15th March

 Did your child tell you about yesterday’s field trip to Donkey Bakery? If you attended this morning’s open classroom session and joined in the role play, you will understand how we have been inspired by our field trips. Look on your own child’s blog to see her/his team’s eBook.

Lots of ‘transdisciplinary’ learning is happening in K2 at the moment. Through role-play “shopping’  K2 are also demonstrating their understanding of many of the Mathematics outcomes: Represent practical situations to model addition and sharing.

They are learning to:

  • describe the action of combining, separating and comparing using everyday language, eg: makes, joins, combines with, and, get, take away, how many more, all together
  • combine two or more groups of objects to model addition
  • use concrete materials or fingers to model and solve simple problems
  • use visual representations of numbers to assist with addition and subtraction, eg ten frames
  • create and recognise combinations for numbers to 10, eg ‘How many more make 10?’
    7 dots depicted as: 5 dots on top and 2 dots below or 4 dots on top and 3 dots below

Thank you for supporting your child’s Home Reading. I enjoy reading your comments compliments in your child’s reading folder. If you are wondering what a ‘Guided Reading’ lesson looks like, join us tomorrow morning ( at 9am)  or watch the video below to see some of the ways K2 ‘readers’ are learning to:

  • understand direction of print, return sweeps and spaces between words
  • identify a sentence and understand its meaning
  • identify the beginning and end sounds of words
  • orally blend two or three sounds to make a word
  • recognise high-frequency words
  • read and understand some sight words in simple, predictable texts
  • use knowledge of letters and sounds to decode words, including those in initial, final and medial positions
  • begin to use self-correction strategies, eg rereading, pausing, using picture cues  to make meaning from print

Tomorrow morning, at 8:15am we have an all school opening ceremony to welcome our guests and celebrate the MRISA/APAC event. We ask children to wear BLUE ! We are holding this assembly outside on our new covered courts near the sports centre. Parents are welcome too! We may even see our friend, Phelix the Pheonix!

Dates for your diary

  • UNIS Spring Fair: Sunday, March 25th
  • ES Fun Sports Morning: Friday, March 30th
  • Spring Break ( No School)  2nd-8th April

Finally hot off the press: Here’s a glimpse of what happened this morning during Open Classrooms ! Thank you again for your support. 

8th March

Our inquiry into how people organize themselves to create goods and services for the community, led K2C to be very active and have some extra fun this week! The children chose to role-play what they had seen in the school canteen. The teachers stood back and observed/listened to their play very closely, and discovered the ‘workers’ were using some great oral language to show what they know about food preparation ‘procedures’. Listen for ‘verbs’ to start each sentence, that tell what to do in the correct order. After a lot of talking and acting, our emergent ‘writers’ then approached the challenge of procedure writing with enthusiasm and confidence. All successful in recording the process in their own way.

K2C also enjoyed going on a mini-field trip to the UNIS shop. After watching our videos, you might like to ask your child to tell you their ‘procedure’: How does Chef Adam organize the canteen lunches? How does Ms Phuong make a recycled shopping bag out of newspaper?

Yesterday, Ms Kristen surprised everyone when she came into our classroom wearing two hats and some funny clothes. She also had a big bag full of objects and asked to K2C help her to sort out the things she really needed for school. Then her EAL friends became the teachers. In small groups, they taught us all to think carefully about the differences between the things we need and the things we want.
This week during Literacy time, we have focused more closely on reading strategies: looking at word shapes and thinking of what makes sense when we read. They are having fun playing new sight word games and also enjoyed the Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom alphabet story !  Can your child retell the story? Or explain to you the ‘procedure’  of how to play sight word bingo? (Apparently, these 32 words make up approximately one third of all reading !) You might like to ask your child to find these gold and red words in their home reading books!

Looking ahead:   This weekend I will be at school attending The Vietnam Tech conference and giving a presentation on Becoming a Networked Educator.

  • Monday 12th-Staff Professional Development day No school
  • Wednesday 14th- Donkey Bakery field trip.( Please return the permission note that was sent home in your child’s green folder) We already have enough parent helpers.Thank you to Teun’s Mum, Lana’s Dad and Minh Huyen’s Mum for volunteering to join us.
  • Thursday 15th- OPEN Classrooms and Mystery Readers( Here’s the link. I think it would be fun to have many people sign up to read to their child
  • Friday- 16th OPEN classrooms (Please see schedule below)

1st March

Yes, it is March already! Welcome to the Year of the Dog. It’s been wonderful to see that your children have returned from their Tet holiday with lots of independence and enthusiasm for learning.

