here to listen to each sculptor describe their sculpture.

We are musicians

We are knowledgeable about ways to keep ourselves safe. Thanks to Ms Anissa, who helped us think about what is safe/unsafe. Please use the photo below to continue having conversations about child safety at home.Here is a link to more photos from this week in K2C

Tomorrow, is the K2 Class party day! ( This year we have given students ‘agency’ to plan and play their own party games.) Children may choose to bring in fun things from home( except for anything electronic or battery operated)  They will set up their own indoors/outdoor fun after lunch. Some ideas include throwing wet sponges! So please send along a change of clothe services or swim wear!  K2 parents are welcome to join us in the ECC gym for our pot luck party picnic lunch at 11:30am.

This morning’s ECC assembly was held in the theatre. We sang special UNIS songs and poems and instead of ‘goodbye’ to Dr Barder, he told us to say ‘Hello Forever’ !


Don’t forget to return any library books and home readers at school. Please in an extra bag, as I will start sending home books and school work!

Our Last Day of school is Thursday 14th June. Early Dismissal (12 noon)


Wed 13th June :  K2C Parents are invited to come to watch us swim!

31 May

It is the last day of May already! The countdown is on. Ask your child. How many days do we have left until the end of the school year ? (Answer: 10)

We are Creative Artists! We had lots of opportunities to view and present from a range of visual an performing arts choices this week. K2C have shows a lot of enthusiasm to be Puppeteers, poets, dancers, painters, sculptors, storytellers and digital artists.

They were very inspired by a child artist named Aelita Andre. 

This week , we thought a lot about how we can use colour to express emotions. K2C have started writing their own Book of Feelings.

and here are two class poems:

The Colour of Happy  by K2C

Happy is purple, like the grapes ( Rosalie)

Happy is orange,  like an orange smiley face ( Ayan)

Happy is blue, like a swimming pool ( Noah)

Happy is yellow, like a lemon ( Raeyi)

Happy is turquoise, like swimming in the sea (Maeve)

Happy is red like apples ( JuEun)

Happy is brown like buffaloes ( Mats)

Happy is green, like nature (Marcos)

Happy is red, reminds me of loving my  family ( Lana)

Happy is brown, like Toby Bear ( Kojiro)

Happy is mint green , I like mint ( Huyen)

Happy is red, like a Valentine’s Day heart ( Lucy)

Happy is green , it makes me feel calm ( Oli)

Happy is green, the colour of broccoli ( Emily)

Happy is grey, like a megalodon ( George)

Happy is brown like buffaloes ( Toby)

Happy is black, cause then I can see the stars ( Teun)


The Colour of Uncomfortable    By K2C

Frustrated is black, black like shadows (Rosalie)

Scared is red, red like fire ( Noah )

Scared is black, black monster in my bed ( George)

Angry is blue, when fire is really hot it turns blue ( Maeve)

Angry is grey, it is uncomfortable grey like metal ( Emily)

Uncomfortable is golden, like sleeping on a  sandy carpet ( Lana)

Frustrated is brown, brown like chocolate ( JuEun)

Angry orange, like the hot sun ( Kojiro)

Scared is black and creepy, something black crawling under my bed (Teun)

Yellow is frustrated, like fire burning down a house 

Angry is red, when I don’t want to go to the market ( Mats)

Cold is white, white like cold snow ( Minh Huyen)

Scared is black, I cannot sleep in my dark bedroom with monsters (Toby)

Scared is white, white like a ghost ( Raeyi)

Scared is black, black in my nightmares ( Lucy)

Scared is orangey reddish, like lava ( Marcos)


We are  Mathematicians– On Math Mind Monday children played games that helped them to solve number word problems. K2C also played games created by K2D. Ask your child to explain what happened.

If you’d like some math resources and activities to share with your family over the summer, here are two great collections of resources.( Thanks to Ms Beth, our UNIS Math coach)

Click on this link to see more photos from this week in K2C.Today K2 buddied up with Grade 1 to find out more about what happens at lunch time in the Elementary school. Ask your child to tell you more! 


