November 30

Dear Parents,

This week we continued our inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme how the world works with the central idea:  water is a natural resource that can be explored. We started off the week drawing our theories of where water comes from – how DOES rain get into the clouds?  How is rain water different and the same to the water we drink?  Where does our water come from?  These are questions we will continue to explore in the coming weeks.  We read a story about a snowflake that undergoes many transformations as it travels around the world over the course of a year – from snowflake, to ice in a pond, to fog, to part of a storm, to  irrigation water on a farm, to drinking water in a sink, and so on.  This story sparked many wonderings about how water can change and move.  We became very interested in snow and ice and spent a lot of the week inquiring into how snowflakes are formed and investigating water as ice.  Calliope’s dad joined us Thursday afternoon to help further our understanding of the water cycle and to share with us some of the work that he does.  Thank you to the parents who were able to join us at Open Classrooms earlier today. As you can see, the K1B students are very enthusiastic scientists! Symmetry and patterning were natural math connections that came up this week as we explored the formation of snowflakes, along with temperature and capacity.

On Tuesday we attended a “sneak peak trailer” of the Grade 1-3 musical, How to Eat Like a Child.  It was fantastic!  I hope to see many of you at one of the performances taking place this Friday and Saturday.

On Friday and Monday we created new self-portraits. It is remarkable to see the growth in the children’s drawings since we started K1.  The portraits will be posted on the students’ blogs.

Please see this link for photos from this week:  K1B Photos

Please note:

*K1 will host Open Classrooms again tomorrow.   Please join in your child’s learning at any of the following times:

Friday December 1st:

-Homeroom 8:20-9:00

-Library 12:30-1:10

-Music 1:15-1:55

*Show and tell next week:  Free choice

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