The Week in Review and the week ahead

Dear Parents,

Here are some things we focused on this last week, and we will continue into this next week. If you are reading this can you please respond with a quick note? I would be really thankful.

Math: Fractions/Volume

This week in class we did lots of work with fractions and volume- here are some ideas to help out at home to continue our thinking:

  • Review fraction notation. For example, ask: “In a fraction, what does the number on the bottom (the denominator) tell you?” ” What does the number on the top (the numerator) tell you?”
  • Draw a picture of a rectangular cake, a circular pizza, or a similar food. Discuss ways to feed various numbers of people so that each person gets an equal portion.
  • Read a recipe and discuss the fractions in it. For example, ask: “How many 1/4 cups of sugar would we need to get 1 cup of sugar?”
  • Compare two fractions and tell which is larger. For example, ask: “Which would give you more of a pizza: 1/8 of it, or 1/4?”

Writing/Reading: Procedural or Explanation Texts

We also spent some time looking at procedural texts to find out what made them different from other types of non-fiction texts. We are beginning to write our own steps or directions to something.

  • Look at some cookbooks or craft books at home. Where else can you find how to do something?
  • Write out steps on how to walk the dog, or how to do something at home. What are some important things to think about?

Unit of Inquiry: Liquids, Solids and Gases

We are looking at a lot of vocabulary and getting an idea of what matter is and how it can change. Our question this week was how can matter change and why does it change? This next week we will be working on various experiments to see how matter can change.

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