Learning, Learning, Learning!

Can you believe we have only been in school for 21 days? It already feels like it has been easily a couple of months. We are a high energy group which is slowly coming together as a learning community.

Our motto has been:

Are we there yet? Not yet! 

Will we get there? You bet!

In Math, we have been learning to play different games that help with our number fluency through 20. We have been playing Number Top-It, using the language of :

Partner 1: I have _____ and _______ which makes ___.

Partner 2: I have _____ and _______ which makes ___.

Person with largest sum: I have _____ more than you, which means I win!

We have also been playing a game called Plus 8, Plus 9 both of which we use a game board and have to spin the spinner and add 8 or 9 to that number. Again we are using a similar language to the above game to help us build our skills of Talking about Math and explaining our strategies.

In reading and writing, we have been working on using the descriptive bubble which is helping us to write more interesting sentences. We have also been working on what verbs are and their purpose in a sentence. The use of strong verbs can help our writing be more interesting and fun to read.

Our Who We Are unit of inquiry is coming to an end though the values and community building will be used to continue working together and building a strong learning community. We have identified some ‘tools’ that we can use to help us navigate our communities and help us to be the best we can be.

Today was Buddies! We went and played with Discovery students and celebrated Dot Day by placing dots all over the wall. We had great fun exploring our buddy classroom.

Coming Up!

Please send in a pair of headphones that students can leave at school for our upcoming unit on Digital Technologies. Students will be accessing various websites and in order to hear what is going on, headphones are a must. We will also use these for some of our literacy rotations for listening to reading and recording our readings. There is a bake sale next Wednesday! Please send students with a small amount of VND to purchase a healthy snack and to support our parent organization. Thank you!


Resources and Library

Dear Parents,

Here is a resource that I mentioned on Thursday at our BTSN. The website is called Youcubed and it has a wealth of information for parents under the resources link, but there is also a lot more on there under all the other tabs. Thank you for checking it out.

Remember, Monday is our library book check out day, so please help us to bring our library bags.

Back to School Night and Updates

Hello Parents,

Tonight is our Back to School Night, and we hope to see you. The first session begins at 6:00 pm and runs until 6:30. The second session begins at 6:35- 7:05 pm. It will be the same presentation each time. In the Center for the Arts building the specialists and language teachers will be sharing information as well. It is always good to put the face to the name.

Most importantly, we have a dedicated library time now. So each Monday, your child will need to bring their library bag with them so that they can go to the library and check out up to 3 books! This is exciting for us.

As always, please remember to send your child to school with a water bottle. Preferably not a single use plastic one. We are trying to do our job as stewards of the earth and protecting our planet. Our brains need water to work their best, and we need your help.

2C is building Community and Skills

Dear Parents,

Throughout our second full week of school, we have been trying to figure out what it means to be awesome, and what we need to do to make our classroom a better place. We have been practicing our routines and trying to set up some good work habits.

We still need your help with reminding us to bring our water bottles, hats and to read each night, and return our home readers for new ones every day. We really need your help to set up a routine with us at home to do our nightly reading for at least 20 minutes. In order for us to become proficient readers, we need to be practicing with books at our level. We could read the book multiple times too, not just once! Please help us to log our books and ask us questions about what we are reading.

In Math we have continued to develop a positive attitude towards math through playing some number games and completing a variety of inquiries from different areas of math.

In English we have written a story about, “What is behind the Door?” and a recount of the things we shared in our bag from home.

Home Reading – this week we started our home readers. We should be reading each night for at least 20 minutes. We also need to get into the habit of bringing our books back in the clear folder to change them each day. We were awesome about it in grade one and should continue being awesome in grade two.

In our Unit of Inquiry we have been looking at what is a community and what communities are we a part of. Our next step is to look at what are the values of those communities, and do we share the same values. This weekend we hope that you will have a conversation about what are some of our family values, and how do those values shape the communities we belong to.

Helpful Information

  • ES Back to School Night for Parents  – Thursday 7th September at 6pm. Learn more about 2C and the Grade 2 Team.  Location will be in 2C homeroom B9 130 and you can meet with the Specialists in the foyer for Centre for the Arts.
  • School will be closed on Monday (September 4th) as we celebrate Vietnam’s National Day.
  • Ask your family, “what do we value as a family?” A sheet to record your values is in your child’s take home folder. You or your child can record your answer.

A New Year at UNIS

Hi All,

Welcome to UNIS and our first full week. What a great 5 days we have had. We are learning lots and building community. We’ve set our essential agreements which include:

We can be friends with anyone.

We are open minded and try new things.

We are respectful of all learners and learning styles.

We create an environment that is safe for making mistakes.

Some things we need help with:

  • Water bottles and hats
  • Library bags
  • We need a class parents volunteer
  • We need you to come to our social next week (Tuesday the 29th)to introduce yourself and set up some play dates.
  • Please send me an email or a note if your child has alternate after-school plans.

My email should you need to contact me: cheitmiller@unishanoi.org


Thank you, and more information to come.