Week 17 – December 4 -8

$17, 707!  That was the grand total raised during the Blue Dragon Walk a Thon. Well done to all who donated and walked on the day. And a special congratulations to all our Blue Dragon Ambassadors. We are so proud of what you have accomplished.

Preparations are underway for the Shark Tank next Friday December 15. The students are representing an energy source and promoting its use for a specific region or country. We are on lockdown as students are gathering information, forming their arguments and preparing their presentations. This effort will be supported by creating a representation of this energy source during Maker Day on Friday.

We have completed our information reports, looking back over the criterion and sharing our knowledge out with others. The students have also ensured they have properly cited their sources and images. A great effort, which will soon be available for you to view on blogs.

We continue to explore fractions. The students have looked at a variety of ways to represent fractions and also looked to find fractions in real life. This may lead to some culinary delights! Please share with your children when you see and use fractions daily. We are now comparing fractions with unlike denominators and exploring equivalence.

With a week to go before Winter Break I want to wish you a wonderful holiday and thank you for sending your children to school full of enthusiasm and kindness for each other.

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