Week 3 News…

This week we continued to inquire into the different systems and routines that exist at UNIS and help our school to function. Thank you to Ms. Conroy and Ms. Quynh for showing us how the library system for checking out and returning books functions. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to return our own books and came away with a much better understanding of the different components of this important school system.

  • System for Returning Books: First feed the crocodile...

Unit Letter

Please see our unit letter below for an overview of our current learning objectives and some upcoming important dates and information.



A visit from Ms.Anissa

Ms.Anissa, from our counseling department, paid us a visit to discuss how she supports our school community. We enjoyed a read-aloud together followed by an introduction to some of her soft toys. You may recognize them from the movie ‘Inside Out’. These characters help us to identify specific feelings and helpful strategies to deal with them. We look forward to Ms. Anissa’s next visit.

  • Discussing a range of feelings...

Launching the Daily 5

Read to Self: Three Ways to Read a Book!

This week we launched the first component of our Daily 5 literacy routine: Read to Self. Our focus has been on identifying and practicing three ways to read a book: Reading the pictures, reading the words and finally retelling the story. This foundational lesson gives students the opportunity to explore different approaches to reading which provides greater choice when asked to read independently or “Read to Self” for increasing periods of time. Our goal is to develop greater stamina for independent reading and to equip children with a variety of alternatives to maintain both interest and stamina for independent reading.

We applied this method when reading the story “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers. The language and ideas generated by first reading the pictures established a strong foundation for when we re-read the book using the words. We highly encourage you to try it out next time you introduce a new book at home. Here are some of the beautiful images we encountered…maybe you will notice something that we didn’t!

Word Work: Golden Word Study

Another component of the Daily 5 literacy routine in Word Work. We start this week by studying 12 “Golden Words”. These select words make up, on average, one quarter of all reading. We have been familiarising ourselves with these words and are quickly becoming Golden Word Detectives. During our closing circle we have been observing how frequently these words appear in our read-alouds.

Our Second Assembly 

We joined our friends in the ECC today for the second assembly of the school year. We were greeted by Ms.Megan who led us in singing Happy Birthday to friends who have recently celebrated their birthday. Ms. Megan also spoke about another upcoming birthday that is of great importance to the whole school community….UNIS’s 30th Birthday on September 19th. Dr.Barder also paid us a special visit and engaged us all in a sing-along. Well done to William who participated as Dr. Barder’s assistant, he too had us all smiling with his theatrical gestures!

  • Discussing UNIS's 30th Birthday celebrations that will take place soon...

Gumboot Dance Performance

Following assembly we were treated to a performance of Gumboot Dancing from some very special guests to our UNIS community. The dance troop travelled all the way from South Africa to perform and promote this traditional Afro-Fusion form of dance. They taught us some moves and we had a lot of fun trying them out. We learned that this form of dance originated as a form of communication and friendship amongst miners in South Africa where 11 different indigenous languages are spoken.


  • The annual Moon Festival is fast approaching (Thursday September 28th)…don’t forget to have your Ao Dai ready for the fun day of festivities that are planned.
  • Regular library returns and exchanges will be on Mondays.
  • To support with the launch of our Daily 5: Listen to reading we ask that each student bring in a pair of headphones. Thank you for your support.¬†
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