November 16

Dear Parents,

It was lovely to see the students back after being hard at work for a few days without children at the school.  I enjoyed 4 days of professional development over the weekend and Monday, Tuesday, and look forward to bringing some new learning to the classroom experiences.

Please see this link for photos from this week:  K1B Photos

Please note:

*K1A & K1B will briefly share some of their learning at the ECC Assembly next Thursday November 23rd.  Parents are invited to attend the assembly, which begins at 8:25 in the ECC gym.  I will share a video of the assembly for anyone who can’t attend.

*Show and Tell next week: Please help your child draw or take a picture of water sources at your home, or anywhere outside of school, to share with the class.

*K1 will begin a new PE unit next week and Ms. Nikki has asked that students wear proper trainers/shoes for PE outside over the next few weeks.

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