Happy New Year!

It appears that everyone had a restful holiday break, because wow, we have come back strong in 2018- watch out for 2C. Our reading brains, math brains, and our respectful brains have come back in full force. It was amazing how this week we were ready to learn!

In our Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet all G2 students are in focus groups of their choice and investigating the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Water, Education, and Hunger. This week students are unpacking what those goals mean and look like for people around the world. Great questions have been asked and we have some keen learners who are getting ready to take action. Ask your child which area they chose, why and see if you can do some investigating on your own at home.

In math, we have been sharing our thinking and trying to solve problems like:

43 – ______= 19.

We have had to explain our thinking to others, which can be tough. We’ve also learned a lot of new games and are feeling more and more confident in our skills as mathematicians.

Persuasive writing is our focus in writing, and we are aiming to tie it into our unit and persuading people to get involved and take action. It would really help if you talked about persuasion at home too.

Reading is always important- please remember that we have the library on Monday and to be changing our library books, but also our home reader. Students need to be reading at least 20 minutes a night, and that is always better if they can be reading with someone.

That is all for now. Happy 2018 and here’s to good health for us, our friends and our families.

Reading, Reading and Math Games for Holiday Fun!

Happy Holidays Parents and Families,

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a restful break. Wherever your plans take you and your family, please take some time to read together as a family. Students have access to Raz Kids and they can access that from an iPad or computer. Students also have access to some great read aloud’s on storylineonline.net. Also, in the previous blog post, I mentioned a couple of sites that have great ideas for books. Airports, buses, trains, and downtime offer some wonderful opportunities to be reading instead of playing video games.

Also, a deck of playing cards makes for some great opportunities to practice our math facts, by adding or subtracting- and they are easy to pack!

Maker Day, Buddies, Resources and More…..

Last Friday we had our ES Maker Day. This year, our school goal was to link this day to our unit of inquiry. Our focus for the week in our unit was all about water. Looking at water as a natural resource that all people need. On Wednesday, Mrs. Keri shared with us a story about a young girl she helped while she was living in Africa. This young girl was walking up to 6 hours a day to get clean water for her family to drink and use for cooking. Fatamata was not able to go to school because with all of the people in her family she had many chores. We practiced empathy for what it must have been like for Fatumata to carry the water on her head for a long distance, by doing the same thing but a shorter distance.

On Friday, for Maker Day, we attempted to create a water filter to clean the water for Fatamata. We used a water bottle, rocks, sand, cotton balls, clay to see what combination worked to get the water clean. It was very special to take what we were learning in class and apply it to a real-life situation and to see if we could create something that would help someone else. We used the design cycle to help us- Ask a question, imagine a solution, make a plan, create it then fix it. The one thing we all agreed on at the end, was that it was really fun to try something multiple times and fail. We learned a lot from it, and we want to apply that to all of our learning. Mistakes are good and improving something over and over can be fun and challenging.

Our Reading Buddies from grade 8 came to join us on Monday which was a lot of fun. We took turns reading to each other, and they helped us figure out some difficult words. We also filled out a graphic organizer that helped us activate our prior knowledge about the book, what we thought of the book while we were reading and what we learned from reading the book.

Are you wondering what to get your child as a holiday gift? Books are a great gift! This is the time of year that reading becomes very popular, and it is a good item to travel with Here are a couple of new websites I have found to be very relevant and helpful. Check them out:

A Book and a Hug– offers a whole host of ways to find out good books for a particular type of reader- great book lists for whats new in children’s literature.

Guys Read– this is a site for boys in particular, but some of the books look really interesting for a shared reading with the whole family. The site is under construction at the moment, but some of the links are still active and they are currently working on it, so its one to check back with.

Another really cool website to check out is called Fun Brain. Fun Brain offers read-aloud stories, interviews with the authors, book lists, various games all related to learning in a fun way. Funbrain, created for kids in grades Pre-K through 8, offers hundreds of free interactive games, books, videos, and printables that help kids develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving, and literacy.

Please check back later in the week for some pictures.

Open Classroom Success

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those parents who were able to join us today for open classrooms. It is an interesting opportunity to glimpse the learning taking place in the classrooms, playground, and specialist classes. We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we enjoyed having you.

This week we continued to hone in on our time telling skills, working on writing the time both digitally and through analog. We are definitely seeing improvement and now I am not the only one in the class that can tell the time which is exciting.

This week we have focused in on resources and conflict in our unit of inquiry. Today we began to look at ways we can sort conflict- each of our groups came up with different ideas (we each had our own perspective). You can access our group reflection by going to  https://flipgrid.com/n2c6do

Thanks again,


News from 2C

Dear Parents,

Another awesome week has passed in 2C. We continue to practice telling time with clocks and learning the other ways we pass the time. This week we realized that we actually mark the passing of time through months and seasons. We also came to the conclusion that only Milly comes from the Southern Hemisphere which means her country’s seasons are the opposite of the rest of us. We continue building our vocabulary and the different ways that time can be expressed- half past the hour, quarter after, quarter until.

We have begun our new unit- Sharing the Planet and our provocation was quite thought-provoking. We broke into house teams: Eagles, Buffalos, Tigers, and Lions. We then chose a captain who had to go and pick a cup, little did we know the cups were all different sizes. The goal was then to get as many cubes “resources” as we could until they were all gone. The next task was as a group to make them into as many groups of tens as we could. We had a limited amount of time to make it all happen. Afterwards, we reported out our totals and shared our thinking which was pretty amazing.

