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Multiplication Practice
In Math we have been working on multiplication.  We have been working on the following learning intentions. Recall More)
Our Learning in 4C
News from Library:  As you know, Library is  being scheduled differently this year than in the past. Intead of having a fixed library day to return books, the library has a more flexible schedule. Our class goes to the library during our reading time (More)
Math Games
As you may remember from back to school night, we are not sending home homework this year but we are encouraging your child to read at home for 20 minutes and to do a 10 minute Math game every night. In order to support this, our class created video (More)
Updates from 4C
We had a great time with our buddies this week completing tower building challenges. Our buddies are learning about working together and we are learning to use design thinking, therefore our grade 4 class came up with the idea of having design chal (More)
Updates from 4MS
We had an exciting week with field trips throughout Hanoi to potential world heritage sites.  We also celebrated World Read Aloud Day with our K2 buddies and we finished up our geometry unit.  As part of our final geometry assessment we demonstrated (More)
Looking back and looking forward
November 30- December 11 Learning Intentions: Subject Last Week This Week UOI We understand what the human body systems are and what choices we make which effect them. We will understand how human body systems work and how they rel (More)
Important Notices, November 2-6
Important Notices for the week of November 2-6 No School: There will be no school this Thursday or Friday because teachers will be engaged in professional development. Walk-a-thon: The annual Walk-a-thon will be held this Wednesday. Volunteers (More)
Updates from 4MS
Our learning intentions for September 7- 18 UOI:   Our identity is expressed in many ways  Learning activities: personal mind maps, look at and define memo (More)
Fantastic Year
It has been a fantastic year in 5MS.  Students, you have been amazing. Congratulations on moving up to Grade 6. Enjoy Middle School and all the responsibil (More)
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Etoile’s hot topic Over the years an island called the great pacific garbage patch has formed, it is called that because the island is made completely out of litter and oils etc. But how did this happen? According to my research it’s because most (More)
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