The School Year Ends

Dear Parents,

Thank you for a wonderful year. It has truly been an amazing year full of learning, refining and coming together as a community. Thank you for your partnership in helping our young 2C students to become the best little people they can be. Below I have linked some folders- one is of the iStop Motion movies we have been working on the last week, and the other is for summer reading and math.

It has taken the students a lot of teamwork, communication skills and trying something, and trying again until it worked. Our goal was to use Tangrams to tell a story. Check out our movies here: iStop Motion Movies

If you are looking for ideas of how to incorporate math into your summer experiences, you can always add more talk about math using Table Talk Math.  Another way to enjoy math this summer is to play math games or digital math games.

To encourage reading over the summer, please check out our summer book list.  We also have a Summer Reading Bingo to encourage students to read different genres as well as books from grade three units of inquiry.

Thank you again!

A Huge Thank you!

Dear Parents,

A HUGE thank you for your support in allowing Chewie Chow Chow to come to school and meet your children. Both students and Chewie were rockstars. The smiles, hugs, and laughs were beautiful. Thank you to Ms. Megan for her support and signing off on the “field trip”. I would also like to thank Paula Evans for being our class parent and helping behind the scenes to organize events, send emails and pass on information to us all. Thank you for your support.

This time next week we will be on Summer holiday! What a year it has been. I really appreciate each and every family for your support and patience. This group of students holds a special place in my heart, they have helped me to grow as a professional and really put in some difficult time learning from each other, reflecting and supporting one another.

Don’t forget Tuesday, June 12 is our Grade 2 Water Extravaganza party! Starts at 2PM on the field, students can bring water toys, but not balloons (environmental concern). Please bring a small easy snack to share.

Next week we will be sending home some ideas on how to keep up with Maths and reading over the summer- so be on the lookout. June 14 is our last day of school. Dismissal at 12:00. Please don’t forget to send in a snack.

Where is Time Going?

Dear Parents,

Swim Relay for grades 2 & 3 tomorrow (Friday) at 12:30. Please come and support your child in their house relay if you can. Information posted on campus about specific events and timings- should be quite fun. Thanks.

Our week has been pretty awesome. We started out with how some Buddhist express their creativity through the Mandala, which helps build focus. Some students created a message to express some of their wishes. They also used the flowers to represent different things. Some students used a flower that was just starting to open to represent life beginning- there was some very creative thinking happening.

We ended our week with Talking Trees or Totem Poles. Students have written a blog post and posted a picture of it. They will use their talking tree as a transition piece for Moving Up Day on June 8 when they find out their new learning community for G3. Exciting! Have a look at their blogs for an insight into your child’s values.

Book Sale and Parent Volunteers Needed

Welcome Back! What a great 4 day weekend we’ve had. Heading into the final countdown of the year- I cannot believe it!

Book Sale Visit- Friday, May 4. Students are excited about some of the books they have seen coming up for sale, so please send your child to school with some VND tomorrow (Friday) for the book sale!

Parent Volunteers Needed: Grade two is going to start the last unit of inquiry next week. It is, How We Express Ourselves: cultures express their creativity in many ways. This is a fantastic unit to utilize the diversity of our UNIS community. We would like to ask for parents to come into grade two and present different aspects of their culture and creativity. Some ideas of culture that could be shared might be language, music, art, dance, clothing/textiles, theatre, food, games, and sports. If you are interested in presenting, please email your child’s classroom teacher. We appreciate your help!
An interesting TEDx TalkAs I write this I am at a workshop in Bangkok all about Maths Inquiry. Fascinating stuff! But here is a link to a really great TEDx Talk that our workshop leader used to provoke our thinking. Check it out, and see if it provokes your thinking as a parent.

Student Led Success

It was wonderful to see all of 2C’s parents and students enjoying learning and sharing with one another yesterday. It was truly a great day of sitting back and letting students lead their journey of learning and watching the magic unfold. It was fun to listen in on conferences happening in various languages to imagine what might be happening. There were some good reflections happening as well. Overall I would say the day was a student-led success! Thank you, parents, for participating in the journey.

The next couple of weeks are a little disjointed with a Wednesday off (April 25), and then a long weekend. We are in the midst of finishing up our report writing and creating our presentations for Where We Are in Place and Time. Be listening for fascinating facts about land, sea or space as these are where your child is investigating as a place they want to explore.

Thank you to the families who have donated books to the Annual Book Drive- we are up to about 35 books- we sure could use some more. Any books are welcome.

Raising Responsibility and Reminders

Dear Parents,

Welcome back from Spring Break! One of my former student who is now in grade 6 came in to announce to our class that we have in fact 41 school days left and that we are 75% of the way through the school year. I cannot believe it. There is so much that we still want to explore and learn about but we are on the right track! We are in the midst of a research report, exploring various locations like Land, Oceans, and Space- we each chose a specialty we wanted to explore more in depth, and are mixed up with students from the other grade two classes for those explorations. It is fun for us to work with other students, not in our homeroom, and make new friends.


