Open Day

Hello Parents,

Thank you for coming to our open days. The students really loved having you here, especially to help out with the paper bag making on Friday. If you haven’t already, ask your child if their family made enough to survive on. As well as our U.O.I. topic, it was a good activity for understanding what empathy means and a real eye opener for how other people may live their lives. Here are a few photos from Friday.




Busy week!

Hello Parents- as you know, it has been a busy week!

The trip to the water fun park was helpful to our U.O.I. unit as the students looked at the rides through different eyes- working out the machines and predicting the types of forces involved. Although we did not have a turn on any ride, we saw them in action which helped work out the forces used. See photos below

Luckily the weather held for the Blue Dragon fun run yesterday. Thank you to all the parents who were able to come along to either help or support. The students challenged themselves to run more laps than they did last year- all succeeded and are very proud of themselves. Thank you all for your donations. Once all the donations have been collected the organisers will let us know how much we raised for this worth while cause.  See photos below


















Buddies come to visit.

Hello Parents,

We were very excited that our buddies from E.C.C came to our classroom today. First we read them picture books and then showed them some of our games and simple machines from our current U.O.I unit. Afterwards we took them to our big playground. We took good care of them around the swing area, and looked after them and helped them while they had turns on the equipment.



May the force be with you!

We have had a lot of fun introducing our new U.O.I. unit on forces and simple machines. The students had to estimate which would be the force- gravity, lever/catapult, pull/spring or push- that would send a plastic truck the longest distance. Ask them who won the competition.

Since then we have been exploring, identifying and experimenting with simple machines. In the next few weeks we will be designing and building, so we would really appreciate any recyclable items you have like- bottle tops, plastic bottles, yoghurt cartons, cardboard etc.  Thanks for your support.

A.P.A.C. volleyball teams

Today we had a whole school assembly in the sports centre to welcome the volley ball teams to the ‘Super Tournament.’ 3 A & B classes are supporting S.F.S.  Seoul Foreign School. Our students had made posters and were cheering loudly for their adopted team to make them feel welcome. This afternoon we watched them play a game.

Tomorrow we are all going to wear blue to show our school spirit.

Visiting Experts for our UOI unit on endangered animals & environments.

Guest Speakers

We have been extremely fortunate to have three UNIS parents come in and share their expertise and knowledge with our students to support our unit of inquiry. We had Alison Davis, who visited us from the Environment, Science, Technology & Health Unit at the U.S. Embassy. We also had Blake’s dad, Dr. Ben Rawson who is the Conservation and Program Development Director for W.W.F Vietnam and then we had Max’s dad, Dr. Scott Roberton who is the Director of Counter Wildlife Trafficking with W.C.S here in Vietnam. We are very grateful for these members of our community giving up their time to help our students learn more about animal conservation.

Moon festival colours!

Hello parents,

We have had a special day today celebrating the Vietnamese Moon festival. We all looked splendid in our colourful ao dai . The assembly was a spectacular sight with most of the audience in traditional dress and the stage looked amazing. The backdrop was painted by the grade 2 & 4 students under the guidance of our art teacher. The musicians were playing traditional instruments which have their own special sound. Grade 2 & 4 students, that take Vietnamese as their world language, performed traditional stories for us very capably. After assembly we painted bamboo baskets to make masks of faces or animals showing emotions. The morning tea snack was moon cake and fruit. What a great day- so much fun!! Below are some photos .

Dot Day Fun

 Last Thursday we shared, with our buddy class, a really inspiring story called The Dot, which is about a young student who thinks they are not good at art. Afterwards we all contributed to an elementary school art work to celebrate international Dot Day. You can see the finished creation on the building fence outside the Art Centre .