The School Year Ends

Dear Parents,

Thank you for a wonderful year. It has truly been an amazing year full of learning, refining and coming together as a community. Thank you for your partnership in helping our young 2C students to become the best little people they can be. Below I have linked some folders- one is of the iStop Motion movies we have been working on the last week, and the other is for summer reading and math.

It has taken the students a lot of teamwork, communication skills and trying something, and trying again until it worked. Our goal was to use Tangrams to tell a story. Check out our movies here: iStop Motion Movies

If you are looking for ideas of how to incorporate math into your summer experiences, you can always add more talk about math using Table Talk Math.  Another way to enjoy math this summer is to play math games or digital math games.

To encourage reading over the summer, please check out our summer book list.  We also have a Summer Reading Bingo to encourage students to read different genres as well as books from grade three units of inquiry.

Thank you again!

Loads of Learning in 2C

This week has been an exciting week in Grade 2, and the fun is not over. We wrapped up our How the World Works Unit with our Science Expo today which was a huge success. We will do our best to upload our videos to our Easyblogs in case any of our parents were not able to attend due to other committments.

There is a wealth of information in this blog post so be sure to read all the way through if possible- most importantly though please remember our music celebration on March 22  at 9am. Coffee and tea will be available for parents in the CfA from 8.30 – 9am and the music concert will run from 9 – 9.45/10 am followed by a short comment from Megan. Remember too that this is the FINAL weekend to get your concert attire ready. Students should wear black pants or skirt and a white shirt. Here are some ideas: Formal black dress pants or below-the-knee skirt. Formal white shirt (this should be a blouse or button up collared shirt, no T-shirts please). Formal black shoes (no sneakers please). ‘A touch of color’ (optional) – for example, a blue scarf, red tie, green belt

In Math we have just started to learn about multiplication through repeated addition, using arrays, equal groups and using an open number line. Our standard is to recognise and represent multiplication as repeated addition, groups and arrays.
 Our vocabulary includes: add, take away, group, row, column, array, number of rows, number of columns, number in each row, number in each column, total, equal, is the same as, shared between, shared equally, part left over, empty number line, number chart.

You won’t find us practicing and memorizing times tables in grade 2. It’s okay if you want to practice those at home, but in class we really want to be able to demonstrate our understanding of what multiplication is, and how it is connected to division. Today, we played one of our favorite games called 21, and we practiced playing by skip counting by threes. We discovered the game goes really quickly when you count on by threes! Ask us to show you.

We have been working on writing procedures in class, and have really mastered the idea of having “bossy” verbs or commands at the beginning of our steps. You could ask us to write a procedure for anything, and I bet we could do it. We have also been challenging our skills with using the thesaurus to find out new words we can use since put is a banned word as is using the same command verb more than once in a procedure.

We are always reading, this never changes. And while our fluency and accuracy with words is greatly improving, our goal now is to really understand what we are reading. Here is an article which I have found very helpful. If you are one of those parents who wants to know how to help their child with their reading check it out. It offers some great tips on how you can help your child understand what they are reading and to build their comprehension skills.

Next week we will begin unpacking our new unit Where We Are in Place and Time. Be on the lookout for some field trips coming up as we are hoping to pack our bags for adventures! We were so inspired by a guest visitor we had three weeks ago, Henry Evans. He traveled to the Antarctica to study!

Learning, Announcements and Reminders

Dear Parents,

Apologies for not being a regular blogger in 2C, if I don’t make the 4:00 deadline on Thursday for the Tin Tuc then you don’t get the announcement of the blog updates. I still try to update the blog, but as you can see it has been a month. A new year, new goals- weekly updates by the deadline!

Lately, we have been working on following the procedures of science experiments as our focus in both our unit of inquiry- How The World Works and our writing of procedures. Next week- Thursday, March 15, you could join us in our culminating science experiment in Open Classrooms at 9:10-9:50. We have been visiting the middle and high school science labs with the support of Kate Dore and Russell Flemming- huge thank you to them for giving up their time and sharing experiments with us. See the full Open Classroom schedule at the bottom of the blog post.


