Visiting Experts for our UOI unit on endangered animals & environments.

Guest Speakers

We have been extremely fortunate to have three UNIS parents come in and share their expertise and knowledge with our students to support our unit of inquiry. We had Alison Davis, who visited us from the Environment, Science, Technology & Health Unit at the U.S. Embassy. We also had Blake’s dad, Dr. Ben Rawson who is the Conservation and Program Development Director for W.W.F Vietnam and then we had Max’s dad, Dr. Scott Roberton who is the Director of Counter Wildlife Trafficking with W.C.S here in Vietnam. We are very grateful for these members of our community giving up their time to help our students learn more about animal conservation.

Moon festival colours!

Hello parents,

We have had a special day today celebrating the Vietnamese Moon festival. We all looked splendid in our colourful ao dai . The assembly was a spectacular sight with most of the audience in traditional dress and the stage looked amazing. The backdrop was painted by the grade 2 & 4 students under the guidance of our art teacher. The musicians were playing traditional instruments which have their own special sound. Grade 2 & 4 students, that take Vietnamese as their world language, performed traditional stories for us very capably. After assembly we painted bamboo baskets to make masks of faces or animals showing emotions. The morning tea snack was moon cake and fruit. What a great day- so much fun!! Below are some photos .

Dot Day Fun

 Last Thursday we shared, with our buddy class, a really inspiring story called The Dot, which is about a young student who thinks they are not good at art. Afterwards we all contributed to an elementary school art work to celebrate international Dot Day. You can see the finished creation on the building fence outside the Art Centre .

Maths thinking!

Hello Parents,

We have been learning about our brains and Maths from Jo Bowler who is a professor of Mathematics at Stanford. Everybody is born with a Maths brain and it is the experiences you have that grow your brain. Learning, challenges, thinking and making mistakes all grow and strengthen the pathways in your brain. We have been working on persisting with tasks that we find difficult and experiencing the pleasure and fun that comes from completing these activities. Some photos of the challenging times:



Short week!

Hello Parents,

Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. It is amazing how a short week seems long with everything we need to do!

By now your child will have brought home the computer ‘Responsible Use Agreement’ for you to read over with them and sign. Thank you to the people who have returned them. Students have been very pro-active bringing in their headphones so they can use their computer for reading. We have a number of really good educational sites that they can use but headphones are a must so that everyone can have their own choice. The students really enjoy this- see photos below.

Buddy time

Hello Parents- a quick reminder about ‘Back to school night’ next Thursday 7/9/17. There are two sessions – 6:00 to 6:30 and 6:35 to 7:05

Our classroom 3A is located in building 9 room number 122. I look forward to seeing you if you can make it. An information presentation will be on this blog after the event.

Today was our first meeting time with our K1 buddies. This is a great experience for our students to spend time with the younger children. They love going down to the E.C.C area and interacting, reading and playing with their buddies. See photos below.

Settling in.

Welcome to our blog.

Over the last 7 days we have been getting to know each other and settling into routines and timetables through a variety of activities. We have had a great start to the year with a lot of fun and team building games across the grade three syndicate. Below is a class photo – we have one more person who is joining us in September.

One of the activities we did in class was ‘I pick good fit books.’ Using the analogy of shoes we found that- shoes that are too big (books that are too advanced), shoes that are too small (books that are too easy), shoes that don’t fit the task (genre), and shoes we don’t like ( books of no interest) are not the sort of books we need in our personal book boxes. We had a lot of fun trying out the shoes- see a few photos below.

3 A are off to a flying start!