Week 18 – December 11 – 15

Energy Shark Tank, Fractions, Information Reports, Holidays – What do all these have in common? They are on all our minds!

Fifth graders have worked really hard this quarter discovering how we use our understanding of scientific principles to impact our world. On Tuesday, we had a glimpse of how well students were developing an understanding, when groups of students who investigated into best energy sources for Europe presented their findings at our ‘Shark Tank’ event. There is no doubt that all other groups are looking forward to pitching their stance to a panel of judges, the Sharks, tomorrow morning. Think about your home country and/or Vietnam, what energy source would you choose?

We continue to engage in understanding fractions. This was done through games both online and with a partner and showcasing our knowledge in an assessment task. It is interesting to see the many tools students use to help them showcase their fraction knowledge. Bo on the lookout for fractions during our Winter Break and engage with your child about what they are representing.

We worked as both readers and writers this week as we presented and assessed information reports on energy sources.  It is amazing to see how our knowledge has grown but also how we are more clearly able to structure our understandings into an information report.

Congratulations to all those who tried out for Wizard of Oz. We are so proud of all your efforts.
First day back is January 8th.
And finally we welcomed Joe to our class this week, this brings us to 22 students! 5C was very welcoming and it has been a pleasure to get to know Joe this week. He is definitely a great addition to 5C.

The holidays are here! A time to spend quality family and friend time, reinvigorate, reflect, and relax. Have a safe and restful break. We will see you soon!

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