Looking ahead

  • Thursday, June 7: Grade 1 Lunch Date # 2
  • Friday, June 8th: ‘Moving Up Morning’
  • Friday, June 8th: K2 End of Year Party ( The children are organizing a fun party for themselves!) Parents welcome to join us at 11:30 for lunch in the ECC gym. Please sign up to bring food to share on the day.  You can sign up HERE
  • Tuesday, June 12th: Final ES Assembly – Sports Centre
  • Wednesday, June 13th: Last day of specialist classes
  • Thursday, June 14th:  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

24 May

As we are nearing the end of the school year is time to be reflective. How have we grown? Have we changed? What can we do now that we couldn’t do at the beginning of the year? Compare the two photos below: What is the same and what is different?

In August we looked like this:

Now in May K2C look like this.

Ms Cathie wanted to find out what K2C know about The Arts, so she asked questions and discovered prior knowledge about of new Unit of inquiry. 

Through stories, such as The Day The Crayon’s Quit, K2C can make connections to our Personal/Social/EmotionalLearning (PSEL) and our new Unit of inquiry How We Express Ourselves. Ask your child to retell this story to you. Can they describe the emotions of each crayon?

We have started talking about K2’s transition to Grade 1. How we feel about leaving K2? Thinking about emotions, we say thank you to Ms Nissa, who came to K2C to talk about how we feel and what is the best way to say Good Bye to friends who are leaving. Did you know Lana and Toby will be leaving UNIS? Toby will be moving to Manila and Lana will be moving to SriLanka.

If you attended the K2/GR1 music performance and Art exhibition, I am sure you are feeling a mix of emotions- Surprised? Proud? Don’t forget to tell your child how you feel and why. Everyone loves feedback! ( even teachers) Thank you for your support

What feedback does K2C have for Ms Alexis and Ms Noor ?

  • A compliment is they teach us how to sing and how to do xylophone.( Raeyi)
  • I give a compliment to Ms Noor and Ms Alexis because they were kind to us.They teach us “Ko Ko Lei O Ko “.( JuEun)
  • They teach us song I like. The favourites were Round and round and Tumba Ley Ro”( Marcos)
  • I like the performance because singing.( Kojiro)
  • I like the concert because we get to sing all the songs. I feel happy because we did it. ( Lucy)
  • It was a challenge because its is hard to sing loud. Now I feel a little bit good because I like it. ( George)
  • I like all the parts were so fun and also I really liked to sing Round and Round and Tomorrow.” ( Maeve)
  • I like the stage and Ms Aleix an dMs Noor and all the songs.( Noah)
  • I give a compliment to Ms Noor and Ms Alexis because they did a great job on teaching us. It was really fun. ( Oli)
  • I give a compliment because Ms Alexis and Ms Noor made it fun, easy and a bit of a challenge. I felt proud at the end because I was a risk taker.( Lana)
  • I give a compliment to the teachers for teaching us lots of songs. ( Toby)
  • I feel happy at the performance because I liked my Mum and Dad could come. ( Mats)
  • I have a compliment because they can do good for the concert. ( Teun)
  • I give a compliment to Lana for the Ko Ko Lei Lo with K2B( Ayan)
  • I think Ms Alexis and Ms Noor teach us a lot of songs and I compliment them.( Emily)
  • I compliments Ms Noor and Ms Alexis because they teach us lots of songs and how to play xylophones. ( M. Huyen)
  • I give a compliment because they teach us really nice songs. My Mum said it was amazing. ( Rosalie)



This week K2C have had a lot of time to make choices about what to do , who they play with, how they  are learning through play. The teachers have been observing closely to see their self-management skills, communication skills and social skills. Click here to see some photos of this week’s choice time and last week’s Grade 4 buddy time . You will notice independent, responsible, cooperative thinkers who are making good choices, having fun and in control of their own learning.

We are storytellers! We are writers! We are readers! This week each child created their own ‘narrative.'( You should be able to see your own child read aloud their narrative on the blog! Ms Michelle helped some friends turn Rosalie’s story into a movie! Here are some behind the scenes pics!

and here’s the link to a youtube of the process of becoming an author, illustrator, storyteller.

In Mathematics this week we are noticing and describing patterns! 