Here are some videos to share, that show K2C thinkers, inquirers, communicators in action.

Writing the morning message

Growing our Math Minds

Tuning in to our new ‘How We Organize Ourselves‘ Unit of inquiry

Oral Language development: Today K2C began learning about the text type ‘PROCEDURE’ and the concept of a “Production Line” by describing the pizza making process they saw in the UNIS kitchen. Together, K2C thought of the verbs to explain what to do, and created and performed this Pizza Procedure.

Take Home Reading in K2C starts next week.

As well as reading library books and eBooks on Raz Kids, starting next week, each child will bring home a ‘home reading book’. Please keep this book inside the green folder ( with the reading record sheet). At least once a week, I will do a Guided Reading lesson with each child during ‘Teacher Time’. (This reader will be either selected by a teacher or your child.) The purpose for reading at home is reading for pleasure. We want the children to read books of interest to them and they need you, the parents, to be  a role model and share in their excitement of reading.

Remember, if English is not your child’s first language it is very important that you continue to read aloud books from your home country too!  Some tips for reading with your child:

  • The book your child brings home that may seem too easy. That’s what we want! We want children to build confidence and fluency. This includes practicing reading with ease, expression and correct pacing.
  • They may need a little help figuring out unknown words. When your child is trying to sound out an unfamiliar word, give them time to do so. Remind your child to look closely at the first letter or letters of the word. You can help them with the word once they have had a go.
  • Ask your child to retell what happened and talk about the characters to check your child understands the meaning of the story.
  • Finally, we continue to invite parents ( or older siblings)come in on a Thursday afternoon to sign up for Mystery Reader


This week K2C acknowledged the ladies who help keep our school environment clean. At this time of year, I feel it’s important to say an extra special thank you to our Vietnamese helpers and friends. (Often their hard work doesn’t get noticed! )  Although our ‘Sharing The Planet’ Unit of Inquiry ended this week, I hope we have inspired your children to continue to be responsible and care for the earth. As a summative task, children were asked to identify and explain good choices and bad choices people make that impact the environment.  I wonder if you been able to see your child’s eBook that he/she created with a friend using the Book Creator app.

One of my personal professional goals this year is to make global connections, and that is why K2C participated in the Travelling Tales project. Here is a link https://youtu.be/7gZFCdr5rts to the ‘What a lot of Garbage’ true tale.  Enjoy this video as K2C view and respond! 

Another professional goal of mine is to give young children more agency.This video shows a little behind the scenes using iPad to create an eBook.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi

To the families who are already on vacation, here’s a video of the Tet assembly you missed. I wish you a healthy and happy Year of the Dog and look forward to seeing your children again on Monday 29th March.

8 Feb

Last Friday, Mr David helped K2 students learn about compost! Can your child explain the process ? What can and cannot be put into the compost? We watched this Caillou can Compost video and made a lot of connections to the things Mr David told us. Here’s a video of Mr David explaining how compost is made at UNIS.

Your children have had a lot of fun at school this week ! On Tuesday, we celebrated 100 days of school,and then yesterday was the Global School Play Day. Many children enjoyed the challenge of thinking about all the numbers up to 100 when playing the snakes and ladders game.You may have already found your child’s hand made (out of recycled materials),  dice and snakes and ladders board to enjoy playing at home. 
Here are three videos to show you some of this week’s learning in action!

Next week is a short week, and a lot of our learning will focus on Tet. Over the weekend, your child might like to make a surprise card for Ms Mi to wish her happiness in the Year of the Dog. In class, K2C will make Tet cards ( for all our wonderful Vietnamese friends, teachers, helpers, and cleaners) and will write/draw our wishes for a new year full of happiness and good luck. Also, next week is Valentine’s Day too. So it’s a great time to share lots of love, kindness and thanks. Parents, please write a special surprise Tet/Valentines day message of love to your child (hide it in your child’s green folder and we will put it in the class postbox).  On Wednesday 14th February we will have a Tet assembly and children are asked to wear Vietnamese Ao Dai to school.

