September 7

Dear Parents,

This week we continued our inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme who we are with the central idea:  Personal choices affect ourselves and the community. We continued to review and develop our our K1B Community Agreements by adding symbols that the students can ‘read’ to understand and remember the agreements.  We created a class web to show that we are all connected and belong together.  What happens when one part of the web is missing or damaged?  We also started collages to show our changing understanding of community.  What shapes, colours and images mean “community” to the students?  Thank you to everyone who has discussed community at home and sent in translated words.   We are practicing forward and backward counting by rote, with counting fingers, and in songs and rhymes.  We had two special assemblies on Thursday, including a visit from Dr. Barder and a performance by gumboot dancers from South Africa.  Please see this link for photos from this week:  K1B Photos

I look forward to seeing you tonight at Back to School Night.  Please join me in our classroom for either the 6:00-6:30 or 6:35-7:05 session to learn more about K1B.  Our room is G17 in the ECC/Building 11.

Please note:


*K1B still needs a room parent. Please email me at if you are interested or would like more details.

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