Open Classrooms are on Thursday, November 30 and Friday, December 1. Below are the timings of our open classroom and what specials we are attending that back up to the classroom. Specialists will have open doors throughout the two days so you are welcome to pop in and see the learning taking place in those as well.

Digital Success, Grade 8 and a New Unit of Inquiry!

Dear Parents,

Wow, what a great success our Digital Citizenship Fair turned out to be. Our target audience was Grade 1 students, but we found out that we were able to teach some parents and teachers a few things too! We enjoyed sharing our learning even though we were “nervocited’ (nervous and excited at the same time) to begin with. We were really proud of ourselves especially when adults were learning new things about our Apps and websites. Thank you for the Grade 1 and Grade 5 students for coming and being our target audience, and for the parents who were able to attend (we know it isn’t always possible).

Today, we also had G8 students come and visit us to share a story. We partnered up with an 8th grader and they read us a story. It was a really cool way to share a love of literature and have a new experience with an older student. We will work with them on writing and reading strategies every other week for about 5 sessions. It worked well today getting to know them and sharing a story.

Next week will begin a new unit of inquiry along with a new writing and reading focus. We will be focusing more on Non-Fiction texts, and persuasive writing. Be prepared to listen and share your opinions with us.



A Successful Week of Learning and Helping Others

On your mark…

This week we challenged ourselves with giving our best efforts in supporting the Blue Dragon Walkathon. Each one of us walked between 3 and 23 laps as every bit helps the children of Blue Dragon. We came together as a big community to help out others. Our next job is to bring in our monies for our accomplishments which are due by November 22. Thank you, parents, for your support. And a BIG SHOUTOUT THANK YOU to all of our parent volunteers who came out to mark the laps we accomplished.

We began an inquiry into How We Measure Time. Our focus is to look at how we measure not only time but seasons and months as well. Here is the vocabulary that students will be responsible for throughout the unit:

Calendar, Days of the Week, Date, Month, Year, Seasons (Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring), Time, Clock, Analog, Digital, Hour hand, Minute hand, O’clock, Half past, Quarter To, and Quarter After.

We are busy preparing for our Digital Citizenship Fair on Thursday, November 16 from 8:45- 9:30 am. We hope that some parents will be able to attend though we fully understand and anticipate work obligations.

We also made a visit to our buddy class. We always have a fun play with them. Today we were wondering how they communicate since they don’t speak a lot, and how do they learn the language when they are so quiet. Some interesting discussions went on with Mrs. Amy about how our little buddies are taking it all in and learning while we are talking to them.




Important Upcoming Events in G2

Hello Parents,

Tomorrow is UN Day, and we couldn’t be more excited. We are looking foward to everyone celebrating with our shared luncheon for grade 2 upstairs in Mr. Kenny’s room and our classroom. Hopefully you have received emails from the school and from our class parent- Paula.

Next on the Horizon is the Annual Blue Dragon Walkathon which is scheduled for Wednesday, November 8. We will need volunteers to help keep track of the number of laps students have completed. Please let Paula or myself know if you can come and help out on the day.

And then the following week on Thursday, November 16, Grade 2 students will be sharing some of their current learning in a Digital Citizenship Fair. The fair is scheduled for 8:45- 9:30 am in the respective classrooms. Please come and have a look if you can and be asking your child for more details as we get closer to the date.

Welcome Back!

Hi Parents,

I do hope that you and your family had a restful October break last week. My holiday was a little different, as I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee to fix a few things, I really thought it was going to be easy. Ha! I was wrong. I’ve had to relearn how to walk correctly, and deal with some pretty intense swelling and bruising. Your children have been in the best care all week with Mrs. Joh, and have been emailing me to let me know that their Ewok moved forward in Art, and they got four thumbs up in Choir. Apparently, Mrs. Joh is a really funny reader and they have shared lots of stories this week. I will be back on Monday and I am looking forward to it!

Tonight, October 19th there is a Mathematics Evening hosted by Beth Murray in the Community Room for Grades 2-5 parents. There will be a similar one offered for the lower ES on October 27th at 8:30am in the Community Room.

This week we are hosting an APAC Super Volleyball Tournament so there might be some opportunities for you and the family to come and support a game or two. You can check the school website for further information. Also, we are encouraging our students to show their UNIS pride tomorrow by wearing blue. It would be great to see all the kids sporting their UNIS pride in blue.

Thank you for your patience this week and your healing thoughts.

Miss Christy

Learning in 2C

Dear Parents,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for building strong partnerships on Tuesday at Parent Teacher Conferences. It is always a wonderful experience being able to sit down and talk with you about your child. I do hope that your needs were met and if not please send me some feedback about how it could have been better- as I am a learner too. You can send it to cheitmiller@unishanoi.org if you think of something.

Our Unit of Inquiry has been all about digital technologies and learning how to be safe online. We have put together a digital timeline to see how technology has changed over time- we noticed that things have gotten much smaller than they used to be. We have been learning about some new ways to connect with people around the globe during as we have joined the Global Read Aloud so we are connecting with students in Minnesota, California, and Canada. We even sent out a tweet to the author of our read aloud- Fenway and Hattie and she liked it! What fun! Attached here is a document that has some of our key vocabulary that you could discuss at home in your home language. Let me know if you want a hard copy.

Working on making groups of tens and ones to find our magic number.

Working on a digital timeline for cellphones.

Looking at how the phone went from being ginormous and attached to the wall, to it being small and attached to our hand.

Working together to make groups of 10’s and 1’s to find the magic number.

Making groups to find out how regrouping works.

Working together, communicating and figuring out how regrouping works.

Problem solving- how many 10 and how many 1’s.

HWOO_Digital Citizenship-1a3fv7r