June 4 -8

On Monday we will celebrate your child’s successes as they have transitioned through Elementary School. Moving into MS is a milestone for students and for current and former teachers. We have had the pleasure of getting to see your child develop as a learner and as a person who has a greater understanding of the world around them.

Please join us in celebrating this time with certificate ceremony, morning tea (which our class parents are organising) and then listen to your child’s final assessment of the year, which involves describing how their trans-identity product displays the elements of identity and transition. You are welcome to join the students for an early lunch in the canteen if you wish before we depart for Ice Skating.

This week we worked on our projects, shared with our students their 30 minutes of fame in team building and interest based activities, explored area and capacity in Math and recounted our day in Middle School last Friday.

We really enjoyed the Relay Extravaganza. Thanks Coach Hamilton and the PE Department! What a fun way to cool down and enjoy a little bit of competitive fun.


Dress code for Monday’s Assembly Celebration is tidy-formal wear. Please note it is important that students have a change of clothes for their afternoon activity.

Your child received a field trip notice to attend an ice skating session after the Assembly Celebration, on the 11th of June. Please get the permission slips to me ASAP.

If your child is going to be absent from school, please ensure you contact the ES office to let them know.

The last day for your child is the14th of June @ 12:00 pm. 

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