This week in Grade 1C

Celebrating SDG Week

Across the Elementary school this week we engaged in many learning experiences connected to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Each morning we were treated to “teaspoon of change” announcements over the intercom. This initiative was run by our SDG guardians who provided practical advice on ways we can take action and make a change. In our class we learned a lot from Thomas & Friends who recently launched a series of informative videos aimed at promoting awareness of the SDG’s. As we watched each video we reflected on key vocabulary terms. We studied these words further to find out if they had prefixes or suffixes. Some examples include recycle, reuse, repair (all of which contain the prefix: re-) other examples include pollution (suffix -ion) and wasteful (suffix -ful). We also embraced the Nude Food initiative by bring in package-free snacks on Friday. Thank you to everyone for supporting this worthwhile initiative. Perhaps this can make this a regular action!

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Our Current Unit: Balance in our lives can promote Health and Wellbeing

Thank you so much to Jacob for leading the way with our learning this week. Jacob took action by bringing in a food that connects wonderfully with our current inquiry. We revisited our food groupings from last week and re-organised them using the food categories such as carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruit, vegetable and sugar. We will continue to explore what balance means in terms of a healthy diet and life style habits over the coming weeks. We welcome and encourage all forms of students action, please send in a photo of any action that you identify your child partaking in at home.

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As we inquire into health and wellbeing we will be conducting a number of experiments. This week we explored the concept of bacteria and how germs can be transmitted through contact with things in our environment. Nurse Susan provided us with the tools to conduct a fun experiment using Glo Germ solution. After applying the liquid to our hands we set to work cover the classroom in our real and “glowing” germs. We then used a UV light to identify the contaminated areas!

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We conducted a second experiment using bread to emphasize the ease at which germs can be transferred when we don’t wash our hands throughly. We look forward to observing changes to our bread slices over the coming weeks!


  • Thank you for supporting your child with organising their swimming gear this week. Please note that swimming will run until October 26. 
  • If you have not done so already please sign up for parent conferences taking place next Monday, October 1st.
  • Please note that due to the upcoming Autumn Break there will be no school for the week of October 8th-12th.
  • Calling all Mystery Readers! Each Wednesday from 14:00-14:15, please sign up here to read to us in your home language. Thank you Thao for being the first to sign up!
  • Field Trip Form: If you wish for your child to take part in our field trip to Vivimart on Monday, October 22nd please return a signed copy of the permission form. We are also looking for up to 5 parent volunteers for this event to escort students (small groups of 3-4 children) walking to and from Vivimart near Ciputra. Please email me,, if you are free to join.
  • Math Coffee Morning with Ms Beth will take place Wednesday October 31st at 8:30am.

This week in Grade 1C…

Moon Festival Celebrations!

On Thursday we first gathered as a Grade 1 community to learn about the local traditions surrounding the moon festival. Ms. Lam shared stories and examples from her life growing up and did a wonderful job teaching us about this important Vietnamese celebration.

We later gathered with our lower Elementary friends for assembly in the theatre and were treated to an entertaining show. After the performance we enjoyed traditional Vietnamese moon cake treats.

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Ms. Dung led us in a mask painting activity in the afternoon. We enjoyed recreating animal characters and took time and care with our creations.

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Meeting our Grade 5 Buddies

During community time on Thursday we took the opportunity to be paired up with our Grade 5 buddies who supported us in learning more about Moon festival traditions. It was our first chance to meet individually with our buddies and we look forward to developing close relationships this year.

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Practicing our Golden Words

An important part of our literacy programme in Grade 1 is learning to read and write a growing repertoire of high frequency words. We started this week with 12 Golden Words. Please support your child by reading and writing these words regularly as part of their home reading routine.

Home Reading

Thank you for your support in reading regularly with your child at home. You may notice a “Guided Reading” note has been made in your child’s communication booklet. This is to indicate that your child was working on this book with a teacher during the week. We ask that you reread this book with your child and ask them to retell it orally to you.


Thank you to all of you for your regularly engagement and commenting on your child’s eportfolio posts. We appreciate your input very much and do our best to share your messages with your child throughout the day.

Mystery Reader


We have yet to have a volunteer step up for our first Mystery Reader session of the year. If you have the time to join us on a Wednesday from 14:00-14:15 we would love to have you. Reading in your native language is highly encouraged 🙂 Sign up here.

Important Notices

  • Swimming will start on Monday, September 24th. Please ensure that your child brings in a suitable bathing suit, goggles and cap.
  • Please note that parent-teacher conferences will take place Monday October 1st, more details regarding sign up to follow soon.
  • Join the EAL team for a coffee morning next week, Thursday September 27th from 8:30-9:30am in the new Temple of Literature Building (B08b 115)
  • Join Ms. Beth for the upcoming Math Coffee Morning for Grade 1 parents: October Wednesday 31st from 8:30-9:30am in the ES creativity space.


Week 5

Sharing See Saw with family members

At Back to School night many of you asked how to share your child’s learning journey with extended family members. Ms. Michelle has advised that you can do so by forwarding the initial sign up email that you received from the school. If you have any issues, please get in touch and we will do our best to help out. We look forward to sharing our learning with the wider school community.

Home Reading

To follow up on our first week of home reading we wish to reemphasize the importance of daily practice both at home and school. Short bursts are advised, no more that 10-15 minutes per evening.

  1. The children have been using the I-PICK model to choose suitable or “Good Fit” books each day. They are asked to consider their own interests, their ability to articulate what the book is generally about and if they can read most or all of the words. These books are purposefully easier than what your child will be reading with guidance at school.
  2.  When reading with your child at home consider the following three methods of reading together. Not all three need to be covered each night, pick or choose depending on the time you have available together.
  3. Encourage your child to track each word with their finger while they read. If your child is unsure about a word encourage them to use strategies such as sounding it out or picture cues to make sense of what they are reading. Tell your child the word if they are unable to figure it out alone.
  4. After reading any story support your child’s comprehension by doing a quick retell. Please see below for some questions that you ask. Again, it is not necessary to ask all, pick and choose according to the time you have.
