  • Wednesday, 18 April – Student Led Conferences (please sign up on Veracross)
  • Wednesday, 25 April – Hung King Day NO SCHOOL
  • Please remind your student to read regularly
  • Monday, 20 April – Vietnamese Victory Day NO SCHOOL
  • BOOK DRIVE: Monday, April 9 – Friday, April 27
  • BOOK SALE: Friday, May 4 – Saturday, May
  •  April 30th and May 1st  are holidays- NO SCHOOL

Raising Responsibility in 2C

When you come in for Student Led Conferences you will see a new addition to our classroom. Our Raising Responsibility Chart. Each day we start off on balanced and throughout the day based on the choices, we make we can either move up to Awesome or down to Can Do Better or even Disappointed. It is a fluid chart, to help us keep focused and on task. This chart is helping us identify those behaviors or choices we make as individuals affect our learning, but also how those choices affect our classmates. 


Whole School Sports Day and Spring Break

Exploring the Hanoi Botanical Gardens was a perfect way, along with Sports Day to wrap up an unseasonable dry March. Thank you to Paula for joining us on our adventure! The students seemed to love exploring, asking questions and letting their imaginations run wild. I hope that your adventures and explorations continue over the Spring Break Holiday! Safe Travels, and stay tuned for some photos once the students have sifted through.

Don’t forget to come and support us during our Whole School Sports Day, the weather is going to be perfect! Bring some water and perhaps sunscreen?! We start at 8:30am and finish around 11:30 in time for lunch.

Gaining Speed Towards Spring


How is it possible that we only have 1.5 weeks until Spring Break? Next week there are two important events to keep on your radar:

  • March 29- Whole Grade 2 Explorer Field Trip- students will prepare what they need to bring but will need your help in providing a packed lunch. There will be no option for a hot lunch. Our adventure trip involves a picnic to the Hanoi Botanical Gardens. Monday permission slips will go home. We will be leaving school at 11:40 and returning at 2:30.
  • March 30- is the Whole School Fun Sports Day. Grade 2 will be participating from 8:25am to 11:20am. 

Your child needs your feedback. Students have been using their blogs to communicate with their audience about their learning- however, they are in need of some feedback. There are some parents who frequent the blogs and respond but then there are other children who have yet to get any feedback, which can make it hard to stay motivated. Remember these blogs are now the equivalent of a portfolio but in real time. It is a reflection of their learning. Here is the link to our class blog page, you can then click on your child and see what they are posting. Any constructive feedback is cherished by your child- I cannot tell you how they light up when someone replies to their posts.

Can you believe the beautiful weather we have had this week? As the weather starts heating up, it is essential that you send your child with a water bottle to school- preferably one that is reusable- it helps to teach responsibility (keeping track of things), and it promotes a healthy environment. We are trying to do our part to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals so please help out. If you are leaving it up to your child to drink from the school water fountain- I can tell you that your child is dehydrated and not working at their full potential. We all know we need to drink water, but maybe a little more information get help us perform to our personal best. Check out this website for more information.

Loads of Learning in 2C

This week has been an exciting week in Grade 2, and the fun is not over. We wrapped up our How the World Works Unit with our Science Expo today which was a huge success. We will do our best to upload our videos to our Easyblogs in case any of our parents were not able to attend due to other committments.

There is a wealth of information in this blog post so be sure to read all the way through if possible- most importantly though please remember our music celebration on March 22  at 9am. Coffee and tea will be available for parents in the CfA from 8.30 – 9am and the music concert will run from 9 – 9.45/10 am followed by a short comment from Megan. Remember too that this is the FINAL weekend to get your concert attire ready. Students should wear black pants or skirt and a white shirt. Here are some ideas: Formal black dress pants or below-the-knee skirt. Formal white shirt (this should be a blouse or button up collared shirt, no T-shirts please). Formal black shoes (no sneakers please). ‘A touch of color’ (optional) – for example, a blue scarf, red tie, green belt

In Math we have just started to learn about multiplication through repeated addition, using arrays, equal groups and using an open number line. Our standard is to recognise and represent multiplication as repeated addition, groups and arrays.
 Our vocabulary includes: add, take away, group, row, column, array, number of rows, number of columns, number in each row, number in each column, total, equal, is the same as, shared between, shared equally, part left over, empty number line, number chart.

You won’t find us practicing and memorizing times tables in grade 2. It’s okay if you want to practice those at home, but in class we really want to be able to demonstrate our understanding of what multiplication is, and how it is connected to division. Today, we played one of our favorite games called 21, and we practiced playing by skip counting by threes. We discovered the game goes really quickly when you count on by threes! Ask us to show you.

We have been working on writing procedures in class, and have really mastered the idea of having “bossy” verbs or commands at the beginning of our steps. You could ask us to write a procedure for anything, and I bet we could do it. We have also been challenging our skills with using the thesaurus to find out new words we can use since put is a banned word as is using the same command verb more than once in a procedure.

We are always reading, this never changes. And while our fluency and accuracy with words is greatly improving, our goal now is to really understand what we are reading. Here is an article which I have found very helpful. If you are one of those parents who wants to know how to help their child with their reading check it out. It offers some great tips on how you can help your child understand what they are reading and to build their comprehension skills.

Next week we will begin unpacking our new unit Where We Are in Place and Time. Be on the lookout for some field trips coming up as we are hoping to pack our bags for adventures! We were so inspired by a guest visitor we had three weeks ago, Henry Evans. He traveled to the Antarctica to study!