                                       Chuc Mung Nam Moi

1st Feb

Thank you for attending your Parent/Teacher Conference today. I do genuinely enjoy answering questions and ‘talking the talk’ of how children learn. I want to celebrate the progress, efforts and attitudes of each child in K2C. Your children are growing up so fast!

Do you know today is World Read Aloud day? Do you know how important it is for parents to read aloud to their child everyday?  It is widely accepted that reading aloud is the single most important researched activity leading to language development and promotes early literacy skills.

Sign up here if you would like to be a K2C Mystery Reader 

K2C are becoming confident and self motivated readers, and your children are especially engaged when reading on the iPad. You may have noticed the Raz Kids log in details were posted on your child’s blog. If  he/she chooses to do Raz Kids reading at home, please monitor how much screen time they have and  to ensure they  comprehend what they are reading, it is very important  for the child to do the quiz independently after listening/reading the ebook.

Our Sharing The Planet Unit of Inquiry continues. This week, K2C became researchers and started asking /answering Yes/No questions to collect data.  Please talk at home about how the choices your family makes impact the environment and then answer this survey .

In Math lessons, K2C enjoyed the challenge of making cubes using sticks and balls, and dice using playdough.

Through play and hands on learning engagements,K2C are learning to use Mathematical language to:

  • describe the features of familiar three-dimensional objects using everyday language, eg flat, round, curved. They also enjoyed using the junk to find, sort and naming these objects as cubes, cylinders, rectangular prisms and spheres!
  • describe the difference between three-dimensional objects and two-dimensional shapes using everyday language
  • sort three-dimensional objects and explain the attributes used to sort them, eg colour, size, shape, function

On Tuesday Ms Nitasha announced that UNIS is running out of paper and rationed each class with one roll of paper towel and 18 sheets of white paper. Watch this video to hear some thinking of how we can solve this problem.

Yesterday, the father of Felix (K2D), came in to talk to our children about the choices people make about energy and electricity. He explained a little about how coal power stations create dirty air and that solar and wind energy will keep our air clean. ( I wonder how much of this big concept your child understood)

Then your children became ‘Green Ninja’s ! ( We made connections to what Felix’s Dad was saying when we watched this youtube video ) 

Tomorrow Mr David, our school gardener will teach us about composting. So, starting next week you are very welcome to send your fruit and vegetable peelings to school!



Looking Ahead

  • Tuesday Feb 6th is our 100th Day of school. As well as thinking about what ‘100’ looks like, We are going to try to write a list of 100 ways of playing!
  • Wednesday 7th- ES Snack Sale
  • Wednesday 7th- Global School Play Day  is an opportunity to highlight the value of play and also to collaborate and connect with other schools and programs taking part around the world. We at UNIS Hanoi took part last year, on a small scale, but this year we are more intentional about all our students from D-1 being able to celebrate playing! Children are invited to bring anything they wish to play with to school on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. The only restrictions: they must choose what toys to play with and these toys may NOT require batteries or electricity, and No devices please .Some ideas: cuddly toys ,board games, dolls, Legos, blocks, trucks, cars, racetracks, playing cards, empty cardboard boxes, jigsaw puzzles, outdoor toys, blankets (for forts).
  • Wed Feb 14th : Tet Assembly ( Children wear Vietnamese Ao Dai)


25th Jan

This week we welcomed a new classmate to K2C. Her name is Olivia Rowe. It was wonderful to watch the kindness and eagerness of so many children when Oli arrived. Everyone wanted to be the special friend to show Oli around the ECC. K2C were also excited to welcome back Ms My (pronounced me-ee), a Vietnamese teacher from a local kindergarten. ( I had some fun when telling the children who to go to.. Ms Mi, Ms My or me!)

Below you will see some documentation (pic collages and youtube videos) to help your child reflect on the learning that’s happening at school.

Unit of Inquiry: Our personal choices can impact the environment. At home, you might like to talk about this with your child. What does this Central Idea mean? What choices does your family make? What happens to your waste? What do you reuse? Do you ever refuse plastic straws or plastic bags? What can your family do to help the environment? What responsibilities can you give your child  at home that makes a positive impact? This week have been doing lot of thinking about the good and bad choices people make.