Thank you Griet and Marika!

Thank you very much to Mats’ Mum, Griet and Jacob’s Mum, Marika for putting their names forward to represent our 1C as class parents this year. We greatly appreciate your support and commitment.




Dot Day

September 15th marked “International Dot Day”, this event is inspired by Peter Reynold’s book, The Dot. This is a story of creativity, risk taking and willingness to believe in our own abilities. To celebrate, we created dot cards to send to our 5C buddies expressing our excitement about working together this year.

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Beth Math Lesson

Ms. Beth joined us this week to teach us a new memory math game. The purpose of the lesson was to notice how we can represent numbers in different ways. We worked with ten frames and single row rekenreks to compare quantities that are the same. We discussed how to set up the game using organised and accurate rows and worked with a partner to identify matching pairs.

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Unit Letter


  • Our first Healthy Snack Sale of the year will take place next Monday, September 17th. If you wish for your child to participate please support by providing your child with 20,000VND to purchase up to two healthy snacks.
  • Swimming will commence next week, please ensure that your child brings suitable swimming attire, hat and goggles.
  • Moon festival celebrations will take place next Thursday, September 20th. All parents are invited to assembly from. Please ensure that your child’s wears an Ao Dai on this day.
  • Check out seesaw for this week’s learning
  • Calling all mystery readers! Please sign up here.
  • Math Coffee Morning for First Grade Parents hosted by our Math Coach Ms. Beth : Wednesday Oct 31, 2018 8:30am – 9:30am

Week 4 in Grade 1C…

Back to School Night

Thank you to everyone who attended Back to School night. We hope that you came away with an understanding of who we are as a team and approach to teaching and learning in Grade 1. If you were unable to attend please take the time to view the slideshow below. Please contact us via email with any questions that you have.

Sharing our learning via Seesaw

This week we have been experimenting with our new e-portfolio platform, Seesaw, to share some learning experiences with you. Thank you to everyone who responded to the invitation to view your child’s e-portfolio. If you require further assistance please get in touch.

We encourage you to get involved in the process be sharing feedback with your child. In class, we try to give feedback that is kind, specific and helpful and hope that can you can do so too! Please see the image below for some ideas and feedback sentence starters…










New Unit Provocation

As a lead into our new unit about Who We Are and how balance in our lives can promote health and well-being we got together for a family-style lunch this week. The children were free to choose from the choices available and had a lot of fun doing so. We will analyse our choices and document our findings in chart and graph format next week. Over the course of the unit we will increase our understanding of how our choices can affect our over all well-being. We will look at balance in terms of nutrition, physical activity and self care. We hope that by the end of the unit we will make informed choices based upon the knowledge we have acquired.

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This week’s reminders:

  • Morning Coffee Math Session with Ms.Beth: Wednesday October 31st from 8:30-9:30am. Location: B09 Creativity Space (pop by the classroom for directions).
  • EAL Coffee Morning: September 27th 8:30-9:00 Ly Thai To
  • SCO Class Parent Volunteer: Please consider volunteering as our class parent representative, your support is greatly appreciated. Email Ms.Anna if you are interested.
  • Mystery Reader Sign Up: We look forward to welcoming a different reader each Wednesday at 14:00-14:15 to share a story in your home language or a family favourite. Please sign up here.
  • Headphones: Please support our Daily 5 component “Listen to Reading” by sending in a pair of headphones for your child.

Week 3 in Grade 1C…

Systems and Routines…

We started off the week with another connection to our current unit of inquiry: How We Organise Ourselves. The children arrived to school to find their cubbies taped shut and were unable to organise and store their personal belongings. This provocation was intended to help us understand and recognise different systems in our classroom/school environment which things to work properly or function.

How to support at home: We defined as a system as different parts/people working together so something can work properly. Talk with your child in your home language about the different people or parts that help your family/household to work properly (or function).

Daily 5…

An important part of our literacy routines in Grade 1 is establishing practices to develop ourselves as independent and confident readers and writers. The Daily 5 is the programme through which we promote these lifelong skills. This week we focussed on the first two components: Read to Self and Read to Someone. As a group we discussed some essential agreements to help us be self-directed during these times. Please see the anchor charts below for examples of the types of behaviours that we agreed upon. An important part of the process is choosing Good-Fit books that we are passionate about sharing with others. During library time each week each child is encouraged to choose a book that appeals to them and explain why they would recommend it to a peer.

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Buddy time…

We had our first Buddy Time experience on Thursday with our new buddy class 5C. Mr Nathan and the students from 5C came to visit our classroom and we had the opportunity to check out their learning space. The focus of this first session was to develop a sense of community through fun and games. In the coming weeks students will be paired together as buddies. We look forward to a fun year of collaboration with our Grade 5 buddies.

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Important reminders: 

  • Please check your email regarding access to your child’s e-portfolio this year. We are using a new platform called Seesaw, an app which can be downloaded to your phone. Please sign up to access your child’s learning on the go!
  • We ask parents not send money with your child to update top up their lunch cards.
  • Please send in a set of headphones as next week we hope to launch Listen to Reading as part of our Daily 5 Programme.
  • Thank you to those of you who have returned/emailed the Parent Questionnaires and Family Photos, we look forward to receiving the remaining ones.
  • Please ask your child to choose a Mindful Buddy (soft toy) from home to support our Mindful Programme and Retell Reading Programme.