Some children show a good understanding of how a pattern can be continued. Some noticed a pattern usually has a repeating part. They had some fun creating patterns using pattern blocks. We can also notice, hear and create  patterns in music and art. We can  also create patterns when we count in sequences. Patterns are everywhere!

Today the whole school wished our Grade 12 graduates a very special Goodbye Good Luck  as they cheered them on their Grand Walk through the school.  

This Friday ( tomorrow) is the Grade 12 Graduation.

  • Please note  early dismissal : children go home at 11:30 tomorrow  (you may like to pack an extra snack to get  through the morning)


17 May

Again, K2C has made me proud! They did such a great job on Tuesday with their Market Day responsibilities. The way they ‘organized themselves’ to cooperate, communicate, produce and sell and buy their goods and services, was a pleasure to observe. Here are two videos to help you get a better idea of what happened.

Now we are tuning in to our final Unit of inquiry: How We Express Ourselves. The central idea of this unit: Artists express themselves through The Arts. ( We will be inquiring into ways we can express our emotions. Where is the Centre for the Arts at UNIS? Why is it called the Centre for the Arts? What does an Artist do?) Children will have lots of opportunity to create and perform, choosing from a wide range of creative learning experiences. If you and or your child has an artistic talent  are something special to share from your home culture ( e.g. dancer, pianist, violinist etc) that s/he would like to perform in front of KC, please let me know.

This week K2C used what they’ve recently learned about ‘narratives’ to explore ways to be creative ‘digital storytellers’ using iPad apps. (Also, your children will be independently posting their stories on their own easyblogs as they complete them.)

This week, K2C are also involved in another ‘Travelling tale’. This time, we are thinking of a problem for the middle of a tale titled ‘The Chaos‘, and will focus on Peace (Sustainable Development Goal No.16) Ask your child to tell you more about the setting/characters in this tale.




May 24th: 9am – K2 and G1 Music Concert and Art Exhibition for the parents

  • Coffee and tea will be available for parents in the Centre for the Arts from 8.30 – 9am
  • The music concert will run from 9 – 10 am followed by a short comment from Megan and information regarding the art exhibition that begins immediately following the concert.
    Students should wear black pants or leggings and a solid colored shirt that is yellow, green, red, blue, pink, orange or purple.  Please label your child’s clothes and send them in a labeled bag to school by Friday, May 18th as they will be used in dress rehearsals.
  • Here is the link Ms Alexis’s  parent letter with full details

At this time of year we encourage children to be reflective. 

10 May

The highlight of this week in K2C was learning about the Green Screen!

Thank you Ms Michelle. This was a such a fun provocation for us to get curious about our next unit of inquiry : How We Express Ourselves. Please look on your child’s blog to see more and ask your child to tell you about how the Green Screen works! Here is a video of K2C behind the scenes fun! ( Even Ms Megan was curious to learn about green screen from K2C ! )

We’ve also done quite a lot of thinking and reflecting on how much we have learned since we started the school year. I was very pleased to discover every child has increased their knowledge of alphabet letters and sounds. Their pencil control when forming capitals and lower case letters and awareness of how to write using the ‘plane line’,’grass line’ and ‘worm line’ has improved greatly.

Looking ahead.

The K2 children have been learning about goods and services as part of their How We Organize Ourselves unit of inquiry.  As a culminating project, they will be hosting an ECC Market on Tuesday, 15 May.  Children will be selling goods they have made themselves, including crafts, books and beverages.

Please send 20,000 VND to school with your child on Tuesday so s/he can enjoy shopping at the K2 market.  All of the money earned will be donated to LifeStraw, an organization that helps provide access to clean water.  Along with donations from other ES classes, we are hoping to be able to purchase a community water filter for a local school.  This would reduce the number of plastic bottles that community consumes while also providing clean drinking water.

Here’s a promo video we will share with our K1 and Discovery customers!

Guess What ECC…. It’s SWIMMING TIME!

Starting on Monday May 14th  all students in Discovery, K1, K2, and Grade 1 will be swimming during their PE lessons. Swimming will continue until the end of the school year.