I am very interested in making global connections, and this week K2C  were invited to create the beginning of a Travelling Tale. The title is “What a Lot of Garbage”. This tale will travel form UNIS, to USA, then SaudiArabia, and Cambodia and end in Luxembourg.  If you’re curious to know more about ‘@travellingtale click this link !  In a few weeks the completed tale will be published on youtube for the world to see!

Math Lots of shape walks and talks were had this week as children enjoyed finding objects and shapes in the environment. Describing shapes using mathematical language was a good challenge for all. Ask your child to retell the tale of ‘The Greedy Triangle’. Following this story, many children enjoyed learning how to pronounce the big mathematical names of two dimensional shapes! ( Impressive when you hear five and six year olds saying words such as quadrilateral, trapezoid, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon and octagon!)

One learning intention next week in Math will be to sort, describe and name familiar three-dimensional objects in the environment. Students should be able to communicate using the  language: object, shape, size, curved, flatpointyround, roll, slide, stack.

At home, please save and send in your clean trash/rubbish to help children make connections to our Unit of Inquiry during Math lessons. We want to ReUse/Reduce your waste !(e.g. cylinder=cardboard tube, empty soda cans, triangular prism= Toblerone chocolate box,  cubes and rectangular prisms= small empty boxes.)

English I love reading  picture books that support concepts from our Units of Inquiry and this week The Curious Garden by Peter Brown was enjoyed by all.

K2C had some fun thinking about vowel sounds. Can your child tell you how to play the animal game : cat, hen, pig, dog, duck ? Its a real challenge especially when teachers have different accents!

K2C are becoming confident readers and writers, and it is wonderful to see so many volunteers happily attempt to help find missing letters in the Morning Message. 

Looking ahead:

  • Thursday 1st February: Parent Teacher Conferences ( No classes for students)
  • Please keep an eye out for an email from the school informing you when your child’s report will be available on Veracross. Please take time to read this report before your parent/teacher conference, so I can answer questions you may have.
  • Wednesday 7th February: Healthy Snack Sale and Global School Play Day(More details about the Play Day will be sent home next week)

18th Jan

K2C are RESPONSIBLE. This week your children showed they can be responsible for washing and drying dishes, wiping tables, sweeping floors and cleaning up their own messes!

K2C are THINKERS. There’s been a lot of thinking this week. Your mathematicians began to understand the concept of ‘perspective’ as they listened to each other’ reasons during the Which one does NOT belong? K2C did a good job explaining their thinking in a ‘3 Act task’ called Counting squares and they also started thinking hard about similarities and differences between squares and a triangles. 

During Unit of Inquiry time K2C were thinking like scientists, predicting what will happen to rubbish when it is thrown in water, on the land and under the ground. K2C are INQUIRERS. We are wondering ‘Where does our UNIS rubbish from go? Who is Ms Vui and what is her job? How many bins does she empty each day? Watch the video below to see a snapshot of our learning.Ask your child to tell you what s/he found out.

K2C are COMMUNICATORS. There was a lot of reading, writing and speaking this week! Its was great to see so many friends chose to bring in something special for Show and Tell on Talking Tuesday. However one challenge for most children is to actively listen then repeat what was heard. At home, you might like to play some listening games.

As you know, I do enjoy capturing the learning in the classroom and creating iMovies. I believe it is great way for children and parents to reflect. So, please watch these youtube videos with your child. What do you notice? What do you wonder?

I’m looking for someone to volunteer to be K2C’s class parent.

If you enjoy a little socializing, and like a little organizing, then you are what we need! Sounds interesting to you? Please follow the link and read the full description  and let your classroom teacher know that you’d like to be our K2C parent!

Starting next week, a new classmate will join K2C. Her name is Olivia. We welcome her and her family to UNIS.

11 January

Welcome to 2018 !

“We’ve been working in the classroom for 83 days..” Can your child sing the rest of this song?” 

K2C have been talking a lot about concepts of time and how to use a calendar to keep count of days, months, years and plan for important events. We are looking forward to our 100th day of school! We are also thinking about Tet and we wonder how many days until the next holiday?

In English, K2C are learning about recount writing. Thank you for sending in a photo to help your child recount an event that happened during the holiday.When you open your own child’s easyblog, you should be able to hear him/her giving his/her oral recount of a holiday event Here’s my recount! !

