Marker Bot Challenge

During the final days of school we attempted the Marker Bot Challenge.  The challenge was to create a robot that could draw circles freely.  The students were given a limited amount of materials and a time limit of about 60 minutes. Very difficult challenge! There is a video of the one team that was successful at the end of this post.

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Safety Sessions for 2017

Throughout our Who We Are Unit of Inquiry, our counselor, Ms. Anissa, led us through some Safety Lessons.  The following were our learning targets and intentions and I have also included some resources you can use at home.

  • You have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated in mind and body. (UNICEF Convention on the Rights of a Child) 
  • Recognize safe and unsafe situations at school and in the community. 
  • What it means to cross the line, what to do when someone crosses your line, crossing someone else’s line, and crossing your own line.
  • Using the ‘Bullying to Buddies’ foot prints to discuss further, crossing the line, through exploring socially inappropriate scenarios: teasing/respect, calling names/compliments, leaving out/including others, insults/kindness, violence/helping others, dares/encouragement, laugh at others/laugh with others, threats/talking out problems, staring/good sport, rumours/telling the truth.
  • Identify the people you can turn to if you feel unsafe by creating a Safety Network of 3-5 trusted adults.

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What do these girls value?

Good morning 3C!  I read this article over the weekend and it reminded me of our Who We Are Unit:  Appreciating what people believe can enable us to become global citizens.

I would like to know what do you think Mili’s teammates value? Would you do a similar type of ACTION to make a difference for Mili or the rest of the world?  Have you experienced something similar, like Mili?

Please write a response about this on your blog.

Begin you post like this:   This morning I read an article from The Washington Post.  It was about….

I felt_______ because.


If you need help with reading this article, try reading below:

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Who We Are Presentations

Today the students had the opportunity to share their inquiries about different belief systems. We had a wide range of presentations which explored our Central Idea: Appreciating what people believe can enable us to become global citizens. They were highly enthused about the things they were discovering.  They also worked extremely well in groups which formed naturally based on their interests.

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Pictures from the Geometry Presentations

The students enjoyed sharing their inquiries today.  Some of them shared in front of the whole class while others chose to share in small groups.  Each presenter received comments or questions after their presentation and a special cheer!  We even came up with a new name for the Triangle Cheer and the Round of an Applause: The Three Side Polygon Cheer and The Irregular Polygon Cheer.

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Geometry Inquiry Presentations!

Here they are!  The students worked extremely hard finding out and making sense of the many questions they had.  Here are some questions they began the unit with:

 Their notebooks are filled with even more questions and their questioning led to these creative presentations.  They have come a long way from the beginning of the year with their knowledge of Google Apps.  It is a great thing to see!

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Shape – Quadrilateral Poster Challenge and Response/Reflection

Last week, as part of our Inquiry into Shape, the students were tasked with a challenge to create a poster about one of the quadrilaterals they are expected to know.  Their researching skills really shined in this task while their cooperation, commitment and creativity skills were tested.  After the posters were made and presented, they were then tasked to write a response/reflection piece about their experience.  We have been learning how phrases of consequences (transitional phrases) are also a big component of response writing just like they are in narratives.  The big idea though about response writing is the use of judgement, both positive and negative.  You can find their Geometry Poster Challenge responses on their Easy Blogs.

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