Open classrooms– March 15 and 16- the schedule is below near the bottom of the post.


Thursday, March 22 at 9:10-10:00am is the Grade 2 and 3 Music Performance.

The Grade 2 and 3 Music Concert will be held on Thursday, March 22nd at 9am. The students are excited to share with their parents and the UNIS community some of the wonderful music that they have been creating in their classes.

On the morning of the concert, please take your child to their homeroom class as normal wearing their concert clothes (please bring a change of clothes for after the concert). Following student drop off, parents may proceed to the Center for the Arts foyer where tea and coffee will be provided. Doors will open for seating in the theater at 8:50am.

Concert Attire: Students should wear black pants or skirt and a white shirt. Here are some ideas:

  • Formal black dress pants or a below-the-knee skirt
  • Formal white shirt (this should be a blouse or button-up collared shirt, no T-shirts please)
  • Formal black shoes (no sneakers please).

Happy New Year!

It appears that everyone had a restful holiday break, because wow, we have come back strong in 2018- watch out for 2C. Our reading brains, math brains, and our respectful brains have come back in full force. It was amazing how this week we were ready to learn!

In our Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet all G2 students are in focus groups of their choice and investigating the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Water, Education, and Hunger. This week students are unpacking what those goals mean and look like for people around the world. Great questions have been asked and we have some keen learners who are getting ready to take action. Ask your child which area they chose, why and see if you can do some investigating on your own at home.

In math, we have been sharing our thinking and trying to solve problems like:

43 – ______= 19.

We have had to explain our thinking to others, which can be tough. We’ve also learned a lot of new games and are feeling more and more confident in our skills as mathematicians.

Persuasive writing is our focus in writing, and we are aiming to tie it into our unit and persuading people to get involved and take action. It would really help if you talked about persuasion at home too.

Reading is always important- please remember that we have the library on Monday and to be changing our library books, but also our home reader. Students need to be reading at least 20 minutes a night, and that is always better if they can be reading with someone.

That is all for now. Happy 2018 and here’s to good health for us, our friends and our families.

Maker Day, Buddies, Resources and More…..

Last Friday we had our ES Maker Day. This year, our school goal was to link this day to our unit of inquiry. Our focus for the week in our unit was all about water. Looking at water as a natural resource that all people need. On Wednesday, Mrs. Keri shared with us a story about a young girl she helped while she was living in Africa. This young girl was walking up to 6 hours a day to get clean water for her family to drink and use for cooking. Fatamata was not able to go to school because with all of the people in her family she had many chores. We practiced empathy for what it must have been like for Fatumata to carry the water on her head for a long distance, by doing the same thing but a shorter distance.

On Friday, for Maker Day, we attempted to create a water filter to clean the water for Fatamata. We used a water bottle, rocks, sand, cotton balls, clay to see what combination worked to get the water clean. It was very special to take what we were learning in class and apply it to a real-life situation and to see if we could create something that would help someone else. We used the design cycle to help us- Ask a question, imagine a solution, make a plan, create it then fix it. The one thing we all agreed on at the end, was that it was really fun to try something multiple times and fail. We learned a lot from it, and we want to apply that to all of our learning. Mistakes are good and improving something over and over can be fun and challenging.

Our Reading Buddies from grade 8 came to join us on Monday which was a lot of fun. We took turns reading to each other, and they helped us figure out some difficult words. We also filled out a graphic organizer that helped us activate our prior knowledge about the book, what we thought of the book while we were reading and what we learned from reading the book.

Are you wondering what to get your child as a holiday gift? Books are a great gift! This is the time of year that reading becomes very popular, and it is a good item to travel with Here are a couple of new websites I have found to be very relevant and helpful. Check them out:

A Book and a Hug– offers a whole host of ways to find out good books for a particular type of reader- great book lists for whats new in children’s literature.

Guys Read– this is a site for boys in particular, but some of the books look really interesting for a shared reading with the whole family. The site is under construction at the moment, but some of the links are still active and they are currently working on it, so its one to check back with.