Here’s a recount of Ms Mi’s birthday . Can your child hear the correct past tense word in each sentence? On Monday morning K2C celebrated Ms Mis birthday. First we surprised her with our cards and letters.Then she read our messages. Next she opened a present from Toby bear. After that we ate special cookies. Finally we sang Happy Birthday to Ms Mi.

Please watch the following videos with your child. Can she/he  recount  what happened: When, where, who and what happened first, then, next last etc .

  1. This week we also started our new Sharing The Planet Unit of inquiry.

Ms Cathie was wondering if anyone noticed the bins were missing ! Who in K2C makes good choice about waste? How much rubbish does K2C make each day? How can we reduce the amount of waste?

K2C shared their prior knowledge and are thinking hard about What happens to the UNIS rubbish after it gets thrown in the bin?  

Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Lucy: First we put it in the bin until it is really full. Then the nanny takes the rubbish outside and puts it outside my house. Then the rubbish truck comes and takes it to the rubbish place that is really full of rubbish and it starts all over again.
  • Maeve: We put in the garbage then the cleaners take it to the rubbish truck. Then it goes to a factory. They smash it into little pieces so it can be not very hard to put in in the lake. It will have a very bad smell and it just sits there for a long time and then it goes away.
  • Toby: After you put it in the bin the garbage truck gets it. Then they put it in a big pile of rubbish. Then it , um, it goes back inside the garbage truck and then they put it ,um, they put the first pile into an even bigger pile. I don’t know what happens next.
  • JuEun: The rubbish go to the truck. And then the truck go to the… ( I am not sure in English)
  • Jun: I throw the trash to the trash bin.The cleaners clean and take the trash another trash can. Then I think they take another trash bin.And it go another bin. The trash will go.. Um..to… I don’t know!
  • Marcos: The trash goes in the bin. Then it goes in the truck. Then it goes somewhere else but I don’t know yet.I am wondering where does it go next and where does it go after that?
  • Rosalie: The person comes and puts in the trash car and they bring it to a factory and we recycle it. Some people use it to make something. I know you can recycle old paper. I know because I recycle a lot of things. If I get a piece of paper I make a card for somebody.
  • Raeyi: First you throw the rubbish to the bin. Rubbish is throw or not . Rubbish is many people bin in the rubbish. I don’t know( what happens next).
  • Emily: You put it in the bin. Don’t take it out. It goes to the garbage truck. The cleaners take the rubbish and put it in the truck. The truck goes to a pile of rubbish. The pile ..um???
  • Teun: Go there then it goes to another one then it is cycle again. Is going to the bins again.Recycle means something we don’t use.
  • Kojiro: People put rubbish put in bin, people hold bin and put in a truck and there go to the um so much rubbish then is gone anywhere.
  • George: Um I run to the bin and I put the trash in the bin and I found a trash bin in K2A and this guy do have the brain to find the bin. It is very dirty.

I am hoping to empower children to take some responsibility and action at home. In class we will be giving children more responsibility with cleaning tables, washing dishes, sweeping floors and keeping our classrooms clean and tidy. I’m hoping your child will be given opportunity to do these things at home too! So, if s/he takes ‘action’, says or observes anything related to our Unit Of Inquiry ( e.g. notices examples of people making good /bad choices with rubbish ) please allow them to take a photo or video and email it to me!

Parents invited to sign up for mystery reader

Finally, please let me know if you would like to be our K2C class parent,as Lana’s Mum (Jill McHale) is asking someone else to have a turn.

Thanks for a great start to 2018, K2C !





14 Dec

Growing our Math minds Ms Cathie is finding out who has 1:1 correspondence when counting, who can accurately count forwards in sequence, pronouncing the teen numbers correctly ( fifteen not fifty, thirteen not firty etc) and who can compare quantities beyond ten and explain their reasons for sorting.

K2C are Writers While K2C were busy writing letters to their Grade 4 buddies, Ms Cathie and Ms Mi were observing closely, looking for correct pencil grasp, evidence of letter sound knowledge, and messages that can be easily read by others . I am very impressed by K2C’s enthusiasm to be writers.

Tis the season to be jolly!

Ms. Cathie and her 17 reindeers wish you a very Merry Christmas!

I wish you a happy, festive, safe and healthy holiday and look forward to seeing you back at school on 8th January 2018.