Forces- Unit of Inquiry Homework Assignment

Hello Students,

Here is the link for your homework. It is also posted on your homework assignment sheet, but here it is again. Please write your response below if you can. If not, be ready to discuss it in class with your peers. Thanks and have fun!

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7 thoughts on “Forces- Unit of Inquiry Homework Assignment

  1. I really liked the video of the many things that were moving, flying and pushing, pulling, crashing, filling each other. They used gravity and forces. It was fun and I want to build one!

  2. I think the force involved where Pushing (there was lots of pushing going on)
    Also there was pulling,electric signals and a tiny bit of magnets going on.
    I even had to play it in slow-motion and play it about 6 to get the what was going on
    I still have a question. Why did you pick this video, I mean theres alot of other video but why this one?

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