Fractions & Field trip

Hello Parents,

Nothing like chocolate to teach fractions. A lot of careful measuring and communication was happening when the students had to cut a small fun size chocolate bar into thirds and then into sixths. We all agree we would much rather have one third of a bar than one sixth!

Our field trip was informative and enjoyable as the students and teachers saw first hand temples and a church in Hanoi. The students took photos of symbols, statues and much more, furthering their knowledge and understanding of different cultures and religions.









The year has certainly flown by. I have had a great year teaching 3A . Thank you for your support. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, relaxing and safe holiday.

Kind regards



Book Week

Hello Parents,

Hope you all had a great long weekend!  This short week is all about books and reading- We have mystery readers coming to class, Stop Drop & Read times, dress up and the book parade today- we took our buddies along from the ECC. (see photos below) Tomorrow we finish with PJ day & the Book Sale. Last year I bought some really good books from the sale and will be going again this year- come along it is really worth while.

Exciting happenings at our school.

Hello Parents,

UNIS is a happening place- there is always something new and exciting. This week is the PYPX- Grade 5 exhibition which we visited this morning. The action these young students are involved in is truly inspiring and makes you feel like the future of our world is in good knowledgeable hands. See below an artwork from one of the the Plastic Oceans group.

At assembly this morning we were introduced to the “Super Cycling Man” whose message to children is that we can all be a ‘Hero’ by the actions we take everyday. He is also fundraising for Parkinson’s. An inspirational person who is following his dream of cycling around the world. Later in the afternoon Grade three had their own question & answer session. Ask your children if they remember how they can be a ‘Hero”.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Book Week- May 2nd

Everyday of Book Week will

offer special activities!

Wednesday May 2– Wear a Word Day:

Students wear a word on their clothing-

Can be a word they identify with, have fun saying or simply enjoy.

Thursday May 3-Character costume dress up day + Parade

Students dress up as their favourite BOOK character

Friday May 4 Pajama dress up day and bring your

best buddy soft cuddly toy to school day  

+ SCO Book Sale!

         Plus week long activities including Literary Lunches, DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Time, Book Walks, Poetry Pathways and AMAZING Library displays!


The Book Week Team


Radial paper relief sculptures

Hello Parent,

It was great to see you all yesterday. I know your children really enjoyed having your undivided attention at school and showing you their work. Some of you told me how different school is now than it was in your day. It sure is an exciting, happening place compared to when I went to school and it is wonderful to be part of it all.

I know you were shown the radial symmetry pictures as all the students were so proud of them and they do look spectacular! They are in fact quite simple but the students had to use their knowledge of symmetry and fractions to work them out. Using three origami folds, four colours and different patterns, forty three different creations were made. A lot of patience, discussion, cooperation, experimenting and trial & error took place before the final composition was decided on. Next accuracy and precision was needed to glue the pieces in place to make them symmetrical- fantastic results.

Photos below –