Oct 26

Dear Parents,

This week we continued our inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme how the world works with the central idea:  water is a natural resource that can be explored. This week we focussed on being careful observers and drawing exactly what we see.  We observed white carnations and roses in coloured water and documented the ways in which they changed over the course of the week.  The students had many interesting theories about how the water moved from the test tubes to the flower petals.

In math we compared the length of our names using coloured cards and connecting cubes.  We explored how to best organize our names to easily understand the data we collected.  In small groups, the students described the data in the graphs that we made.  This activity also allowed us to practice correctly writing our names using uppercase and lowercase letters, which will continue to be a focus over the coming weeks.

Last Friday we were very excited to host Brent International School of Manila’s volleyball team in our K1 classes. The boys and their coaches were wonderful with the K1 students and everyone had a great time.

Next week we will celebrate UN Day/Week at UNIS!

  1. For Show & Tell next week please help your child choose something that represents your home country/culture.
  2. Don’t forget to review important information about the UN Assembly and community lunch on Friday in emails from the school and from our class parent, Carmen.  Please also check the Tin Tuc for important details.
  3. We will be making flags in class next week.  Please fill in the linked document to indicate the flag/s that your child would like to make to represent his/her background.  K1B UN WEEK INFO
  4. We would love to have parents in next week to share stories, songs, crafts, language lessons, or other activities to help us learn about all of our home countries and cultures.  Please sign up for one of the available slots if you would like to come in.  If none of the times work for you, please let me know and I will do my best to find a time that works. K1B UN WEEK INFO

Please see this link for photos from this week:  K1B Photos

Please note:

*Show and Tell next week: please help your child choose something that represents his/her home country/culture.

*If you haven’t had a chance to check out your child’s individual blog yet, I encourage you to do so.  It has been lovely reading comments from parents and even grandparents!

Show & Tell Schedule:

Mondays: Basti, Bella, Calliope, Duc Tam

Tuesdays: Hoang Linh, Hugo, Jenna, Jimmy

Wednesdays: Jonah, Katie, Lena, Rafael

Thursdays: Rahan, Sasha, Yaara, Yuji

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