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The Goldfish
For our quarter 3 visual arts assessment, we had to create a stop-motion video. My group members include Olivia, Hosana, and Maria. We decided to create a stop-motion video about a goldfish cracker that came to live.Throughout the video, we get to se (More)
How Can Art Influence the World?
You have finished your tower of cards, but what did you gain? Your Zenga are all stacked up, but what does it really mean? The dominoes are standing straight as soldiers, but is there really a point for that? Why must we reach the top, why must we (More)
Choir: Musical Videos
On September 9th of the year 2012, Mr. McGibbon gave us the task of creating a music movie. The product we have created is named The Problem, a short +30 min comedy movie. We first started by sitting around the table and discussed our ideas. The fi (More)
Art As Inspiration - Dance
I am proud of this because I think the movements we had in the performance had variety and they were unlike any we did before. The synchronization of the movements were well executed and It matched to the beat of the music. The movements resembled th (More)
Art10 – Research Assignment Part B – SoYeon Jeong
Art10 – Research Assignment Part B – SoYeon Jeong [How do portraits express identity in different ways?]    More)
Art10- research task 1 part A – SoYeon
Art10- research task 1 part A – SoYeon [Analyze one portrait using a particular frame focusing on the question; how does this portrait express identity?]  Lucian Freud – Reflection. 1985 Formal Focus. This self-portrait expresses an identit (More)
Sample Arts Post
sample sample sample (More)
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