For more information about swimming please click here

On Friday May 18th

 Discovery, K1, K2 and Grade 1 will participate in International Outdoor Classroom Day.  Weather permitting, the students will be outside from 8:25-10:05.
To help make this day successful, please make sure that your child:
-wears sunscreen to school
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle
-has a change of clothes in a labelled bag
The Lower Elementary Team

Book Week

What a short fun-filled week ! K2C have enjoyed the range of Book Week activities.

I am told a picture paints 1000 words, so I will keep this blog post brief. You can ask your child to describe and explain the learning to you using these photos as a prompt.

This week, I’m busy assessing your child’s oral language: Listening carefully to each child ‘read and retell’ and also to their ability to create an oral narrative. (Parents, you can hear your own ‘storyteller’ on your child’s Easyblog post)  I am especially proud of our beginner EAL friends. It’s amazing how confidently they can now communicate in English. All of K2C were thinking carefully about the beginning, middle and end of a story, trying hard to use interesting describing words and correct tense.

Many thanks for your support for Book Week ( Tomorrow is the day to wear our Pyjamas to school  and send in some money for The Book Sale!( More details below)



and.. Here’s a youtube video to show you some more of what we’ve been doing in K2C.

The Used Book Sale is an opportunity for both kids and adults to purchase used books in their native tongue, or another language, at bargain prices! All books are priced from between 10,000 – 40,000VND only! Remember to bring some spending money to purchase books (along with a reusable bag).

Students have the opportunity to visit the book sale during the school day on Friday.
NOTE: Children books are reserved for students to purchase until 3pm on Friday. Young adult/adult books can be purchased anytime.
Book Sale Hours:Friday: 9.00 – 16.00 (open to UNIS Community)Saturday: 8.00 – 12.00 (open to Hanoi Community)
  • Where does the money go?
  • Funds raised from the SCO Book Sale will be used to empower a variety of literacy projects created and led by UNIS Hanoi students through our Service Learning Programme.
  • For example, helping to create a community school library in Pu Bin and Sapa led by our Grade 8 Middle School students!

26 April

Today is Thinking Thursday. Tomorrow will be Fun Friday. Yesterday was Hung King Day, so we didn’t come to school! The day before yesterday was Talking Tuesday,  ( click the link to see a video) and the day before that was Math Minds Monday!

This week, many children enjoyed learning a coding game called Robot Turtles!

In Math, we like to solve authentic problems. K2C have been estimating and counting how many books we have in the Used Book Sale baskets. Last week our total was 39 books. This week so far we have 21 books. 

Please use the photos and videos to talk about K2C learning, with your child at home. What do you see…. think… wonder?

At the moment I am listening very carefully to children’s oral language, and I’m interested in finding out if the children understand concepts of time. Does your child use present, future and past tense correctly? (e.g Thinking about answers to: What will you do next week? What did you do yesterday?)

K2C were also using the when, who, where and what question words to help say and write sentences, in order to recount something they did yesterday.
Can your child remember Ms Mi’s recount of her day off?

You might also like to ask your child to give an oral recount of Mr Lush’s Birthday surprise, The Super Cycling Man and the Grade 5 PYP exhibition.

19th April

I had time to listen carefully and observe K2C during their Student Led conferences yesterday and now I’m feeling very proud !

It was such wonderful opportunity for me to notice just how ‘grown up’  and ready for Grade 1 your children really are. They displayed lots of excellent communication and self management skills and I loved hearing families communicating in their home languages! Thank you so much for your support.

I have created two videos.

1.Behind the scenes ( How K2C prepared for their Student Led Conferences)

2. K2C’s SLC’s in Action

I have read the parents reflections. Here are some of your comments.


  • my child’s explanations were easy for me to understand
  • exciting to see my child correcting and identifying mistakes
  • my child knows coding already! awesome!
  • I am proud my child is so relaxed and happy in class.
  • making beautiful drawings
  • Im so proud my child can already read and write!
  • love of books
  • confidence in showing us around the classroom
  • self confidence
  • can really explain things
  • amazing reading and superb writing
  • number game
  • coding with Beebot
  • writing
  • really enjoys maths
  • happy at school
  • proud of your progress
  • Learned so much in K2C


  • to be more sure of yourself when reading
  • to continue to feel good in class and keep on learning new skills
  • better reading and writing
  •  learning continues to be fun!
  • do more writing and drawing well
  • easier adding
  • to learn more about writing
  • learn beginning sounds of words
  • be confident and keep trying hard

Looking ahead: We have three public holidays coming up!

