The year’s end is here. What a pleasure it has been to work with you children. Wishing each and every family a wonderful summer, and for those families not returning to UNIS, we wish you all the very best in your coming adventures.

I cannot finish the year without paying tribute to your children; the gifts they bring, the joy in their hearts, the compassion they show.  They are a tribute to you and to themselves. I have enjoyed working, playing and just being with them everyday. Oh the places they will go!

Thank you to all the families and friends who joined us in celebrating the end of Elementary learning for G5 students on Monday. The students were excited to receive their certificates from Dr Barder and to share their Trans-identity products with you. Here is a link to the photos from the G5 Certificate Assembly.

Here is a calendar we made to celebrate the summer, share some memories and get ready for the next big adventure. Zoom in on each day and why not give it a try.

The Aquatics Coordinator, Martin Hamilton created this clip of the Swim Relay Extravaganza for your viewing pleasure.

All the best and hoping to see you all again soon,






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