Another really cool website to check out is called Fun Brain. Fun Brain offers read-aloud stories, interviews with the authors, book lists, various games all related to learning in a fun way. Funbrain, created for kids in grades Pre-K through 8, offers hundreds of free interactive games, books, videos, and printables that help kids develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving, and literacy.

Please check back later in the week for some pictures.

News from 2C

Dear Parents,

Another awesome week has passed in 2C. We continue to practice telling time with clocks and learning the other ways we pass the time. This week we realized that we actually mark the passing of time through months and seasons. We also came to the conclusion that only Milly comes from the Southern Hemisphere which means her country’s seasons are the opposite of the rest of us. We continue building our vocabulary and the different ways that time can be expressed- half past the hour, quarter after, quarter until.

We have begun our new unit- Sharing the Planet and our provocation was quite thought-provoking. We broke into house teams: Eagles, Buffalos, Tigers, and Lions. We then chose a captain who had to go and pick a cup, little did we know the cups were all different sizes. The goal was then to get as many cubes “resources” as we could until they were all gone. The next task was as a group to make them into as many groups of tens as we could. We had a limited amount of time to make it all happen. Afterwards, we reported out our totals and shared our thinking which was pretty amazing.

Open Classrooms are on Thursday, November 30 and Friday, December 1. Below are the timings of our open classroom and what specials we are attending that back up to the classroom. Specialists will have open doors throughout the two days so you are welcome to pop in and see the learning taking place in those as well.

Digital Success, Grade 8 and a New Unit of Inquiry!

Dear Parents,

Wow, what a great success our Digital Citizenship Fair turned out to be. Our target audience was Grade 1 students, but we found out that we were able to teach some parents and teachers a few things too! We enjoyed sharing our learning even though we were “nervocited’ (nervous and excited at the same time) to begin with. We were really proud of ourselves especially when adults were learning new things about our Apps and websites. Thank you for the Grade 1 and Grade 5 students for coming and being our target audience, and for the parents who were able to attend (we know it isn’t always possible).

Today, we also had G8 students come and visit us to share a story. We partnered up with an 8th grader and they read us a story. It was a really cool way to share a love of literature and have a new experience with an older student. We will work with them on writing and reading strategies every other week for about 5 sessions. It worked well today getting to know them and sharing a story.

Next week will begin a new unit of inquiry along with a new writing and reading focus. We will be focusing more on Non-Fiction texts, and persuasive writing. Be prepared to listen and share your opinions with us.



2C is building Community and Skills

Dear Parents,

Throughout our second full week of school, we have been trying to figure out what it means to be awesome, and what we need to do to make our classroom a better place. We have been practicing our routines and trying to set up some good work habits.

We still need your help with reminding us to bring our water bottles, hats and to read each night, and return our home readers for new ones every day. We really need your help to set up a routine with us at home to do our nightly reading for at least 20 minutes. In order for us to become proficient readers, we need to be practicing with books at our level. We could read the book multiple times too, not just once! Please help us to log our books and ask us questions about what we are reading.

In Math we have continued to develop a positive attitude towards math through playing some number games and completing a variety of inquiries from different areas of math.

In English we have written a story about, “What is behind the Door?” and a recount of the things we shared in our bag from home.

Home Reading – this week we started our home readers. We should be reading each night for at least 20 minutes. We also need to get into the habit of bringing our books back in the clear folder to change them each day. We were awesome about it in grade one and should continue being awesome in grade two.

In our Unit of Inquiry we have been looking at what is a community and what communities are we a part of. Our next step is to look at what are the values of those communities, and do we share the same values. This weekend we hope that you will have a conversation about what are some of our family values, and how do those values shape the communities we belong to.

Helpful Information

  • ES Back to School Night for Parents  – Thursday 7th September at 6pm. Learn more about 2C and the Grade 2 Team.  Location will be in 2C homeroom B9 130 and you can meet with the Specialists in the foyer for Centre for the Arts.
  • School will be closed on Monday (September 4th) as we celebrate Vietnam’s National Day.
  • Ask your family, “what do we value as a family?” A sheet to record your values is in your child’s take home folder. You or your child can record your answer.