  • Wednesday 25th April- Hung King Day-school closed
  • Monday 30th April- Vietnamese Victory Day- School closed
  • Tuesday 1st May- Labour Day

Book week: Everyday of Book Week will offer special activities!

  • Wednesday May 2 Wear a Word Day:Students wear a word on their clothing-Can be a word they identify with, have fun saying or simply enjoy.
  • Thursday May 3Character costume dress up day + Parade Students dress up as their favourite BOOK character
  • Friday May 4 Pajama dress up day and bring your best buddy soft cuddly toy to school day  Book Sale: May 4 – 5
  • Plus week long activities including Literary Lunches, DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Time, Book Walks, Poetry Pathways and AMAZING Library displays!

We Want Your Books! ( At the moment- K2C’s basket are empty !)

Book Drive: April 9 – 27 (collection in homerooms)

Book Sorting / Pricing: May 2 – 3

Volunteer HERE!

  • Do you have books that you no longer need but which someone else would enjoy?
  • Maybe you are leaving Hanoi soon and don’t want to ship all of your books to your next posting?
  • Do you want to donate your books to a good cause?

This Book Sale is an opportunity for both kids and adults to purchase used books in their native tongue, or another language, at bargain prices! Please donate books that you don’t need any more, so that other families can enjoy them!

  • During the Book Drive all ECC, ES and MS classrooms will collect books in their homerooms. The classes ( ECC+ES+MS ) and an  individual (HS) with the most donated books will receive prizes.
  • HS students can donate books at two places- there will be box with tally sheet located in front of the library and in the DP Lounge – G29.

We also greatly appreciate your help to sort all donated books on Wednesday May 2 and Thursday May 3, and to assist sales on Friday May 4 and Saturday May 5.

Click here to volunteer!

Types of books collected: Kids’ books, adults’ books, fact or fiction, English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, German, Swedish, French – We are interested in books on any subject, in any language spoken within the UNIS Hanoi community. If it’s a book that someone else might enjoy, donate it (please no outdated travel guides, class readers or inappropriate books please!).

  • Funds raised from the SCO Book Sale will be used to empower a variety of literacy projects created and led by UNIS Hanoi students through our Service Learning Programme.
  • For example, helping to create a community school library in Pu Bin and Sapa led by our Grade 8 Middle School students!

Questions?   Let us know!

Kanako Lacson and Pavla Jarkulischová, Used Book Sale Co-ordinators

Contact us at: booksale@unishanoi.org

12th April

K2C have settled very easily back into routines again after their week off. On Monday everyone was keen to describe their favourite holiday moment. It was such a beautiful morning, we enjoyed painting outside in the sunshine. Hopefully you’ve seen your child’s own blog post of their Spring Break painting and description/response. These works of art are now proudly displayed on our classroom windows. Please take time to look closely on Wednesday, when you attend your child’s Student Led conference. 

Here’s a link to our completed Travelling Tale.’Chaos in Candyland‘. This UN Global Goals focused tale was created by 5 classes from 4 schools around the world. K2C created the resolution, where The Green Ninjas solve the about Air Pollution problem and give Candyland clean energy sources.The other schools who made it possible are: International School Phnom Penh, International School of Luxembourg and American International School of Riyadh.

How We Organise Ourselves Unit of Inquiry: 

  • Who is in our ECC community?
  • What goods and services do our ECC community need or want? 
  • Ask your child to tell you more about who is in their team and what goods and services they have been thinking about creating.

In Math we are learning to use ten frames and rekenreks to solve story problems. Our Math thinking this week is inspired by this Double Decker Bus story .

I will be absent from school Tomorrow (Friday 13th), as I am presenting a workshop at the Early Years Conference in HCMC.I will be at school again on Monday.

I look forward to K2C ‘teaching’ parents next Wednesday, during ES Student Led Conference Day.